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A mockery of Tamil committed by Karunanidhi’s family!

In the name of serving Tamil better, Mr Karunanidhi offered tax benefits to the films that have a Tamil title! It was debated at that time itself how such a decision could serve the cause of Tamil, if the content of the film is deplorable and the dialogues were to be in mixed tongue. But our rationalist Chief Minister would not listen to all that and as a result we are now witnessing all sorts of fun. 

The film Enthiran was hit by that order at that time. That film was originally named as “Robot”. As a sequence of that order and to avail the tax benefits, the film’s name was changed into a Tamil word. But the irony is that the film can not be understood without the knowledge of English. The computer-commands related to the robot’s movements are all in English with no translation to what is meant by those English sentences. I wonder how many Tamils who know only Tamil could understand them. Perhaps it was a deliberate trick to make the people to see the movie again and again to understand what is exactly happening. The use of English in dialogues and English commands in the film Enthiran  are certainly a mockery on the order on Tamil title.

Those who commit such a mockery of the order come from Karunanidhi’s family only.
Look at the names of their production houses, you will know what scant regard they have for Tamil.  

The production industry owned by Maran brothers has the name “Sun pictures”.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, the grandson of Karunanidhi and the next ruler in waiting after the coronation of Stalin runs a production house by name, “Red Giant Movies” 

Dayanidhi Azhagiri, another grandson of our Torch bearer of Tamil owns a production house named, “Cloud Nine Movies”.

They don’t stop with this.
The movies produced by them also have names that can not be called as Tamil.
Dayanidhi Azhagiri’s recent film is “Va Quarter Cutting”.
Do you think this movie was exempted from tax benefits? 

I don’t think so, because I read a report that this strange name coming from the house of Karunanidhi was taken to the notice of Karunanidhi. He in turn asked his grandson to have a Tamil name for the movie.
But pat came the reply – asking whether ‘Thilalangadi’ produced by Kalanidhi Maran was a Tamil name.
What can our Torch bearer of Tamil do now?
Can he risk irritating the Marans at this election time? 
Would they not give prominence to Jayalalitha if he irritates them?
Relationship is not even skin deep in Karunanidhi’s family.
If you don’t behave useful to me, I wont hesitate to dump you down – that is the “paasap pinaippu” – that is the filial ties that he has nurtured in his family.
Karunanidhi can not even ask Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi what Tamil is there in the name “Boss enkira Baskaran
Karunanidhi at best is ‘veettula eli, veliyila puli” (rat at home but tiger at outside).
His dictates on Hindu practices also have the same fate.
His family does not follow what he says.

Now the naming of the film in Tamil has raised a new controversy. A film by name “Ochayee” has been rejected tax benefits because the name is not Tamil, whereas it is claimed that Ochayee is the name of a rural goddess.
This name is common is rural Tamilnadu.

In this context, let me give enema to our Tamil loving Chief Minister.
Isakki amman is a popular female deity in many rural places of Tamilnadu.
Isakki is also known as “Iyakki” amman.
Isakki is actually the female term for “Arya - the term detested by our CM.

There is a reference to this in Silappadhikaram that “Ariyaanganai” the female counter-part of Arya was worshiped in those days.
The local name for that Ariyaangalai is Isakki or Iyakki amman!

I wish Karunanidhi takes out Silappadhikaram book and read Adiyaarkku nallar commentary for “PoonkaN Iyakki” (chapter 15 – line 116) which gives this explanation connecting to Aryanism.
What would his hate-Aryan mind think then?
I am curious to know!


Ochayee film stirs debate over name



Oct. 26: The state commercial taxes department decision declining to exempt the film Ochayee from entertainment tax stating that Ochayee is not a Tamil name has triggered a fresh debate among Tamil scholars, writers and Left activists.

Soon after assuming office in 2006, the DMK government announced tax sop to films that have Tamil titles to encourage producers and directors use Tamil titles.
While declining to extend the benefit to this film, the authorities said Ochayee is a meaningless word and asked the producers to prove their claim with records.

Ochayee, written and directed by Asai Thambi, is one of the first movies to release post-Endhiran. The government stand has apparently irked Tamil scholars and political leaders including CPI state secretary D. Pandian and VCK general secretary Thol.

CPI(M)-backed progressive writers union secretary Sa. Tamilselvan argued that Ochayee is a popular folk deity around Usilampatti in Madurai district. "The authorities should not refer elitist dictionaries, which do not contain the folk dialect.
Like Pechi, Isakki, Mari, and Kali, Ochayee is a name of a folk deity in the Madurai region," he said.

Mr Pandian, who hails from the Usilampatti region, said the government's stand on Ochayee is tantamount to insulting thousands of Tamil women who have been carrying the name for generations.

"The government has given tax sops to films that promote casteism, orthodoxy, blind faith and are anti-women just because they carry Tamil titles. But they are denying them to a film that reflects Tamil culture," said Mr Arunan, president, progressive writers forum.

The critics also question the government giving tax exemption Sivaji, (which is not a Tamil name), Something Something Unakkum Enakkum and Va Quarter Cutting.

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