Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why this blog?

To my readers,

This blog 'Non-random-Thoughts' aims at
bringing out the past glory of this land of India,
previously known as Bharatha varsha
and digging out the lost and forgotten values and information
of this ancient land of wisdom.

In the process, the issues that catch our eyes around us
will be analysed,
and any question / doubt of importance of the day and of interest too
will be analysed
the inner meaning, import, message and nuances of the issues
from the angle / perspective of
of vedantha, jyothisha and Sanatana Dharma
which may be correct or incorrect,
but can be debated on
and must be available for the one
in search of it - with the necessary backing of pramanas.

The conviction is that
I must 'see' where people merely 'gaze'
and record it here
so that anyone who is in search of information on these issues
must be enabled to gather them and
improvise on them
so that
this ancient body of wisdom of Sanathana Dharma
can be preserved and passed on!


Anonymous said...

yeh...your views are not easy to relate to for me...but pose a refreshing thought in rich and varied have our ancient scriptures been..and how comfortably they are bein ignored..your effort to relate present days issues with the scriptures is commendable..i have been enlightening myself with your views for quite some time now.very enlightening maam...opens doors to a really soothing though vicarious period of history...
good going maam..keep going...

Anonymous said...

Greetings Madam. Very enlightening to see the efforts to disseminate information.In this age of why first and how next before an yes, your blog is very welcome. I have read and learnt a lot from reading your postings in yahoo groups(Bakhthi, Ramanuja etc)and a few mails personally( possible try and include more articles on all the important functions /customs, on why upanayanam on garbhaashtami,what is its relevance,I can contribute in whatever little manner possible, on Sandhyai, prabhandham,vratham, anushtanam etc and the whys can be explained. The intention is such that every google or yahoo hit should lead to correct info.(to your blog) I see your blog as sticking to srivaishnava convention and still keeping it simple. Kindly keep it going and please expand your blog..
Vaazhthum vayadhillai, panivaana vanakkangaL. Vasudevan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jayashree Saranadhan
This is Titan Guruprasad (Hosur) and I always recollect the wonderful articles you contributed for my monthly magazine.
Very glad to see your blogs.

Wanderingmind said...

Jaya ji I read ur blogs regulary,they're an eye-opener and enlightening too.
A suggestion, I think you should burn ur posts with feed burner that way it'll get more coverage,which ur blogs duly deserve.Also protect ur work from unauthorizes plagiarism.
Keep up the good work :-)
Best wishes,

jayasree said...

Thank you Medha-ji. Your comments are encouraging. About your suggestions, I am not keen that I must get more readers. nor do I want to claim intellectual property rights:-)

In my opinion, any serious searcher of the kind of material I write, will anyway land in my blog. I write only for such readers. If the contents of my blog are useful to them, I will be the happiest person. My purpose of writing is that someone someday will be able to use these for further understanding. If someone copies my views and claims it to be their own, I don't mind. Because they can not go further and can not develop on them further. Every interpretation I give is backed up by lot of things of mental and spiritual nature besides the textual inputs. No one else can replicate them. Other can develop them based on their mental / spiritual make-up, but not on mine and not on the way I go through it. So sometime a deviation will set in. But I will be happy if someone improvises my views and develops them further.

Wanderingmind said...

Hello,hello I'm not endorsing any site when I suggested u something-'twas out of genuine concern,let me make this clear to you. Also one need not always visit ur blog page to read ur site....

jayasree said...

True dear wandering mind:)
I understand your concern and I am thankful to you for that.
But at the moment I am not seriously thinking of the concerns you raised.That is why I wrote like that. No offense please.

I am writing this blog more out of a sense of duty of imparting whatever sat-vishaya I know. My knowledge of astrology & Dharma says that one must impart / give out the knowledge one acquires without any expectation, returns, pride or a sense of owning that knowledge. I may sound eccentric. But in the state of striving to be a Jingyaasu, I think I will say like this...

jaybee said...

Dear Madam,

Wish to introduce myself as like-minded person who has spent the better part of his life and earnings towards the emancipation of Hinduism and Tamil/Tamiliyam.

Would like to invite you to see the following websites which are dedicated to Hinduism, Mysticism, History, Art, Culture, Traditions, Heritage, and Literature.

Harinee said...

Like your blog a lot. I read your comments on conversion. I have had colleagues who chose to convert and I have also debated with them.But I came to a realisation that it is better to have followers in a religion who are true, intelligent and understand the concepts of a religion than have ones who are half-baked.Converts are not a loss to any religion because they did not belong to it in the first place.How true can you be to a religion or God if you change your beliefs for money,food or in fear?

Anonymous said...

Hi Madam, I was going through your blog and found it rich with content and insight. It would be impossible to go through it all. I was just wondering, could you read my birth chart please? Thanks.

Sujatha K said...

Madam, how to believe whatever the Apollo staff are saying. All of that could be choreographed. You have said that Sheela Balakrishnan was with Jayalalitha. But, I don't think we know for a fact that Sheela actually spoke to JJ and saw her during these days of hospitalization

Secondly, the whole episode of JJ getting completely well to the point of getting discharged and her suddenly getting a massive cardiac arrest - something seems to be fishy in between these incidents. If Sasikala and her family could slow poison JJ (we keep reading that this was the main reason why JJ shunted Sasikala out when Modi alerted her), then what prevents them from colluding with hospital authorities and causing trouble for JJ. Even on Monday, she was supposed to have gotten better suddenly before passing away - at least as per Apollo's press release. There are too many loose ends ma'm. Additionally, I don't know what was the hurry to finish her last rites the same day itself? When other popular leaders like MGR and NTR in Andhra died, people had more than 24 hours to pay their respects. Not with JJ

JJ was also seen with 4 holes on her left cheek. We don't know why holes had to be poked into her face. My doctor friends tell me it cant be for embalming and something looks suspicious. We cant even draw punya chakra for her as no one knows her death time with certainty other than probably Sasikala herself. But, can a prashna chart be cast to ascertain there was no foul play?

Sujatha K said...

Madam, please go through this article where some pertinent questions have been raised: