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An Ayodhya Nation - by Tarun Vijay


An Ayodhya nation

Tarun Vijay
30 September 2010, 08:36 AM IST


Ayodhya was never a temple issue to me. Neither was it a Hindu-Muslim problem. The whole story can be summarized in one line. Ram is we; Babar is not. Period.

If, God forbid, the goons of Osama break the statue of Liberty and there is a movement to restore the statue, would it be called a movement of extreme right-wing Christians? Or a movement of all Americans?

"Ayodhya" is standing up against Obama when he meddles with Kashmir and asks us to solve the problem before he agrees to our legitimate demand for Security Council membership.

India is greater than the exploitative US, obsessed with its hegemonistic diplomacy of appeasing dictators and insulting democracies.

For Obama, the Saudi king is a great friend. Oil. Oil, my dear. And for the Saudis too, the kafir American security umbrella is acceptable. Money, honey.

I have never ever seen an American leader expressing sympathy with the exiled Kashmiri Hindus. The entire India desk at Capitol Hill has been so overwhelmingly JNU-ized that they will never think of Hindu pain and a Hindu nation still nurturing democratic values and a pluralism that's so rare in this world of increasingly shrinking human values.

For the US, Tianenman can be forgotten and the Dalai Lama is just a matter of breakfast honours. The real meat of friendship and business is with the communist rulers of Beijing. Money, honey.

"Ayodhya" is genuinely giving shelter to exiled Tibetans and accepting the Dalai Lama. "Ayodhya" is also opposing the firangs to overshadow the Commonwealth Games that we are hosting at a huge cost and inconvenience to the Indian people. Once they were called the British Empire Games. The queen is permanently made to sully the spirit of democracy and pluralism by heading the games organizing body. And we now have to have a dust-binned 'Prince' of the colonial rulers to compete with our President to have the games inaugurated. What a shame these "secularists" bring to the nations that gave birth to them!

If at all, the Congress, Gill sahib and the most revered Kalmadiji thought that the President of India doesn't deserve to have the honours to inaugurate the games we are hosting, it's fine. It's their president, and their levels of respect for her.  Still, they could have managed to have an African President to get he games inaugurated. What stopped them?

Why always a gora whose ancestors looted our nation and bled us like no one else?

Our dear anglicized friends would say, oh Tarun, grow up. We are a strong nation, why bother about such trivialities? It is this kind of people who testified against Bhagat Singh in the Lahore court and they are the apologists for the likes of Kasab. They could have well taken care of in a Brtitish colony like insects.

Life is not just "roti" and a chained splendour of "durbarism". If that was the case, Soviet Russia won't have collapsed and Gandhi won't have fought against the British with a loin cloth and Hedgewar would not have started a movement to ensure we never got enslaved.

"Ayodhya" is to stand up with the patriotic Indian soldier defending the motherland in Kashmir and demanding severe punishment to the Pakistani agents of separatism who sponsor stone pelters.

The problem is not the British. They are patriotic people. The problem is those self-defeating Indians who love white racism so much, their souls beaten up by Macaulayism. They love to be the slaves of the empire and get some leftover bones.

They are facilitated by the Indians who crave for some cosmetic positions and an allowance to register their presence in the gora-land.

"Ayodhya" is all about standing up against such pusillanimous attitude of the neo-raibahadurs.

Say no to anything that's against the grain of our nation, her pride and her sovereignty. That's Ayodhya spirit to me.

The nation, our dear Bharatvarsha, is a replica of Ayodhya. The symbol of Rama's nobility and virtuous regime. Those who destroy Ram Setu and go against the Sarayu's soul are denationalized Indian passport holders.

India is an Ayodhya nation. Ram Rajya nation of Bapu.

No to violence and yes to inclusiveness. Where is Hindu-Muslim discord in it?

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