Monday, October 18, 2010

Don’t underestimate Jayalalithaa!

Jayalalithaa’s upsurge continues!

Today’s massive crowd at Madurai is yet another proof of the rising expectations on Jayalalithaa.
Like Madurai, Chennai also experienced unusually interrupted power supply while her speech was on. This shows that Karunanidhi is losing his ‘nimmathi’. 

Her take on Azhagiri was simple but striking. From her speech we come to know that Karunanidhi’s family owns 6 film production houses – most of them having English name! 34 out of 69 movies produced this year were under the banner of Karunanidhi & co. Jayalalithaa covered in her speech all the areas where the tentacles of Karunanidhi & co have spread and mutilated fair justice. The film industry must come to the realization of what is going to be in store for them if this one family is allowed another term in governance.

It is like they have the power but their powers are mortgaged to Karunanidhi. He uses them up (film industry) to further his interests. The entire Tamilnadu is addicted to films and filmi personalities. The filmdom has to rise against this One family rule for their sake and for the sake of  the people who patronize them. Particularly Rajinikanth owes a debt to the Tamil people. He has no qualms to call Bal Thackeray as his God in order to make his film a success. Would he think of the real Gods who have made him what he is today? He has to rise to the occasion and tell the people at the right time to denounce Karunanidhi.

Of the different players in the race, Jayalalitha is the best bet. She has lived like a Bheeshma of terrible vows. A person of her acumen and commitment is the need of the hour. I can quote a dozen points form her horoscope to show how just, god fearing and a right ruler she is / can be.

She was not in position to tell anything about an alliance in the meeting. It is because leaders have a different calculation which is not the same as what the people think. But I expect one politician to come out and join hands with her. 

There are only 2 politicians in today’s Tamilnadu who have demonstrated selflessness and commitment once in governance. One is Jayalalithaa. Jayalaithaa’s 2nd tenure must be remembered for how she is ready to change herself when she knows that she is not right. Her 2nd tenure was flawless and her genuineness was palpable in her discharge of duty.

The other person is GK Vasan! If these two persons join together, certainly that will be golden times for Tamilnadu. Unfortunately, Vasan is seen to be sidelined. If really so, I expect Vasan to come out of Congress and join Jayalalithaa and give combined governance. There is a precedence in his father. It is Vasan's duty as a servant of the people.

Astrologically speaking, Jayalaithaa’s star is on the rise whereas Karunanidhi’s is on the decline. Her annual Tajaka chart starting from Feb next year until the elections show a strong power tide on her favour. The lords of Rajya sahama, karyasiddhi sahama and karma sahama are favouarble and run their patyayini dasa at the time of elections.

In transit, Saturn would not trouble her as it is transiting the sign having 30 ashtakavarga points. Jupiter shifts to the 9th from rasi by 10th May when the results would be expected in normal course. The current Rahu bhukthi would not let her down at the moment as Rahu is the 10th sub cuspal lord. The moon and Mars sub periods in these times would not harm her. The next Jupiter dasa would consolidate her position. 

I could not get a proper image of her palm. But what I can say surely from what I catch from her palm is that her health issue which many talk is infact a non issue. She will live long and healthy.


Dr Rama Krishnan said...

It looks like it will be a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.How can one forget what this lady did to Kanchi Acharya? She had insulted an age old traditional math, bringing it to it's knees.She has dragged our religion into mud. What about her sidekick Shashikala and her influence on her? Even God cannot save TN if the choice is between her and MK.

ஜயராமன் said...

She has not won a single election since she humiliated and (morally) destroyed Kanchi acharya.

Her side-kick police inspector who did all her dirty-sex campaign against the acharya lost his job, ostraiched by the society and is now bed-ridden due to paralytic attack.

I think you are under-estimating how much she has lost in her 2nd tenure.



ஜயராமன் said...

Continuing from my previous comment but on a different note...

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying she will not win. I was amazed at your predictive accuracy when, contrary to the whole world, You predicted that the verdict will be in favour of Hindus. Hence, It is quite possible that she may come back again. But, She will suffer due to her faults (and her refusal to apologize or make amends - unlike her U turn in other things like government employee sacking etc)



Jayasree Saranathan said...

Initially I didn’t want to respond to the comments because I do not want to be seen as taking sides. But after receiving 3 comments I thought that I must give the nuances of how Destiny or Dharma deva or Karma phalan operates in a given situation like the one involving the Kanchi Acharya and Jayalalithaa. It would require minimum an hour for me to explain this orally just to prepare the listener how to view the issue in perspective. Writing it down has its own shortcomings. Anyway I will write down touching on some basic issues involved.

First of all, why should the Acharya suffer such accusation, imprisonment and ignominy?
Unless it is in his prarabhdha, such things can not happen. Every one’s life itself is the result of the Prarabhdha karma. No one can be immune to it. The instances of mahans suffering from disease or incarceration is related to a prarabhdha karma. Even Gods in avatara have not violated the rules of it. When Rama rushed to attack the earth to get back Sita in the last moments of Sita disappearing into the earth, Valmeeki restraints Rama saying that one can not do bala-pareeksha with Destiny (refer Raghu vamsam).

Ramavatar itself has 2 components of prarabhdha (though unbinding on Narayana, he chose to use them, for, any being born on earth will have to abide by it. The Lord did not violate the rules he had made!!), one of it was the slaying of mother in Parashurama avatara, and the other was that of Vishnu incurring the curse of a rishi for having killed his wife. These two had a combined effect in Ramavatara in the form of mother (kaikeyi) turning hostile and Rama losing his wife.

In the moments of experiencing Prarabhdha karma, gyanis keep equi-distance from the fruit of that karma! That is how he can get released from Prarabhdha karma. The fruit of the karma could be pleasure or pain to both mixed. The Sthitha-pragyan would be calm and go through the ordeal with equanimity.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

What causes the experience of prarabhdha karma for one? It could happen in 3 ways. For example let us assume that a person has to lose money as a result of Prarabhdha karma. It can be caused by his own action (like a trader losing money by selling a thing lower than the cost price), or other’s actions (the thief stealing the thing from the trader) or by actions that can not be pinpointed on anyone (the thing getting broken due to an earthquake).

In the episode involving Kanchi Acharya, his prarabhdha experience was caused by others and situations beyond his control. It came into play even before Jayalalitha came into the picture. The initial cause was some one that we do not know. It could be conversion lobbyists or someone who wanted to implicate the Acharya. For 2 months the accusation was going on, hyped by Karunanidhi & co. That is the 2nd cause. After that only, Jayalalitha came into the picture.

You may ask, why didn’t Jayalalitha do anything to save him? Look at the case. If the accusation is something connected with religion or his activities in religious issues, she would have phoo phooed them. If the accusation was of civil nature, she could have sat upon them. But the accusation was different. To understand this let me give an example.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Suppose a person has lent money to some one. The borrower does not pay the interest and there is no sign of paying the money he borrowed. The lender keeps asking and finally lodges a complaint with the police. The police will register a case and the borrower will go about his life as usual. It will take years for the case to come for hearing.

But one day, the lender got very much irritated and attacked the borrower with a knife. The borrower lodges a complaint and the lender is immediately arrested. The lender asks the police to arrest the borrower also because he was the original culprit who did not pay his money and because of that only he had attacked him. The police would not heed him. The attack case is more serious than default in payment and it attracts immediate reaction. The distressing part of the Acharya episode is that his name was implicated in a criminal case.

