Friday, October 3, 2008

Wall Street blues - what the planets tell?

The following article from some Astrology dot com seems to be doing rounds – adding panic to the already beleaguered Wall street victims.

This article is partially true in that Mercury going retrograde from 24-09-2008 in the 4th house of ‘sukha’ (happiness – from houses, vehicles etc) for the U.S in Gemini as per mundane astrology - is the immediate indicator of the troubles in the finance market.

The current panic will end by 30-10-2008 when the retrogression of mercury ends.

This has been already indicated in my post.

The real indicator of this problem lies with Neptune in the 8th house that stands for pensions, finance, credit schemes, loans and insurances. As per mundane astrology, the 8th house signifies all these.

The 4- 8 connection is a highly unfavorable one in mundane astrology. The current period has Neptune in retrogression in the 8th and Mercury in retrogression in its exaltation (indicating a complete reversal) in the 4th house for the U.S. Luckily there is no planet in the 10th (Pisces) currently!!

Neptune- the planet for nightmares- positioned in the cusp of the 8th house (Capricorn) presently in retrogressions is truly holding the strings of panic in the finances of lending types for the Gemini ascendant, that is the U.S. This retrogression ends only on 12th Feb 2009.

Until then it will be case of ‘rock-a-by- wall street’.

But things will not get out of control as Jupiter conjunction continues somehow or the other. And there are other periodical redemptions by the 3 terrestrial planets that will be moving through these places in the coming months.

Pluto well stationed in Sagittarius will see to it that a long term policy and mind change happens in the socio- economic thoughts and theories of the Americans. That will be for the good!




Even the Planets Are Warning Us Against This Wall Street Bailout!

by David Franke

Then a friend sent me Daily Astrology & Adventure for September 26, and it all made sense. Well, sort of.

I did realize that this is what John McCain should have told President Bush and Senator Obama and all assembled at that emergency White House conference on the bailout:

"My friends:

"Two words. Just two words: Mercury retrograde!

"That's why we cannot go through with this bailout. At least not at this time.

"You see, the planets are in Mercury retrograde, and anyone with a shred of scientific astrological experience with Mercury retrograde knows that, at the least, things you do under this influence generally don't quite work out as planned. In fact, most astrologers would advise you to hold off buying a clock radio, much less investing in nearly a trillion dollars worth of bad mortgages and other rotten debt from some of the world's most irresponsible companies...."

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