Thursday, October 2, 2008

Astrology of the American melt-down.

The Wall street woes that woke up the world on a Fluid Monday

threatening to trickle down throughout the globe

is a of interest to any student of astrology.

Though I am not well versed in western astrology,

I can see some areas of importance from western astrological point of view.

First to notice is that Pluto is in direct opposition to Gemini, the sign for the U.S.

Though Pluto has lost its favor with scientists,

putting many an astrologer in a quandary,

making him wonder

what to with Pluto in his astrology,

the current woes in the American market comes as a vital example

that Pluto of course has a role to play in astrology!

The current woes of the U.S. is best indicated by Pluto in direct opposition to Gemini,

than with any other planetary indication.

The owes are likely to be there on a slow and steady basis for years,

resulting in a complete change over for the U.S.

for the better in the long run!

Not only the economy but also the socio-mental make up

of the people of that country will change gradually –

a kind of revolutionary change in their views towards life and living.

Uranus in the 9th – in Aquarius shortly to be joined by Neptune

will ensure this change of temperament and tendency.

The current woes which started as early as May 13th will ease by 13th February, 2009

making this a period of nightmares, losses and direction-lessness.

Individually, those having moon signs at Capricorn and Taurus

would have been thrown out of gears –

but only briefly between 24-09-2008 and 16-10-2008.

Mercury going retrograde in this period in its exalted degrees

would give them anxious moments in spite of moving in auspicious degrees for them.

For those born in moon signs of Aquarius and Libra,

the pinch would have been more

but they too would come out of it.

It is mixed fate for others.

The current affliction of Virgo, the sukha sthan for U.S

with sun and retrograde mercury

coupled with Neptune in the 8th seems to explain the current state of woes.

But things will become manageable in a fortnight.

But it will be a long way to go for a re-bound,

with Pluto’s long stay in opposition to Gemini.

The current happenings show that

Pluto can not be considered as a spent force in astrology.

It does have its influence, though scientists have rejected it as a planet.

The rationale is that astrology does not consider the body of a planet -

but only the ‘bhava’ or ‘bhavana’ or ‘karakatwa’ or attribute assigned to it.

The attribute of Pluto can be seen operative in the happenings in the U.S.

Similarly astrology considers the 360 degree zodiac

which we are continuously seeing around us

as having in itself certain ingredients that are capable of influencing us

as we pass through them.

It is like how the earth is getting meteor showers

while passing through certain pockets –

that are sprayed with left-out debris of comets that crossed long ago or

experiencing the radiation from sun or from outer space

that are capable of jamming our communication systems.

We are constantly passing through many un-detected pockets as we move in space,

These pockets have been identified with certain characteristics in astrology.

As such Pluto – now in direct opposition to the sign of the U.S.

and Neptune is a deadly 8th part of the sky from Gemini are to be watched.

Coming back to the first line of this post,

I mentioned Fluid Monday.

Monday of Moon opening the account with moon hora

always disturbs fluids of the body.

Most heart attacks happen at this time.

The sudden gush of hormones and tempers are witnessed at this time.

True to its nature, this Monday woke up with a panic.

Luckily it did not happen on Tuesday morning.

The blow then would have been beyond rectification!!

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