Saturday, May 14, 2016

Was Jayalalithaa responsible for Chennai floods? Let voters think.

For all those who think that Chennai floods were caused by Jayalalithaa, thanks to the lie-spreading campaign by the DMK, please take note of the facts given here.  

The foremost lie is that a lakh cusecs of water was released from Chembarambakkam Lake on 2nd of December 2015. I am giving below the table of the storage and inflow – outflow position by Metro water which can be found for any day in the website of Chennai Metro water.  

(Click the figures to see the enlarged version)

The outflow was 29,000 cusecs on 2nd December. It cannot exceed that level, for that would mean the lake has breached its boundary. The lake did not have any breach. So any news of outflow from Chembarambakkam lake exceeding this level is a lie. Poondi lake had greater outflow than Chembarambakkam on that day. Seems DMK was not aware of that and therefore failed to talk about it to fool the people.

On the previous day (1st December) the inflow was 960 cusecs and the outflow, 900 cusecs only from Chembarambakkam lake. Check this out.

Between the night of 1st and 2nd December, heavy rains lashed the city with Chembarambakkam receiving 47 cm within that period of 24 hours. The out flow did not exceed 29,000 cusecs.

 Let us check the succeeding day, that is 3rd December also. The outflow has come down to 11,000 cusecs.

But within that time, nearly one lakh cusecs of water was carried by Adyar river. The lie spread by the DMK is that all this came from Chembarambakkam. The fact was that on the 1st of December itself 35 major Lakes mostly in southern part of Chennai breached their banks and entered the roads and homes. As per The Hindu report, “The lakes that breached include Kalavakkam, Thirukazhukundram, Korapattu, Shonalur, Perungalathur, Thenmelpakkam, Irumpuliyur, Peerkankaranai, Keelkattalai, Pallavaram, Pallikaranai and Mudichur.” The extent of havoc as on 1st December can be understood by the following illustration from The Hindu of that date.

But by then rescue operations were in full swing even according the anti- Jayalalithaa news paper The Hindu.

The water carried by the Adyar river on 2nd and 3rd December included the running water from the rainfall and the excess water from 50 lakes from Sriperumbudur alone. It was not wholly from Chembarambakkam lake. DMK knows this as we can see this in their manifesto. Read what the DMK manifesto says on the flood water situation of Adyar river.

This shows that the DMK manifesto itself agrees that Adyar carries excess water from 50 lakes besides the excess water from  Chembarambakkam. The contribution from Chembarambakkam was only 29,000 cusecs on 2nd December. The next day even that reduced considerably. The excess water carried by Adyar was not from Chembarambakkam alone, the DMK knows this. But they have lied to the people and pitched it up in their propaganda. 

The 2nd lie is that the authorities waited for the orders from Jayalalithaa to let out the excess water. The DMK quoted the events of releasing water from dams in the name of Jayalalithaa to support this lie. For release of water from dams for cultivation, it requires a government order, and therefore such orders come in the name of Jayalalithaa. However this order would be made only after discussing with the authorities at the ground level. These authorities make the the actual decision of when to release and how much to release and send this report to the CM (Jayalalithaa).  In the earlier DMK regime too, such orders were released in the name of Karunanidhi, the then Chief Minister. There was even an instance of a government release saying that Karunanidhi ordered the release of waters at the request of his son Alagiri who was then a minister in the Centre.

The situation in the reservoirs that store water for drinking purpose does not wait for such orders. There is continuous inflow to these reservoirs in the rainy season. Depending on the storage capacity and the set-norms for these reservoirs, outflow is decided by the ground level staff.

One must know that by the middle of November, Chennai had received more than normal rainfall and had all the water bodies brimming with flood waters. On 17th November 2015, 18,000 cusecs was water was released from Chembarambakkam lake.

This was the previous highest before the release of 29,000 cusecs on 2nd December. What was Jayalalithaa’s order at that time? Kumudam Reporter dated 24-11-2015 carried this news.

Jayalalithaa had deputed one IAS officer for each one of the lakes of the city and had given the instruction that adequate steps must be taken to safeguard life and property of citizens before deciding to release water from the lakes. That was the only order or guidance given by her. It was given at the time of the flood on November 15th itself. Right from that time, the flood situation and water level situation in the lakes had come under close watch of the IAS officers and other officials. They had not taken a day’s leave for nearly 20 days at a stretch during this period when rain was causing a havoc in the city.

Even at that time the Government has sought help from Anna University and IIT chennai to tackle the flood situation. Kumudam Reporter dated 24-11-2015 reported that the Corporation Commisioner Mr Vikram Kapoor had said about this.

As one who had done enormous rescue work during tsunami and other natural disasters such as cyclone Thane hitting Cuddalore, it is ridiculous to say Jayalalithaa harmed the interests of the citizens by having made authorities wait for her orders to release water from Chembarambakkam.

The next lie is that she did not visit the people during the floods. Earlier on 16th November 2015 itself,  Jayalalithaa visited RK nagar, Kolatthur and Perambur. As a head of the State she has to be available to receive the information that is pouring continuously and give suitable orders. With that stringent lack of time, she made a visit to parts of Chennai on 16th November itself. Again when rains battered on 2nd December, she wanted to make an aerial survey as that was the best and quick way to assess the extent of damage. But she could not do so because of the bad weather and the inability expressed by the pilots. The next day, on 3rd, she made the aerial survey.

From Kumudam Reporter dated 08-01-2016, (click the figure to read)

The DMK has nothing to find fault with the way Jayalalithaa tacked the grave situation that was happening for a month. The Chennai Corporation, the Electricity Board, PWD and conservancy workers drawn from other districts did a commendable job in restoring normalcy in a record time of less than 5 days. In addition, medi-care was in full swing that ensured that no epidemic broke out. The general public also joined in the rescue operation and in providing relief.  But one must know that the Government machinery was behind all that relief work. It is as per their direction, the public engaged in relief work were able to reach to the needy.

The sticker controversy was created by the DMK to extract whatever mileage they could get. Within a day of the report of the sticker issue, Jayalalithaa in her capacity as the Chief of AIADMK issued a public warning that those of her party men indulging in pasting the stickers on relief material will be taken to task and disciplinary action will be taken against them.  Everyone knows how the party men abide by her orders. Any news of sticker issue after this was wanton action done by DMK men to keep this issue alive.

Yet another lie by the DMK was that prior warning was not given by the Government of the flood on 2nd December. Nothing can be ridiculous as this. By then Chennai had seen 2 flooding and going by the scale of rainfall on 1st and 2nd, everyone was expecting another flood. By the afternoon of 2nd most companies declared a holiday and most people were back home. Most shops were closed after taking measures to safeguard their goods by packing them in heights where flood waters could not reach.

The following video from News 7 TV clearly reveals how on the morning of December 1st itself, the authorities had issued warnings and evacuated the people.

With all this if people still believe that it was because of Jayalaithaa’s inept handling, the Chennai floods had entered many homes, let them all know that all the places that went under water in this floods were built on lakes and ponds. Read my article # Chennai floods – who is responsible for it?

Reports of the poll survey by Thanthi TV showed that voters in places like T Nagar, Anna Nagar, Pallavaram, Saidapet etc are upset with Jayalalithaa Government on the floods that entered their houses and are therefore opting for the DMK. Nothing can be more foolish than this. The DMK’s PWD works are well known for little work and more commission. More than that Karunanidhi or Stalin had proved their “administrative ability” in managing the power crisis in their last regime. In contrast Jayalaithaa has a track record of quick response and administrative ability that include handling the crisis in times of natural disasters. Voters have to make an intelligent choice. 


Raghu said...

This article has come a little too late; had this been written/compiled earlier, even AIADMK could have used this to thwart the lies propagated by DMK and other opposition parties who, in their quest for power, are blaming JJ for every mishap, minor or major, happening in TN at that time.

The extra-ordinary quantum and speed of relief work coordinated and carried out by TN administration at the Nehru Stadium was also commendable, nobody seems to remember that.