If you recall, until then Jayalalitha was putting the Acharya in high pedestal. Her order on stopping conversion and animal sacrifice was connected to the influence of the Acharya. If only this episode had not occurred, she would have promoted him as the Raja guru. But the situation snow balled into such an extent that she had to take a harsh decision. She became the 3rd cause.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Like this, the cause is apportioned between many players to make someone else experience the prarabhdha karma. The motive of each player determines the karma that he or she is freshly accruing. If Jayalalitha has had any personal vendetta, she will definitely reap the results of that – but not immediately as Mr Jayaraman thinks. The defeat in elections is due to her prarabhdha. Whether the Acharya episode had happened or not, she would have lost elections because her destiny was such that. Jyothisha helps in determining the prarabhdha and where it hurts.

A quick look at Jyothisha to explain this. The 5th house pertains to one’s poorva punya. The 6th, 8th and 12th houses to poorvapunya (of the 5th house) must be laden with benefics and benefic combinations to help in reaping the result of poorva punya or a benefic experience of Prarabhdha karma. These houses pertain to Profession (6th from 5th is 10th house), loss / incarceration, imprisonment/ ignominy (8th from 5th is 12th house) and education & domestic bliss (12th from 5th is 4th house)

These issues are caused by prarabhdha karma. If Jayalalithaa loses power or Karunanidhi gets into power, it is because of their poorva karma. It can not be altered in the short term by the happenings now. The result of the current happenings will be experienced in the next birth or later. The ups and downs of Rahu dasa of Jayalalitha have been already determined / streamlined at the time of her birth.

And finally, the episode involving the Acharya and Jayalalithaa has a semblance to the eternal riddle of the Ramayana. Ramayana poses a triangular riddle in which we take pity on Sita and blame Rama. Rama as the ruler is at one corner of the triangle. Sita as the Patta mahishi is at another corner because SHE HAS TO BE ABOVE SUSPICION. The people with wagging tongues are at another corner. Rama can not accept Sita unless and until Sita shuts the wagging tongues. The onus for that lies with Sita. Rama, as King can not do anything other than letting her prove her innocence.

Beyond this I do not want to put down anything in writing.

Suggesting a reading of my old blog titled “Dharma, Karma and dilemma”

surya said...


The content may not be related to the topic.

If the human brains are like Computers that are connected always to Universe around....every change will have its own influence irrespective whether the "manas" knows it or not....

IF SO...

Our media if for 40 days writes and shows only about great people like CR Rao, who was yday given award by PM, Mokshagunam Viswayswarayya, etc...the way of thinking of our people will certainly change.

I think..."great personalities" born are nothing but "an updated version of anti-virus software" to clean some of the "ethical or moral pollution" around them....after sometime the verison becomes stale and it wont work that We still remember Gandhi, but the influence of him is less as people's mind got used to that anti-virus so "gandhism" is not functioning generally, except for those who want to have peaceful mind and chose him as leader mentally.

So, if we started printing and showing great personalies early in the morning in newspapers and TVs ...the ones who follow them will get some purification seeing the efforts that were put by some great personaliites for the positive change of the world.....that will throw some positive "seeds" into the brains of people very early in the day and may help us live and work better towards better society.

We used to have Vaymana Satakam, Sumathi satakam, etc that are telugu literary works with simple language and deep meaning that our elders even uneducated use to remember off and on, which used to purify them to some extent. Now, which part of the education is giving moral or ethical aspect of life is doubtful......Media should project at least 1 good personality daily on its front page...but not the bad politicians or unnecessary hypes.

just a thought.

NVS Prakasam.

graghave said...

you comments are fantastic Jaysree madam !!

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Thanks for your kind explanation. My question is, why did Sita Devi suffer like she did? You have explained the reasons for Lord Rama's sufferings.
Thank you, once again

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr rk,

There is no explanation for why Sita suffered. There is some background for rama's suffering but there is no explanation for Sita'a background and a justification for Sita's suffering. When we probe why, a larger picture of what is God or Brahman and how It or He was motivated to create the worlds, emerges.

