Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nuclear crisis of Japan– will it spread globally? (some astrological thoughts)

Most of us are witnessing for the first time in our life, a terrible calamity of unfathomable proportions happening at Japan. The damage to the Nuclear reactors by tsunami waves seems to be heading towards a catastrophe. The radiation leakage happening at Fukushima plant raises the fears that the leaks would spread to other parts of the world and affect more number of people.

For a huge human tragedy to happen in a large scale, there are 3 main pointers according to Vedic astrology. Fortunately none of them are present now.

(1)The most important one is the position of Saturn. If Saturn is in Aries, its debility –sign or is posited in any of the 7 asterisms starting from Krittika or is retrograde in these asterisms, a great calamity to human kind will occur. Fortunately Saturn is in no way connected to these signs and stars.

(2) If Saturn is in the asterism of Krittika and Jupiter traverses Vishaka, there will be a terrible calamity to the world and human race. Such a combination also is not present now.

(3) If malefics like Saturn, Mars and the nodes are transiting the star Rohini (Aldebaran in Taurus) or even casting their aspect on Rohini, it signifies human suffering of catastrophic proportions. In all major catastrophes that happened in the recorded past century, this affliction had been there. The 2nd World war, the nuclear bombings at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the attack on WTC etc coincided with either Saturn or Mars crossing Rohini.
Based on these main factors, we can say that whatever is happening will have localized presence. Compared to the nuclear bombing charts of 1945, the present nuclear threat and causality on account of that will be very less.

However there are other factors of concern present at the moment.
·        All planets except Jupiter are in the southern declination. The planets in the South do not give benefic results.
·        Many planets are conjoining in Pisces and are running parallel to the earth at the current times. Except Saturn, all the others are moving close to the Gandanthas – the points of danger. Rahu is close to crossing the Mula- Aslesha junction. Others are close to Revathy – Aswini junction.
·        The conjoining planets in Pisces will be combust due to close proximity to the Sun. According to Varahamihira planets in debility, in inimical sign and in combustion can not give good results in mundane affairs.
·        The mutual aspect of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter give rise to sufferings to people and children from hunger and weapons / instruments. Mars will be moving into such a mutual aspect from 25th March onwards.
·        The presence of earthquake and tsunami producing planetary combinations as explained in a previous article continue to be there till April.
·        Though we don't take into consideration the outer planets of western astrology, we do find their utility in calamity charts. We take into consideration their sidereal position. As such Uranus forming a square relation with the nodes is a matter of concern now. Saturn coming into this square relationship from its location in the earthy sign of Virgo heightens the intensity of a calamity.

The calamity struck on the day the moon was reaching its outer limit of earthquake arc (sashti thtithi) and just fell within the 4th sign aspect of Mars. For human suffering to happen, the moon must fall within the aspect range of Mars or Saturn or the nodes. Moon was well within the aspect range of Saturn around the last New Moon, but nothing happened because Jupiter from its own house and moving in the Northern declination protected it. But such protection did not exit on the day of earthquake.

With this background information on how the events are seen astrologically, we can not rule out more troubles in the coming days.
The Fukushima startup chart (March 26, 1971, 5-38 am) shows that it is destined for a death at the current times. Its lagna lord and 8th lord are in debility. The debilitated 8th lord's dasa (Mercury) is running now. The debilitated lagna lord's (Saturn) antar dsasa starts in June 2011. The plant will be closed once for all in that period (Mer-Sat)

What causes concern at present is that the Sun will be coming in exact square degrees with moon and the nodes on 20th March in the pre dawn time at Japan.  A couple of days after that, the sun crosses Uranus.  These dates are truly a cause of concern with escalation in human sufferings. However I wish to bank on the positive power of Jupiter as it will be still out of bounds of asthang (combustion) by the Sun.

During that time, Indonesia also comes under affliction. Other probable areas are Northeast and South west of the globe. This covers the Pacific ring of fire. The countries having Sagittarius as their mundane sign also will suffer. Australia comes into picture on that account.

The troublesome developments are likely to reappear around 4th April when Mars squares with Uranus and the nodes. On that day Mars wins the planetary war over Uranus. Such a victory signifies explosions, fire, and destruction. Jupiter gets combust by then and therefore can not offer any solace. Again when Mercury crosses Jupiter backwards on April 12 and 13th, earthquakes are likely.

It is very disturbing to say that this kind of situation continues till the end of April. The middle of April shows a peculiar combination of planets with all the planets except Venus in square signs. This replicates almost 80% of the combination that occurred when Kaliyuga began. Pralaya (deluge) like conditions existed when Kaliyuga started.

At that time all the planets except the nodes were together in Pisces. Now Venus is just behind the group. Saturn is not in that group. This is some relief though Saturn will be aspecting Pisces from a retrograde position.

For a severe global calamity or severe impact as happened at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Saturn must be moving in 4 signs starting from Pisces. Now it is not so ensures that the scale of human sufferings will be less and manageable. However until April 13th, the human miseries and fears are not likely to subside, but they will be localized. Threat by water is not ruled out as 2 of the 3 watery signs receive malefic aspects.

Mother Earth is a personification of patience. If she goes a little disturbed, our existence is affected. That's why Vedic Thought always treats her with reverence. No harm must be done to her. We show concern to other natural forces such as air and water and make rules to keep them unpolluted. But we take the earth for granted. We rarely think that even digging the earth for building houses amounts to a harm done to her.

In our sanatana system, we are not supposed to dig her even for building purposes. Since such digging is inevitable we do pooja to her as a kind of pacification of her. The practice of worship or snakes and offering milk to snake holes are all to do with seeking forgiveness for the harms done to the earth and for freedom from troubles of earth's anger (earthquakes). Looking from such a point of view, the setting up of nuclear reactors, the way the experiments are conducted underground as in CERN and how the wastes are dumped into the ground, are all assault on Mother Earth. We have to start treating her with more concern. Let us pray to her to calm down.
Let there be Peace to Mother Earth!
Let there be Peace in our environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act upon us !

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MangalamRavi said...

Dear jayasree madam

I agree with you completely. i remember my patti saying nilam athira nadaka koodathu. so many things we missed and disturbed the nature which our forefathers were knowing much better than us.I too pray to god take care of humans in the globe.

Thanks for good posts.


jayasree said...

Yes Mr Mangalam Ravi.
There is a lot of meaning in what our elders used to say.

The harm to the earth, rahu, snakes and disturbance to the mantle are all interconnected. It is my long time plan to write on this and also explain Rahu kalam. May be I will write it soon. Already I have posted on Rahu-Ketu in the light of churning -of- the- ocean significance.

Vasundhara said...

Dear Jayasree Mami,

With respect to the twin eclipses last year, you had mentioned that effects will come up 6 months later. How long will these effects last - are those affecting the earth with such large scale suffering. We also heard of the twin eclipses during the Mahabharatha war - and hence am curious. Looking forward to the article on rahu, earth, snakes.