Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jayalalithaa wins but DMK is still around!

In the just concluded May 2016 elections, Jayalalithaa has come out victorious with 41% vote share and 132 / 232 seats with her at the time of writing this. This is a victory of sorts as she has broken the yo-yo effect and retained power consecutively for the 2nd time which is the first in the last 30 years. She has made this despite the heavily loaded negative campaign against her by all the opposition parties and a majority of the media. She was simple and straight forward and sounded honest and positive throughout the campaign. Expectedly 41% of the electorate had reposed their faith in her.

But that did not discount the rise of the DMK as the opposition though DMK has polled only 31.3% . But its coalition with Congress whose presence was almost nil until now, had fetched it 37.7% votes.

That had given it nearly a 100 seats which is a matter of concern, as only when TN reaches DMK-free status, can it grow well. A strong DMK means nearly 37% of TN population is liable for corruption, immorality and difficult to reason with. This is not an exaggeration, but DMK supporters have always exhibited one of the three mentioned in the previous sentence. DMK would never allow its supporter to think. Most recent example can be seen in what Dayanidhi Maran told to the media after the results were almost out.

With Karunanidhi and Stalin going into hiding, Dayanidhi Maran came out to give the mind of the DMK leadership. What he told was expected. He blamed vote for money as the reason for ADMK's victory. But he harped on the 570 crore seizure which originally belonged to the Bank. Only yesterday it was made clear in the High court that Reserve Bank had sent that money as part of moving the cash from one bank to another. Till the last day of polling, the DMK misused this seizure to discredit Jayalalithaa. In my opinion, this last minute propaganda could have cost a few seats for Jayalalithaa or played into the margin as to help the DMK candidate in as many as a dozen seats. But having known it very well that the money belongs to the Bank, Dayanidhi Maran raked it up in his talk to the media and said how JJ had planned to distribute the money. The sight of DMK supporters welcoming that shows that a DMK supporter would never be allowed to know the truth whatever it be in any situation and that they would remain fools as ever to blindly take up whatever their leaders say.

That means nearly 2/5th of people of Tamilnadu are going to remain as dull headed flock and be happy about it. The DMK with such a following means competitive politics will have to continue for some more time.

The only ray of hope I have in this backdrop, is the 2G case, cases against Maran brothers and the newly cropped up Sadhik  Batcha murder. May be for the kind of DMK goons and DMK culture that has pervaded Tamilnadu for more than half a century, human efforts are not enough to undo them or uproot them. Destiny must keep its date and push the DMK (Karunanidhi) family into the abyss of no return. With Jayalalithaa being more passive, positive and God fearing, let Destiny stand beside her and remove the DMK evil to make Tamilnadu free from its hold.

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Prabhu Swaminathan said...
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Raghu said...
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harinee said...

Now God has to get her out of the DA case and improve her health. One woman fighting so many issues and coming out strong, what an inspiration! Only male chauvinists talk rubbish about her.
Chennai floods cost her 15-20 seats unfortunately.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Prabhu swaminathan. I find a note that says that a blog administrator has removed your comment. I am intrigued as I am the only blog administrator and I didn't remove it. I didn't even read it. Can you repost it.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Raghunathan. I could not understand what you mean. Can you elaborate?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Ms Harinee. JJ will come out of the DA case. I have doubts on the reasoning that Chennai floods was the cause of the debacle in Chennai
First time flood ravaged T nagar voted for her but every time flood ravaged Saidapet didn't vote out DMK in any flood. The fact is Chennai has more DMK supporters.

Prabhu Swaminathan said...

As usual your prediction came true. Congrats. TN is saved now for next 5 years. Let god give her good health and cheer.

nutwit said...

PraNaams Jayasreeji,

Perhaps people are more interested in the downfall of $onia Gandhi and Cheat-ambaram. Any prediction in this regard will be celebrated by the fans of this blog :)


decefriteen said...

Your predictions on the Summer rains and JJ win were not only right,but also happened out of the ordinary.
Summer rains generally occur once in 5-7 years especially through a system and anti-incumbency typically is a norm in TN.My sincere appreciation to you on using Astrological science and ground realities to forecast the happenings.
Hope JJ uses the next 5 years to propel the Industrialisation of TN alongside making it a sustainable state with efficient usage of Power,water.She also needs to ensure greening of the state for future generations.She also needs to increase the morality quotient of the citizens..simple things like traffic discipline,respect for women etc.

Anonymous said...
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A Senior Citizen said...

Respected Madam

I believe your blog may be hacked by some people. You may consider changing the passwords and other administrative controls after visiting them. This will take care.

Your predictions and in particular Mdm Sheela's comments yesterday that ADMK will win 130 seats came true.

Hats off to you, using astrology for the benefit of people


Dr Raghavan Guruswami

Raghu said...

