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Day – 10 of Garbottam 2015-16 – a case of mis-carriage!

The 10th day of Garbottam of 2015-2016 began after 5 PM on 7th January 2016 and ended after 5 PM on 8th January 2016.

The 195th day effect in my place of observation will be on 18th July 2016.

The corresponding fortnight will be from 23rdOctober to 6th November 2016.

The 10th day Garbottam comes with a Planetary war (Graha Yuddha) between Saturn and Venus. It started in the last quarter of the 10th day, that is, around noon of 8th January, 2016. It is going to last for the whole day of 11th day Garbottam.

These 2 days are crucial for Chennai and Tamilnadu as NE Monsoon must have been active at that time to bring rains to Tamilnadu.

But the astrological rule is that if there is a planetary war or an eclipse on any day of Garbottam, there will be “mis-carriage of pregnancy of clouds” and the corresponding fortnight will not get rains.

The corresponding fortnight (23rd October to 6th November) has Budha – Shukra Sameepyam that facilitates good rainfall. A good Garbottam on this 10th day would ensure good rainfall of that fortnight which is going to see Budha – Shukra Sameepyam.

But the Garbottam on this 10th day is disappointing. There is an additional deterrent in the form of planetary war.

The 10th day started with a red sun at the time of setting and bluish tinted fish like clouds floating above the sun and opposite to the sun. As night progressed, the sky became clear and stars were visible as pale discs. So far it is good.

But the morning sun rise was not accompanied with streaks of cloud as was in the previous day. But they did not form aquatic shapes or any recognisable shapes.

By 10 AM on 8th January 2016.

As the day progressed, clouds did not form in bulk but looked shattered by winds at their height. At the surface level, the wind was still but whenever it blew it was gentle. But the appearance of the clouds showed that they were blown away by some wind currents at their height. This was not so on other days.

This is how the clouds looked as day progressed.

At 1 PM

No aquatic forms were seen and for most part, the clouds could be seen shattered by upper level wind circulation.

The clouds did not glow with a halo that was noticed on the last 2 days. One important feature of Garbottam is that dense clouds must shine with a halo around them by reflecting the sun light.
Such clouds were seen on the 9th day (shown below):

This is a good Garbottam feature.

The dark clouds rushing to hide the Sun without losing their bulk was noticed on the 8th day which is shown below: 

This is also a good Garbottam feature.

In those days this happened after noon, that is, in the last quarter of the day.
Compare them with the 10th day’s clouds.

Sun with clouds at 1 PM.

A  little later this is how the clouds looked:

The clouds on this day (10th day) gave an appearance of having been blown away. This started from 10 AM when clouds were building up but distortions increased after noon. The time coincides with the start of the planetary war between Saturn and Venus. This feature is something which we will be checking in the corresponding fortnight.

Clouds at 3 PM – looking more vague

The observation of the 5 factors for day-10 are as follows:

(1) Wind:- Very less. Gentle breeze was felt at night very rarely. During the day the mild wind was hot and rare.
Result:-  Poor feature of Garbottam

(2) Rain:- Nil.
Result:- Does not indicate rains in the said period. 

(3) Lightening:- Nil.
Result:-  Does not indicate rains in the said period.

(4) Thunder:- Nil.
Result:- Does not indicate rains in the said period.

(5) Clouds:-  Clouds were moving from North and North east, but they could not form as bulky ones. No aquatic forms could be noticed.
 Result:- Though the direction is good, the shattering away of clouds indicates ‘mis-carriage’ of Garbottam.

3-some features:-

(1) Terrestrial :- Behaviour of birds satisfactory,  but their movement is less, perhaps due to hotness.

(2) Atmospheric :- Of the 12 features noted in my blog on Garbottam, most of them were missing. Though there were clouds, they were not exactly dense or bulky nor they could form any shape, leave alone aquatic shape. They seem to be constantly dissipated as they form and cling together. However around the horizon, bluish tinted clouds were fused with the sky.

(3) Planetary:- (1) Planets and stars appeared pale. (2) Except Jupiter all the other planets were in Southern declinations. Planets in northern declinations are desirable. (3) Sun was red in colour at the time of sun set.

The red sun was the only redeeming feature.

Distorted clouds continued to exist after sun set on 8th January, showing that the "Miscarriage" of the fetes of clouds continued at the beginning of the 11th day.


195th day impact:-  Rainfall in the fortnight when the 195th day falls (18th July, 2016), will come to an end by the end of 18th July, because the 2nd part of the 10th day of Garbottam did not have Garbottam features.  (The fortnight between 5th July and 19th July will be wet as per the indications of 2nd day of Garbottam).

The impact in the corresponding fortnight (23rd October to 6th November 2016) in my place of observation:- It will start with rains or hopes of rains. The first few days will have rains but the rain clouds will be dissipated or shattered or driven to some other location away from my place of observation. The planetary war and weak Garbottam features for the second half of this fortnight discourage rainfall in my place of observation.

NE Monsoon:- NE Monsoon features in the Bay would be seen in the 2nd half of October. But they would not give the normal rainfall of this season. Though strong rainfall yoga exists at that time by way of Budha- Shukra Sameepyam, Venus is also moving closer to Saturn at that time while Mars will be ahead of a line up of planets.  This shows some violent formations but that could not give rains. Perhaps such formations would give rains to those places where good Garbottam features existed on this day (10th day).

It remains to be seen how the clouds on the day time of the 11th day are going to look like. But it is truly amazing that a planetary war coincided with weak Garbottam that saw clouds shattered true to the nature of “mis-carriage” of the fetes of the clouds.  

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