Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 5 of Garbottam –(wasted)

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Day 5 of Garbottam started around midnight of 1st January 2017 and ended around midnight of 2nd January 2017.
The impact would be felt between 16th August 2017 and 30th August 2017.


(1) Wind:- Occasional breeze but not cool
(2) Rain:- Nil.
(3) Lightening:- Nil.
(4) Thunder:- Nil.
(5) Clouds:- Right from 10-00 AM onwards, clouds were surging from east and spread everywhere. Clouds were mostly white in colour. For a very few minutes around 10-30 AM, 11-30 AM, noon time, 2-30 PM and 3 PM dark clouds crossed the sun.

At 2-30 PM

3-some features:-

(1) Terrestrial :- Behaviour of birds normal.

(2) Atmospheric :-  (1) Cool breeze whenever the clouds crossed the Sun. (2) Dense clouds were seen on all directions but looked whitish for most part. (3)No aquatic shaped clouds were seen, but at times huge fish like clouds were seen.

(Duck like clouds)

(3) Planetary:- (1) Stars appeared clear and bright.  Venus a prominent planet in the western sky looked bright. The ideal condition is to see them dim and faint. (2) All planets were in Southern declination.

Impact dates between 16th August 2017 and 30th August 2017.
This 5th day is an important day as Moon entered Aquarius around 4-30 AM on the morning of 2nd January to join malefics Mars and Ketu. If there is good Garbottam on the day(s) Moon or Sun is joining malefics, the impact days would see rainfall from storms or accompanied with thunder showers. Though there was good presence of clouds for most part of the day, they looked wasted. The crossing of the Sun for prolonged time did not happen.

Rainfall support features:-

On 8th August 8th 2017, Mercury begins retrogression and on 19th August it enters into combustion. These two dates must see some meteorological events though it might not result in good rains. Only on 27th August, the closeness between Mercury and Venus begins. This is a good feature and this is going to last till October 8th, 2017.

No planet is in spoiler kind of stars of Sapta Nadi Chakra.

Rainfall spoiling features:-

The rainfall giving closeness between Mercury and Venus begins late in the fortnight on 27th August only.

But on the same date, Mars enters Leo, the sign owned by fiery Sun. When Mars occupies Leo during rainy season, it would reduce the rainfall. However by 15th September, an improvement would be there as Venus, a benefic would join Mars. Mars with benefics in Leo is good for rainfall. But such a development happens in the upcoming fortnights only.

 Inference:-  With less duration of dark clouds crossing the sun on a day Moon joins malefics and star of the day, the Garbottam looks a wasted one. However the dark clouds crossing the sun post noon, could give moderate rains after Mercury starts combustion on 19th  August. There is however a tug of war like impact on rainfall by Mars in Leo on the one hand and Mercury and Venus on the other from 27th onwards.

As we enter the 6th day of Garbottam, Moon is going to be in company of malefics for one more day and the star transited by Moon would be a favourable one for rainfall. It all remains to be seen whether tomorrow (3rd January 2017) would see cloudy weather.

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