As per that, Sita is the mind of Rama - the original equation being Brahman came as Rama and his Thought Force(Remember upanishadic vachan- It Thought may i become many and It became many) was Sita! Sita was the mastermind behind Ramavatar. She was the 'Mind' which gave the ideas to Rama (Brahman). So she can not be expected to have a'background' for suffering because everything was as per her 'script'!

This equation is there in a husband and wife relationship where the husband is the doer and the wife is the thinker. Please read my blog titled 'pati, patni and vivaha'.

The deeper philosophy of Vaishnavism goes into these issues. I have written them long ago in a yahoo group in the form of mail correspondence between me, the devotee having questions like you have asked, and Rama.

I will post them soon in this blog. The reason why Sita should suffer is contained in them.

ஜயராமன் said...

Thanks for your detailed explanation. Your reply actually is worthy of a separate chapter and a separate blog and discussion. I am glad to see that such immense scholarly explanations are being made for our benefit.

However, I do not agree with your reasoning.

There are many occasions when I did not agree with your reasoning. For example, when previously you mentioned that the purpose of yagna in the vedas is only to get material benefits.

In this particular instance of Kanchi Acharya, the issue is not how Jayalalitha arreseted Kanchi acharya due to the muder charge. I think your whole explanation is based on the assumption that arresting him was her fault (as peer me). But, No. She went much more than arresting him. She personally ensured that his character and the Kanchi institution was destroyed. This proves that she took action for some other purpose and not because Karunanidhi made some protest. Actually, Karunanidhi was the person most surprised when she took action against Acharya. India was ignoring DMK and DK protests for months and NO-ONE expected ANY government to act against Kanchi Acharya (like Shahi Imam Bukhari who assaulted a muslim journalist last week).

But, She invented stories of sex and sledge. She ensured that dirty videos - illegally obtained on the custody - are distributed to the channels. She ensured that yellow journals were given lot of baseless scandal to publish. She ensured that actresses and others were called for questioning just to create scandal. She extended the vendetta and closed down all the mutt trusts and activities and their bank accounts. She declared that Brindavanam of the maha periyava is only a burial ground and not a temple (and therefore does not need protection). She declared that periya was conspiring to run away to Nepal.

Please do NOT tell me that she did not do all these but only the police!!

If this is only the "innocent" chief minister to act because of DMK pressure, as you paint the picture, she should have just arrested and not made up stories to block his bail.

Everybody who is anybody in India knows that Jayalalitha had personal vendetta. And, this is nothing to do with prarabda.

My second point of difference is that - acute punya and acute papa - both give results immediately in this birth itself. Therefore, It is not correct to say that Her actions on Kanchi Acharya will not yield result immediately.

I need to close my reply now as I am writing short from office.



ஜயராமன் said...

/// Initially I didn’t want to respond to the comments because I do not want to be seen as taking sides. ////

This is not a good act to adopt. In the tussle between good and evil, If you do not take sides, then you are automatically siding with Evil.



Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Mr Jayaraman,

>>>There are many occasions when I did not agree with your reasoning. For example, when previously you mentioned that the purpose of yagna in the vedas is only to get material benefits.<<<

Upto gaining entry into Swarga (Jyothishtomena homa), vedic homas come to help. For spiritual progress, one has to go beyond. I am echoing what Ramanujacharya says in Brahma sutra bhashya.

On the question of taking sides and good vs evil, this is a huge issue which I can not write down. Lot of nuances will come into play in interpreting them in an issue.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

On the second point on papa and punya, there are specific rules in astrology to identify whether a particular happening is the result of prarabhdha or the effect of a current action. The issues concerning profession (in JJ's case political power)is prarabhdha only. The basic thread of the astrological reasoning was indicated in my comment.

Why astrology here? Because that is the Eye of the Veda purusha. Without astrology one can not understand Dharma deva's designs.

Anonymous said...