My comment was in continuation of Mr Prabhu Swaminathan's comment, which has been removed, and , I presume, mine', therefore, has also been removed. What I wanted to convey is she should first desist from the company of those putting her in problem situations. Next, she should seek the company and advice of experts in every sphere of activity, as against her current trait of keeping aloof and away, leaving people to wonder whether the intended reports reach her and she is kept properly informed of events happening in the State.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Senior citizen,

Yes I am concerned what is happening to my blog. I have changed my pass word. Let me see.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Prabhu Swaminathan,

We must thank JJ for saving us from DMK rule. She has also saved entire India at least for the time being. Know what Manu Shakar Iyer had said yesterday? - If BJP has to be removed from Delhi throne in 2019, ADMK must be routed in Tamilnadu. Cong and DMK must understand this - People from other States who are under the impression that JJ is bad, thanks to years of media propaganda promoted by DMK and Cong, must know that if only DMK had won this election, they and Cong would have become more powerful in carrying out cunning acts to catapult their way to power in the centre. Cong has won 8 seats! Who voted to them, despite the fact that just 2 years ago, Cong lost deposit in all but one seat? DMK + Cong is a company of bad guys. KEdaana natpu கேடான நட்பு . Isn't this an indication of a big menace brewing? Karuna had planned to call Nitish and other anti-BJP parties for his swearing in.

Karuna is lethal whereas JJ does not indulge in cunning acts. In fact she is very passive and seems to let things take their own course. This is what we witnessed of her in the last 5 years. This is a big victory for Tamilnadu itself as the most dreadful Asura of the current times had been reduced powerless at a time when he very much wanted to save his family from court cases and continue family rule.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ nutwit,
I will write at appropriate times on BJP, nation and Cong leaders' future.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ decefriteen

Thanks for your compliments.

You said
//Hope JJ uses the next 5 years to propel the Industrialisation of TN alongside making it a sustainable state with efficient usage of Power,water.//

Who said there is no industrialisation or industrial growth? Look at the poll results. The industrial belt of Tirupur, Erode and Coimbatore had given her a resounding victory. Complete sweep for ADMK. These districts were facing severe crunch and flight of industries 5 years ago due to power crisis. After JJ took over in 2011, the situation was brought to normalcy gradually and now these districts are back to their good old days of business. They know what it means to bring back DMK to power and what JJ is capable of and accordingly they voted this time. The movement of heavy cash from SBI in Tirupur is another indicator of cash growth in this industrial belt these years. If the entire TN is like these districts in their source of livelihood, JJ would have made TN another Gujarat. But the rest of TN is different.

//She also needs to ensure greening of the state for future generations.//

Don’t you know that TN is the top State (under her regime) to have registered highest growth in forest coverage among all the States in India in 2015-16? TN has registered a growth of 9.49% which is the highest. States like MP had a negative growth rate. Check out this news report -
Moreover her Govt encourages roof garden and gives to any willing citizen the roof mat, seeds and mud along with tips to grow roof garden at a subsidised rate. People would have seen beneficiaries showing their roof garden in ADMK election propaganda ads. Even I thought using this scheme once, but now I am growing a garden in my balcony.

If there is anything that benefits Nature and is in tune with Nature, jayalalithaa will be the first one to do. Even Modiji spoke about her rain water harvesting scheme on JJ in the Parliament in the early days after he took over. Both rain water harvesting and solar water installation are a must for getting plan approval for new constructions. In JJ’s Govt, the Govt officials would not dare to give false approvals. But in DMK Govt, officialdom used to be hand in glove with politicians and one can make any travesty and get away by paying a bribe. In fact the last time the DMK came to power they went lax with the rule on compulsory rain water harvesting. They failed to desilt common tanks and renew rain water harvesting in numerous common places. After JJ came back to power, it was again made mandatory. She could ensure that it was renewed in Govt buildings. But many common people who went lax, didn’t maintain the rain water harvesting channels and that could be one reason for the floods last year.

You have read my astrological articles in rainfall prediction. A reader of my blog approached me about how to popularise it with the masses and said that she intends to take it to the CM’s cell as JJ is keen on revival of any Natural and traditional knowledge and methods, particularly of water management. One who follows the day to day news of the Government and politics of TN would know the vast difference between JJ and Karuna in dealing with issues and in taking the State to development. JJ is far high in all these.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

//She also needs to increase the morality quotient of the citizens..simple things like traffic discipline,respect for women etc.//The citizens must also cooperate. She is ready to enforce traffic rules with iron hand. People, media and other politicians must not create a hue and cry for being strict.
On morality quotient, you must ask DMK. Only DMK supporters are found wanting on different issues of morality.

On respect for women, you know why Sengottaoyan was removed from Ministership and was even stripped of many party responsibilities in the last term? You know why she was going lax on the murder case of Ramajayam, the brother of arch rival from DMK, K.N.Nehru? You know what she did when an IPS officer was caught in a scandal with a woman? No leader in India can match her in her thoughtfulness in dealing with issues concerning woman.

A Senior Citizen said...

Respected Mdm,

I would like to request you to analyse the horoscope of DMK as a political party and its fortunes. In my view, its party men and MLAs waited for five long years to enjoy power. They expected this time they would make it. But they failed once again. The Alagiri factor has impacted DMK already. Is there a possibility for a revolt internally in the party now against family hold and sway over the party? Is there a possibility the elected MLAs may go against and defect? May be the horoscope of DMK when read, may indicate such happenings...

Thanks for this opportunity to interact.



Jayasree Saranathan said...

It would be more accurate to read individual's horoscope, like how Karunanidhi's horoscope is helpful in judging the win / loss for the DMK, as he was projected as the CM candidate. I am awaiting for the birth details of Stalin from a reliable source close to DMK family. From now onwards, Stalin's horoscope could play a role in the fortunes of DMK.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Posted an analysis of what contributed to DMK vote share. The link is

decefriteen said...

Dear Madam
Let me clarify my earlier statements.I did not wish to question the progress made by JJ on al fronts.I was only trying to indicate that she needs to continue to prioritise on these points

1.Industrialisation:She has solved the power issue and she now needs to ensure that the perception changes too.TN will face stiff competition from AP and Telengana who are wooing investors and packaging things well.These states also have able ministers and bureaucrats pushing the case.JJ by herself is a visionary and I hope she chooses good ministers and bureaucrats to followthough on her vision

Thanks for sharing the stats.RWH was a pathbreaking idea and I look forward to more such gamechangers from her.

Here again I want to highlight that JJ has been at the forefront and ensured that the law and order dramatically improved.I look forward to her measures to clamp down on whatever is immoral in the state s that we become the model state.

My other wishlist is that she inducts able ministers and bureaucrats.Hope she also grooms the successor who can be mentored during the next 5 year term.And she needs to bring the sycophancy quotient down.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ decefriteen (difficult spelling, can't you have a easy to remember name/ spelling?:)

Three points same as what I had written.

Your wish list. Even she likes to have talented ones to contest. IG Natraj, Mafa Pandiaraj are good picks, Otherwise how many people come to politics and are capable of tough campaigning? From among the elected ones, she picks out the capable ones. JJ has a track record of trying out new comers unlike the DMK which gives preference only to the heirs of leaders.

On the issue of successor.I believe you would agree with me that more than anybody else she would be more concerned about who to choose as her successor. It is her headache. As she said in her speech after the victory, she will be there around till last breath. So why you and me should worry about her successor?

For me the idea of a successor itself is wrong in a democracy. JJ herself grew on her own against odds and reached the pinnacle of her party. The party is not like Shankara mutt, I mean like DMK to anoint a successor.

On sycophancy, if you mean falling at feet, I have written about it in a comment in the next post. People thronging on her way is difficult to control or stop. On her trip around the city for electioneering last week, it was unannounced and sudden. No time for cadres to get informed and gather. Only the general public gathered at most points. How to stop it? It is precisely for the kind of traffic congestion that it creates, she avoids coming out often and does most works through video conferencing. How many of you are willing to appreciate it. No leader in India had carried out jobs and inaugurations through video conference like JJ had done. She has never claimed accolades or shows to praise her as Karuna used to do. Karuna has most sycophants.

Raghu said...

From the scams in the last decade, I have come to believe that if India is to prosper, Congress at the Centre and DMK in the State should never again be given a chance to come to power. The increase in vote percentage for DMK is worrisome.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

DMK under Stalin would do nothing other than walk outs in the Assembly. Only MK is lethal. Only the unfavourable outcome of the 2G case can shut him down.

Unknown said...

Any comment about NEET & JJ's reaction ? I am interested to know about how majority of TN people see this NEET & its' insistence on exam on English.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Unknown

Its people's reaction rather than JJ's reaction that matters. In TN, the edu stream is different and enough damage has been done in the name of Uniform syllabus. Added to that is the 'ideology' of social justice to enable everyone to get access to eng and medicine streams. There is competitive politicizing of the above mentioned issues with the result that not many in State board stream of TN are capable of or confident of taking up competitive entrance exams or exams based on CBSE stream. As a result there is stiff resistance to NEET from the PUBLIC as of now. JJ would not take a contrary stance against majority's wishes.

Looking from another angle, the currently-on social engineering in education to enable people from remote places and segments to have access or entry into prime colleges of medicine has benefited these sections which could not have happened in regular competitive atmosphere. In the case of medicine I have first hand knowledge of how the system works and how the students study. In Govt colleges under thus system, the students get enormous exposure and experience on practical side though they may not have good command over English or in theory part of the subject. But their interest in the subject can not be doubted and their exposure to 1000s of patients with varied ailments during their course do make them more competent than those from private medical colleges. This makes me think whether we are right in just believing that only a national common entrance test in English or any language is the best criteria to spot and prepare talent in medical stream.