Monday, October 13, 2008

Homa for rains

After its success in Hyderabad, the TTD has been invited by the Government officials on behalf of the Government of Tamilnadu

(it was reported so in the media) to conduct a homa to attract rains in the rain-starved Chennai / Tamilnadu.

As a result, the 3-day Subhiksha yagam started yesterday in Chennai.

The sudden over-cast skies and the intermittent downpours from yesterday had sent the tongues wagging whether this is due to the Homa.

The meteorological department does not think so and it's vague assessment is likely to undermine any connection to the homa.

The dept has acceded that there was no indication of rainfall until the previous day.

But the clouds had gathered thanks to trough that has suddenly come up.

Believers would wonder whether this formation of the trough is related to the homa.

My take is that – it is so.

But timing also had mattered for widespread / long spell of rains.

By time I mean, is the choice of time (muhurtha) for conducting the homa

that would also have gone along with the varsha- yogas (combination for rainfall)

formed by the planets.

If not, or in the absence of such timing,

the homa would have resulted only in a shower or two –

not continuous downpour as we experience now..

For any homa that is done for a specific purpose,

the month – seasonal conditions also must be conducive.

A homa for rain is not conducted in, say, autumn or winter season.

It will attract best rains only when conducted in rainy season.

It is like cloud seeding done on clouds that bear potential for rains.

The best results can be had only in such conditions.

The present times are such that some favorable combination for rainfall

are also seen in the sky.

Like many planets coming in the front of the Sun.

Mars coming in between Venus and the Sun.

And with Mercury completing retrogression on 30 th

and coming forward to pick up speed,

better rains can be expected after it overtakes the Sun but when positioned behind Mars.

Generally planets in conjunction in Leo, Virgo and Libra ensure rains.

Current indiacions from the sky are such that

this solar month of Libra will experience rains.

But the conditions are not ensuring the season's maximum rainfall.

In such a scenario homas do help in bringing out copious supply.

Homas have been basically designed to give results such as this.


Science and spirituality – Rain gods smile on yaga.

Oct 13, 2008.

Deccan chronicle, Chennai edition.

Sunday's unexpected showers took Chennaites by surprise. Though the local weather office had not forecast the possibilities of rain for Sunday, there was a heavy downpour throughout the morning and forenoon. Incidentally, Sunday morning also saw more than 130 Vedic scholars from Thirumala Thirupathy Devastanam beginning the sacred Subhiksha Yaagam in the city, which will last for three days. The timing of the Yaagam and the downpour set the tone for another debate on the relations between science and spirituality.

The Regional Meteorological Office attributed the rain to the formation of a 'trough' off Tamil Nadu coast, which extended up to Sri Lanka. "It is not possible to predict these troughs since they are part of a larger weather system," said the officer on duty at the RMO, who did not want his name to be quoted.

But Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panikker, well known astrologer and religious scholar pointed out that all kinds of Poojas and Yaagams held for the welfare of the people usually led to copious rainfall.


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