Jayalalithaa is the only option we have right now as she alone, perhaps in alliance with a national party, can over turn Karunanidhi. What she may or may not have done to the Kanchipuram Shankaracharya is now history and therefore less salient.

Another five years of Karunanidhi would mean the continued de-Hinduization of Tamil identity and culture. We need Jayalalithaa, not because she is perfect - which she is not, but because she is the only one today who can roll back the DMK tide and all that the latter represents.

Shanti said...

Yesterday,i.e. 11th Nov, she was quite the heroine, making a dramatic offer to Congress if they sack Raja. We saw a glimpse of her stars rising.

But will it all fructify at the right time?

Will the 'Raja' events act to Jaya's benefit during the elections?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

It is not only that Jayalalithaa's stars have started shining, it is also that Karunanidhi's stars have started declining.

Jayalalithaa will find the turn of tide to her favor from December 22, 2010 onwards which will be make a visible swing to her favour from 9th April, 2011 onwards.

Interestingly this tallies with Karunanidhi's turn of fortunes to the worst from 7th April 2011 onwards. Karunanidhi will play his cards right till the last moment and the Congress will keep bending to his whims until then.

From the middle of December 2010 onwards, Jupiter will get back to its own house and will be in opposition to Saturn. In this combination Righteousness will triumph, as we already saw Ayodhya verdict coming under such a combination. It is good that the TN elections will happen with these dharma karmadhipathi planets holding a tight grip over the mundane events. Such a combination is not going to reappear in the near future.

For a supreme corrupt system to get dislodged we need the Heaven's best combination to make it happen. If the monumentally corrupt Karunanidhi and his coterie are not shown the door, it means the people have fallen from the mercy of Kaala purusha. It is my prayer that the Heavens should not deceive us!

I have discussed Karunanidhi's horoscope in the article
and its comments section.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

For the sake of easy reading, I am reproducing here what I wrote in the comment section of the article I mentioned in my above comment. There will be some deep astrology and I request the readers to sift through it.


Since we are concentrating on the combinations that made him a ruler, we will see when he became the CM and when he lost.

The birth time details are June 3, 1924, 10-40 am, Thiruvarur.

First time CM berth, he got by default on Annadurai's death.
He became CM on 10-02 1969.
The period was Saturn dasa- Mercury bhukthi.

Here Sasa yoga did not work. Vipareeta Raja yoga worked as he got the post by DEFAULT. 8th lord saturn and 12th lord mercury aspecting each other from kendras (4th and crucial 10th) made this happen.

From then onwards until 31-01-1976 he was the CM. Of course a favourable saturn contributed to this.

He lost in saturn - moon!!
You will find that once moon bhukthi started, he started getting worries due to MGR.

For the behavior of a dasa- bhukthi, we have to first see the angle between the lords. In Sat-mer, the planets were in sama saptakam.

In Sat- moon they are in ashtama sashtakam / sashtashtakam. Such a relationship strains the relationship between planets.

Moreover, moon - though it is the lagna lord is weak in shad bala strength. Yes shadbala strength can not be ignored in assessing how much a planet can do. Moon is the weakest in Dig bala and very less in sthana bala and kala bala.

Its direction by lordship is North (Cancer) and by position it is south (taurus) Every time he rose or fell by the moon’s Dig - direction of North. If the North does not come to his aid, he can never win. This started from Indira Gandhi period.

The weak kaala bala and sthana bala of moon will work adversely in adverse dasa lords. He lost to MGR in saturn dasa and moon bhukthi. Saturn is 8th lord from Cancer and is in 6th from moon.

The learning is whatever be the planet that causes raja yoga, if the bhukthi lord is adverse to it and is weak on its own, there will be a dent in the raja yoga.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

MK got back the post in 27-01- 1989 when Mercury - venus was on. These 2 planets are on both sides of Sun and moon thereby causing Ubhaya chara and Duradhara yogas.

He lost in 30-01-1991 when Mercury - moon was on. Look at the repeat performance of Moon. Throughout moon bhukthi he was having trouble. This time the weak dig bala of Moon brought bad relationship with the North (Centre) He lost power on the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

His next rise was in 13-05-1996 in Mer - Jup period. You can see that Mercury has been too kind to him. As lord of the 3rd and positioned in 10th in rasi and navamsa in association with saturn it has helped him a lot in amassing wealth and power.

Though the angle between mercury and Jupiter is not good, the asterisms in which they are placed are Venus and mercury - a repeat of the best of solar and lunar yogas as mentioned above. (Ubhaya chara and Duradhara)

He lost in 13-05-2001.
The period was Ketu- Venus. This is the time most astrologers thought that he would take political sanyas. The strong reason is that ketu, venus and saturn share the tapaswi yoga in his horoscope.

Though Ketu and Ven as dasa and bhukthi lords shared a good angle in rasi, they are in 6-8 angle in bhava. Ketu is in mars and venus is in Jupiter. Jupiter as 6th lord has 1 bindu in martian ashtaka varga. The fall was inevitable. If we see the previous periods he had been to the jail for most times in Jupiter maha dasa. He had jupiter, rahu in bhukthi when he was out of CM's chair. This time almost sealed his return to power.

But that was not to be. Because as you said Mr Bala, the exalted planets also must give their contribution. He came back to power in Ketu - saturn on 13-05- 2006 - both these planets are in the star of Mars, the yogakaraka and 10th lord who enjoys Ruchak yoga. This is the Raja yoga caused by Pancha maha purusha yoga!!

His entire family grew in wealth more than ever before during this tenure. His courage found no bounds as he even questioned who Rama was. Without any inhibition he went about his ways only during this tenure.

This can be arrested only when moon sets in.
VENUS - MOON will be on from 07-04-2011 to 09-12-2012.
Venus – moon angle is such that moon is 2nd lord in 12th to Venus.
We have to see whether the weak dig bala comes into operation once again.

Moon is in the star of mars which has good strength in rasi but is in ashtama in D-10

Even if MK manages to come back to power, he will quit before moon bhukthi ends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mam,

I am choosing to write this one even after you deciding not to publish my earlier comment in reply to Dr.Maya and Sheela on Samacheer Kalvi post.

I just now went through this post and the comments column and I very much have the same doubts which Mr.Jayaraman had. I think I raised similiar questions in my comment as well. Didn't realize that people have asked it earlier.

I wonder and ponder why you didn't reply to many aspects of Mr.Jayaraman's question. I was also pained that you chose to ignore a comment that was written in a civil language. Except for the fact that it had a contradictory opinion.

I am not able to imagine you as a person who is conveniently selective about the facts and comments to publish. I am no body to tell you what is right and what is wrong. You seem to be very knowledgeable but am simply clueless why people do certain things. Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

Also, Mam, Here you have stated that you can quote dozen points from her horoscope to tell how just she is. I didn't see it in this post. Have you mentioned it elsewhere? Can you please share the info..Thanks

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Nagarajan,

I am sure you will agree that as the blog author I hold a prerogative on what to publish. As you have seen, the issues you have raised on that topic has been discussed many times in the past under other posts also. My position on this issue on dharmic and karmic point of view has already been revealed. But when I find the topic to be moving towards slur and one's personal views on JJ, I think this blog is not the place to view them. As a neutral moderator I cleared comments on both the points of view from 2 readers from each side. I think continuing this kind of argument any further is not warranted for that post or for that topic which has been explained adequately in the past. I am sure you will agree with me Mr Nagarajan.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Nagarajan said...

Also, Mam, Here you have stated that you can quote dozen points from her horoscope to tell how just she is. I didn't see it in this post. Have you mentioned it elsewhere? Can you please share the info..Thanks//

I have not mentioned it before. But I will write it at an appropriate time.