At the same time, one cannot also forgive the AIADMK cadres who insisted on pasting stickers on relief supplies, thus not only delaying the relief process, but also bringing shame to the party.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I thought of writing this after seeing Thanthi poll survey on T nagar, Anna nagar a couple of days ago. After JJ took on the flood issue in one of her early meetings by quoting DMK manifesto, I felt the DMK stopped talking about it. But survey made me think that I must do something about it.

The sticker issue actually did not happen for more than a couple of days. After JJ gave the warning to cadres, it stopped, but DMK kept harping on that. It is possible that DMK itself stuck the stickers and let it pass on as something done by the ADMK.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Frequent confessions from Stalin in this election time. Earlier he did concede to Pranoy Roy of ND TV that his men did commit misdeeds in financial and administrative side of Governance when the DMK was in power last time. Yesterday in the last day of electioneering in his constituency he indirectly conceded the misdeeds of DMK while he replied to JJ's accusation that DMK is a part of Goondas and rowdies. When DMK was in power there was Katta panchayat. Theirs was the regime of Commission, Corruption and Collection. Stalin promises to put an end to that. The following is from The Hindu dated May 15.

Stalin promises to punish erring MLAs

With AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa calling the DMK a party of “goondas” and “rowdies” repeatedly in public meetings, DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin promised to provide a clean government and take action against even erring members of the Assembly if voted to power.

“When the DMK comes to power, there will be no katta panchayat and there won’t be any political interference in functioning of police department.

“I will ensure a government free from commission, corruption and collection,” he said, in response to Ms. Jayalalithaa’s taunts.

Raghu said...

We await your response, either here, or in the other post on the possibility of MK coming back to power, to the comments made by Sri Kudanthaiamuthan - he seems to predict, at one instance, that MK will come to power, only to meet his (political) end shortly, and at another, that whether MK or JJ whoever wins, they will last only till early-mid 2017.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I have already written an update at the end of the article " Will Karunanidhi come back?" about his prospects in this election. Please read it. The link is MR Kudanthai amuthan keeps writing what he wants and uses abusive language. So I desist from replying him.

I have written at various comments on how and why I judge the current dasa- bhukthi of JJ as being beneficial to her, even giving her release from the DA case. After the DA judgement is given (favorably to her) I will write an article on various combinations of Dharma - Karmadhipathi planets one of which is found in JJ's horoscope. Her Dharma - karmadhipathi yoga started on 15th Oct 2014, On 17th Oct she got bail. For the kind of massive oppressive forces that she is facing, only a yoga of this kind could lift her up. It is still on until April 2017. She will be successful in this period. Perhaps her life's mission of putting an end to Dravidian forces (DMK and DK) can be achieved in this period.

The basis of all this is one's (her) past karma. The horoscope and the events in one's life help us to construct the past life to know why one faces ups and downs and what are one's life's mission. I have constructed the past life of JJ but think it is not right to write in open forum. I used to tell that to people in person. For bigwigs like JJ, Modi, Karunanidhi, it is fairly easy to deduce their past karma and relate it to events in present lifes and link with corresponding dasa and planetary position. Infact the basic purpose of horoscopy is to understand the karmic baggage that one is born with and overcome it.

Raghu said...

Almost all exit polls predict DMK alliance scoring 130+ seats. Do you agree with that?

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

What abuse language i have written in my postings ? pl point out.Except in one posting i mentioned that " Astrologers must not have any political leaning and should not give biased predictions " while pointing out on your posting expressing your anger on a reply to one mr.muthuvel whose name must have made you spew anger and outburst on this guy.In 2014 you predicted about JJ victory possibly to express your desire to see her in PM post for which you gave predictions that Modi will never come to power which was countered by me from the beginning only from the perspective of astrological terms. Once your predictions failed, you stopped and was not active for a year. It is not the desire of myself to see MK comes to power but i just reflect what i feel is possibly going to happen as per his horoscope. we write only astrological comments to enrich our knowledge as i may be wrong or correct but exchanging mutual views would give us some inputs to predictive astrology. i am not a professional astrologer but a business man. i wish your desire to see whom you want to come in power would be fulfilled on 19th may in next two days as this is also my desire but fate is different as it is not in our hands. let us see the outcome of results as predicted by both.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Two biases in this comment itself. Check 1. Who replied to Mr Muthuvel's comment. 2. Why I was not active for year. And check the tone and tenor of your old comments too.

Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

dmk is wellversed in creating hypes and i have a strong feel this will burst tomorrow
and admk will easily get 130 seats minimum.

though stalin has made a good effort to reach. general public is scared of DMK which is the truth.


R.Ramanathan said...

Madam great ADMK came. But does not the Chennai results show anger on the part of the people with Ammas flood handling?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Generally in Chennai, DMk has had a lead in the past. Chennai has always been known as the DMK Kottai. Only in 2011 ADMK won more seats than DMK mainly because DMK supporters didn't come out to vote for DMK due to 2G scam. This time, the DMK supporters had voted in full strength to DMK. That difference is reflected in the results. One clue for this reasoning is the same percentage of voting in the past 2 elections too (2011 & 2014). T nagar which for the first time saw flood waters entering the houses, did not choose DMK. But Saidapet which receives the first flooding in all regimes had stuck to DMK as usual. If the upper and upper middle class people had come out to vote, ADMK could have got more votes. They were absent in many polling booths in Chennai.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Ms Sheela, I think DMK's sustained propaganda against JJ had helped it. JJ of the currently ended term did not do anything to counter the DMK propaganda. She was positive but in the kind of politics of DMK aided by the media, she also must have infused counter propaganda mechanism. She is passive, but with that passivity she has retained the lead to form the govt.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam

Hope JJ achieves her life's mission as you predict and do good while all evil forces
against her will be taken care by God.

People can see thru hypes and cannot be cheated forever. One of myth created is DMK a force of change preferred by youth and confused a lot of youngsters. Floods became a great opportunity. I personally know how Annanagar was targetted., money flow @ unimaginable levels happened. God n people's love favoured her to get these figures. We could see the silence in chennai speaking volumes today.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Kudos to you Ms Sheela you predicted correctly that ADMK will easily get 130 seats. I expected her to cross 150 mark. But why she couldn't can be known from how the voters of other parties voted to DMK in this election. My next blog is on this.

Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

thanks, even my wish was to cross 150/160 After seeing Thanthi Tv exit polls i called my friends in different regions n made this estimation. I also found many in age group of 20 to 30 (male)were feeling shy to tell their favour as Amma becoz they have been bullied. they escaped from bully to tell lies they voted for change exit poll would have had errors.

but female at many age groups were bold to openly support her.


smk said...

@jayasree nice article showing the damage done by DMK and other parties as i saw the news channels of DMK crticising too much JJ govt for many little problems(even though i live in kerala).This could hav been written before elections so that truth comes out & party may have won more votes.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ smk,

I had an impression that many in the flooded areas didn't blame JJ and they almost had firsthand help and succor from the Govt. Even my area was under flood and we know how the various departments and officials and workers were on the road for very many days to control the flood and the damage. In record 5 days, the situation came under control. The extended flood issues in some places including my place were not in our control or they were man made. For example electricity could not be resumed within a day or 2 in my locality as a couple of houses in my colony had meter boxes at lower level that were under water for several days. The water level in my road did not subside as the adjacent apartment broke their wall on our boundary to flush out the water from their apartment. One from each house in our colony went as an army to stop that and closed the broken wall. Like this there were many local factors that added to the problem.

In my opinion, Chennai is not a suitable place for living in the coming decades as most part of it is under sea level and marshy. With the threat of sea level rise globally, Chennai's boundary is going to change definitely this century.

Coming to your comment, I wrote this article after getting an impression from Thanthi TV election coverage, that Chennai flood indeed has an impact in the minds of the people. In my opinion, all the DMK supporters voted in full strength in Chennai this time while others were lax in coming out to vote. But in flooded T nagar and Virugambakkam, ADMK only had won. We must know that still 25% hardcore DMK supporters are there and Karunanidhi is still whipping up their raw passions by his anti JJ statements everyday. Only with his exit, there can be some improvement in the mentality of these people.

Unknown said...

The Madras High Court on Monday ordered the Election Commission (EC) to hold election to the RK Nagar Assembly constituency at the earliest, preferably before December 31