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Presstitute news by TOI on Jayalalithaa’s Government’s performance rated by people.

Every day we come across many biased and foolish reports by most magazines in Tamilnadu against the ruling AIDMK, with the Times of India also competing with the likes of Nakkeeran and Dinamalar nowadays.  The front page prime news report in today’s TOI newspaper makes the reader wonder whether the writers of that report have the minimum acumen to understand a survey and make deductions in a logical way or whether it was an intended news report of what we have now come to see as ‘paid news’ or ‘presstitute’ behaviour.

The news report is titled “Do TN parties promise what people want? No, says survey”. So you curiously read the news to know what the promises are that the people want. The report also says that there is a big disconnect between what people want and what the Government thinks. With this preparation of your mind you look at the illustration given in prominent colours. It is reproduced here. It includes the ranking that people had given to the issues / promises that the Government had tackled.

The top 3 problems in the opinion of the surveyed people are traffic congestion (48% think so), water and air pollution (35%) and noise pollution (34%).

But they had given thumbs up sign to the way that present Government had handled the water and air pollution issues. This issue has been ranked first in terms of the attempts by the Government to solve it. This is the trend for the whole of Tamilnadu according to this survey. This shows that water problem and air pollution problem throughout Tamilnadu had been tackled well by Jayalalithaa Government and people are happy about it.

This must find a place in the headline of this report or in the report itself. Water problem is the biggest issue faced by the people in most metros of India today. Cities like Mumbai and Bangalore are going without water for many days at the present times. You can put up with traffic and noise pollution but you can’t live without water. It is in this area Jayalalithaa has been excellently and relentlessly working not only in the current term that is going to end but also in her previous term. 

The reporting crooks of TOI may have completely failed to realise how important this issue is for, whenever Jayalalithaa is there at the helm, water pinch is not at all felt by the people. But could they not compare the situation with the rest of India where there is a severe water scarcity presently?

Another major issue is air pollution. Who can forget the struggles of Delhi Government in tackling this issue? But this is the best tackled or solved issue as far as Tamilnadu is concerned, but TOI is not able to accept this despite the fact that people had recognised it. The same TOI published many statistics some time ago on comparative status of many cities and States including Chennai and Tamilnadu on issues such as these. And in a majority of issues Tamilnadu had fared better. Had I known at that time that TOI is going to publish the kind of presstitute reports as it is doing now on election eve, I would have saved or scanned those reports to just fling them on its face now.

But truth lives on and the fact is that water problem of Tamilnadu in general had been greatly solved by the Jayalalithaa Government. People had ticked it as the best and the top one tackled by her Government. But TOI carried a title contrary to that and writes in that report “It asked the respondents to rank the performance of the outgoing government on a scale of 1 to 25, best to worst. Guess what? They gave it 24 for road traffic management and 21 for noise pollution.”

But where is water issue and air pollution issue that was given the 1st rank by the people as the issue tackled well?

The report ends with the sentence ““Noise pollution is a major issue but nobody talks about it,“ Mandaveli resident Surekha Johnson said. “Traffic too is a major problem.”

Noise and traffic – how best a Government tries to tackle -  does it not need people’s cooperation also?  And are these two issues relevant outside the cities and in rest of Tamilnadu like water problem? How many times U Tejonmayam and  B Sivakumar, the writers of this news report contributed to averting traffic congestion or noise in the streets while they were travelling? Can they say that they did not jump the traffic or not interrupt the traffic atleast once in a day while crisscrossing the city?

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May 05 2016 : The Times of India (Chennai)

Do TN parties promise what people want? No, says survey
U Tejonmayam & B Sivakumar

Traffic, Noise Pollution Top City Wish List: Study

Freebies? Prohibition? No, thanks. Stick to the basics and you'll form the next government.
A potentially electionwinning number of voters are more concerned about issues that are staring everyone but politicians in the face: 48% of respondents in Chennai in a survey by NGO Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) cited traffic congestion as the most important issue for the next government to add ress; for almost 35%, water and air pollution was the main concern; and 33% said they would vote for a party that delivers steps to curb noise pollution.

The response from Chen naiites is part of a larger study that the the NGO conducted among 16,000 people in TN and, if it is a pointer to general sentiment, political parties across the field could well trip on their election planks come May 16. The study exposes a clear disconnect between what the people want and what the government thinks they want. It asked the respondents to rank the performance of the outgoing government on a scale of 1 to 25, best to worst. Guess what? They gave it 24 for road traffic management and 21 for noise pollution.

The respondents ranked water and air pollution as one of the top three problems the city faces but also gave the government the best marks for its attempts to deal with the menace.

“Noise pollution is a major issue but nobody talks about it,“ Mandaveli resident Surekha Johnson said. “Traffic too is a major problem.“

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