Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 12 of Garbottam 2016-17 (Failure)

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Day 12 of Garbottam started around midnight of 8th January 2017 and ended around midnight of 9th January 2017..

The impact would be felt between 19th November 2017 2nd December 2017.


(1) Wind:- Still air, occasional hot wind.

(2) Rain:- Nil.

(3) Lightening:- Nil.

(4) Thunder:- Nil.

(5) Clouds:-  By 7-AM bunches of clouds were sighted close to the sun. At 7-20 AM some of them even crossed the Sun for a few seconds. 

At 7-20 AM

Further on, there was no cloud build-up.  At 11 AM a small bunch of cloud crossed the Sun for a few seconds. 

At 11-00 AM

That was the end of whatever cloud movement / build-up for the day. The sky was cloudless for the rest of the day.

3-some features:-

(1) Terrestrial :- Behaviour of birds normal.

(2) Atmospheric :-  (1) No breeze.  (2) Hot and sunny day. 3) Not enough cloud formation.

(3) Planetary:- (1) Stars and planets appeared bright  (2) All planets were in Southern declination.

Impact dates between 19th November 2017 and 2nd December 2017.

Rainfall support features:-

(1) Jupiter – Venus conjunction continues in this fortnight which is known for supporting rainfall. It would last till 26th November 2017. But in the absence of Garbottam today, it is doubtful how this can facilitate rainfall. However if Daily Garbottam favours rainfall during this fortnight, some rains can be expected.

(2) Venus will be in the western sky in the star Vishaka during this fortnight. This favours rainfall.
(3)  On 26th November 2017, Venus enters the next sign, Scorpio which happens to be a watery sign. At that time Venus will be in watery Navamsa (Cancer). This could trigger rainfall at / around that date.

Rainfall spoiling features:-

(1) Mercury – Venus closeness is not happening during this fortnight.  These two planets would be away from each other at more than 28 degrees.  
(2) Mars will be in an unfavourable transit in the star Chitra (Dahana nadi) in the Sapta nadi chakra during the entire duration of this fortnight. This would cause dry climate.
(3) Saturn is the lead of all the other planets during this fortnight. This is a rainfall spoiler.


The Garbottam of today is a complete failure. Rainfall spoiling features of planets are strong. Only solace is the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus which must give rainfall wherever the Garbottam was good.  But as far as Chennai is concerned, the Garbottam sightings are annoying. With only one day remaining in Margazhi Garbottam, everything depends on how clouds are building up tomorrow.

On the celestial spheres, for the first time after a long year, planets are going to be in conducive combinations from 13th December 2017 onwards. Mercury – Venus closeness starts from 13th December 2017 and ends of 9th January 2018. Our hopes remain on this period at the fag end of NEM which is likely to extend to January.  


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