Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why no Women's group questioned EVKS Elangovan for his vulgar remarks on Jayalalithaa?

A d(b)astardly speech by the TN Congress Chief EVKS Elangovan made some time ago was under reported / not reported at all by the Presstitudes of Tamilnadu. No one of stature except perhaps Vaiko condemned it. The only other leader of stature who disapproved of this speech was the BJP Chief, Tamilisai. 

The speech was so vulgar and directly mocking at the appearance of the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Anyone including Elangovan has every right to criticize the deeds and misdeeds of a person in the Chief Minister's chair. But to compare her with elephant, saying that she takes care of only elephants because they resemble her is highly uncivil and mean. On hearing this speech, a flash comes in my mind of what his grand father had said long ago. 

Elangovan 's grand father was none other than Periyar, the father of the Dravidian movement Periyar once called Tamil as "Kaattu mirandi" language (barbaric) and went on to substantiate it by saying that Tamil people abuse women, children  and others with vulgur words and expressions. By this he meant that both the language and the speaker of the abusive words and expressions are barbaric. By his standards, his own grandson, Elangovan is a perfect example of a barbarian and also barbaric speech. If Periyar is alive today will he call this grandson as a Barbarian or just dismiss it on the pretext that he is not a Tamil by origin? 

Whatever may be his reaction, the grandson has many a times exhibited his expertise in barbaric talks, chief among them being the current one that can be heard in the video below. 

The reason for this barbaric talk is not difficult to find. Karunanidhi was in the dais when Elangovan spoke this. If Karunanidhi is one who respects women and civility in talks, he must have stopped Elangovan or expressed his disapproval of it in his speech. He did neither. The reason is obvious.

In the history of the so-called Dravidian movement, abusing women or making vulgur comments on women or involving women is the basic of norm of speech. There is a book titled "DMK aapaasam" containing all the instances and vulgar utterances by DMK leaders including Annadurai and Karunanidhi. They would abuse anyone who do not come to their support. Even the common people of Tamilnadu have not been spared by them. 

As if not to lag behind Periyar in calling Tamils as Barbarians, Annadurai called Tamils as buffalos (erumai) in his book "Ariya maayai", Karunanidhi's famous term for Tamils must have been well known to many by now. It is "sORRaal adittha pindam" - a mass of food particles / pindam. 

Annadurai even compared his own party, the DMK with a young woman 'who is fetching water from the tap'. (kuzhaayadiyil thanneer edukkum paruvap peN pOnRathu thi.mu.ka. குழாயடியில் தண்ணீர் எடுக்கும் பருவப் பெண் போன்றது தி மு க ) Why this expression of 'young woman' (this is not an exact translation of the Tamil word used) and the hidden meaning behind it? We must note down the way they look at women and treat them as objects of pleasure. Even today, this mentality is there in the DMK supporters as one can see many comments in online magazines using vulgar language on women particularly against Jayalalithaa. 

These are the people who abused Gandhi as being surrounded by women (Annadurau spoke so). The Congress party has forgotten that. 

Asai thambi of DMK questioned the birth of Jesus and branded churches as brothel houses ("Thi mu ka aapaasam" page no 15). 

In a public meeting in Kotthavaal chavadi in 1953, Annadurai also vociferously attacked the idea of Virgin Mary having given birth to Christ.  Perhaps the Christians of today had never known this.   

Anbazhagan wrote obscene ideas in his book "Seethaiyin Kaathal" on Ramayana. 

The novels and screen plays written by DMK people including Annadurai and Karunanidhi contain several vulgar and immoral expressions - all of them demeaning women. One of Annadurai's story contain siblings having sexual relationship. Karunanidhi's characters are such that father married his own daughter. There is no dearth of vulgarity in expression, justification of immoral sex and obscene description and characterization especially of women characters in Karunanidhi's stories. 

The result is that their supporters also have developed a taste for such things and use them in their talks. This has come down for all these decades. One could have noticed the claps for Elangovan's talk on Jayalalithaa in the video above. And Elangovan has evolved on par with these DMK leaders either due to his DNA or friendship. 

Now my question is why this open abuse of a woman by Elagovan not taken up by any women's rights groups? Why not take him to task for personally commenting on her? Is this the way the State Chief of an all India party headed by a woman must behave? What action did Sonia Gandhi take against him? Atleast did she reprimand him for his talks? Let Jayalalithaa be her political rival, but shouldn't Sonia or Rahul come out to clear their stance on a comment such as this on a woman? 

Elangovan has not only abused Jayalalithaa but also devalued the care given to the elephants. So this speech can also be questioned by animal welfare groups. 

Finally TN Congress or DMK, they both are of the same genre in thought, word and action (aka corruption). They are inseparable in immoral and vulgur talks. They have developed a supporter base which can only contain those who practice and promote immoral ways and treat women with scant respect. It is not exaggeration to say that Jayalalithaa has borne the maximum brunt of the evil ways and talks of the DMK and Karunanidhi. 


harinee said...

Really worried this ghoshti will come back to power. There are lot of people who blame JJ for floods as if she dumped all that water and could drink it back at her will. People simply dont understand no administration was in a position to handle a calamity of such magnitude.
I was in US when Hurricane Katrina happened. And in a developed country they had serious law and order problem.Apart from the attack on women and children there was large scale looting. Elderly people in hospitals were trapped for days. The local and federal response was pathetic.
That was a city of 350k compared to a Chennai a city above 4 million. And how wonderful the law and order and restoration effort was.No outbreaks no violence. People are so short sighted to their own problems they miss the larger picture.

jayasree said...

I am also of the same opinion Ms Harinee. Today's Thanthi TV survey said that people in T Nagar and Annanagar were upset due to floods and therefore DMK is in the lead in these constituencies. Do the people think that if DMK comes to power, there wont be any floods the next time rain batters the city? Foolish people.

I will post an article on this tomorrow.