Wednesday, December 29, 2021

'Myth of “The Epoch of Arundhati” of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak' is brought out in print

 My book ‘Myth of The Epoch of Arundhati of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak’ critiquing Nilesh Oak’s book on the date of the Mahābhārata was originally published as an e-book in 2019. Upon request for print version, I am now bringing out a revised version of the e-book after dropping the chapters on validation of the date of Kali Yuga and Mahābhārata which however can be read with additional inputs in my recently published “Mahabharata 3136 BCE: Validation of the Traditional Date”. 

With no counters coming from Nilesh Oak to my critique till this date, I am adding additional questions in this book on his recently floated theory of Kali Yuga starting in 5561 BCE, from the last day of the war in his timeline. I have added more evidence on his ‘Analogy Nyāya’ too. I don’t expect him to refute my critique for, he never can, but this book is meant for the common man to not fall a prey to a work of untruth.

In an atmosphere of absence of knowledge of even the basic features of our culture, I find the youth of today getting excited over the thought of long past for Vedic India and modern software being put into use to establish the past. But they should not be fed with faulty understanding of texts and concepts and mindless use of simulation for establishing the meaning of even scriptural concepts as Nilesh Oak has done. My book aims to spread awareness about the mediocre nature of the Mahābhārata research of Nilesh Oak.

The first copy of this book was presented to the Honorable Vice President of India, Sri. Venkaiah Naidu when I met him at the Raj Bhavan at Chennai to give my books on 27th December 2021. While briefing him the circumstances that led me to do the research on validating the Traditional date of the Mahabharata war and Kali Yuga, I spoke about my Dharmic Anger against maligning the status of Arundhati and the mis-interpretation of the verses of the Mahābhārata and the date of Kali Yuga. The second copy was given to the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu.

This book of 12 chapters in 202 pages is available for Rs. 230. Postal cost of Rs. 36 for anywhere in India is additional. Interested readers may write to to get the book.


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Wher can we get copies of the books to understand the history completely?