Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 4 of Garbottam 2016-17 (Moderate)

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Day 4 of Garbottam started around 11-20 PM on 31st December 2016 and ended at around midnight on the night of 1st January 2017.
The impact would be felt between 2nd August 2017 and 16th August 2017.

(1) Wind:- Cool breeze from North and east at times.
(2) Rain:- Nil.
(3) Lightening:- Nil.
(4) Thunder:- Nil.
(5) Clouds:- Thick bunches of clouds with bluish grey patches seen surging in East, West and Southern parts of the sky. This went on a little past noon.

At 7-30 AM

Clouds in the form of opened mouth of crocodile were seen often.

3-some features:-

(1) Terrestrial :- Behaviour of birds normal.

(2) Atmospheric :-  (1) Cool breeze whenever the clouds crossed the Sun. (2) Sun was crossed by bunches of dark clouds around 7-30 AM and many times between 10-30 AM and 12-30 PM. (4) No aquatic shaped clouds were seen, but clouds often turned into the shape of opened mouth of crocodile. (5) The Sun was red while setting and setting sky also was reddish.

(3) Planetary:- (1) Stars appeared clear and bright.  Venus a prominent planet in the western sky looked bright. The ideal condition is to see them dim and faint. (2) All planets were in Southern declination. (3) The 3rd phase of moon looked near equal on tips with a very slight upward tilt on North. For the current month, the North tip must be higher.

Impact dates between 2nd August 2017 and 16th August 2017.

The presence of very good cloud coverage in the 2nd  quarter of the Garbottam day (from morning till noon) accompanied with cool breeze was a good feature of Garbottam.

At 10-30 AM

At Noon

It is reported that it drizzled in some parts of Chennai in the morning hours. That is a very good Garbottam feature.

Rainfall support features:-

None except the presence of Venus and mercury in the western sky. But this is not a strong rainfall yoga.

Rainfall spoiling features:-

(1) No closeness between Mercury and Venus. Throughout the fortnight, they are more than 50 degrees apart.

(2) Venus will be in Nirjala Nadi in the Sapta nadi Chakra (in Punarvasu star) between August 12th and 24th of 2017. This would form cloudy conditions but would not give rains.

 Inference:- The moderate Garbottam features seen between 10-30 AM and 12-30 PM correspond to the 2nd quarter of the fortnight between 2nd August and 16th August. This period falls between 5th August to 8th August. There is no rainfall supportive yoga and not any strong spoiling yoga, though Mercury and Venus are far apart during this period. If it rains in this period, it is due to its Garbottam strength.   

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