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The dalit politics of Karunanidhi.


Given below is a detailed analysis by the senior journalist, Mr BR Haran on the kind of 'dalit' politics practiced by Mr M. Karunanidhi. He has exposed the double face of Karunanidhi who has no qualms in wearing the cunning mask in the name of dalit card whenever it is convenient for him. Before going into the article I wish to give the explanation for who is a dalit or what makes one a dalit – something revealed in Chandhogya Upanishad.

Karunanidhi says that A.Raja is being targeted because he is a dalit.

But any Raja can be targeted if he behaves in a particular fashion which is what makes one a dalit.

Dalit is a new term to Tamil. I heard that it is a Marathi word for Shudra.)

There comes a narration in Chandhogya Upanishad (4-2-1 to 5) where a righteous king of noble deeds, who was the great-grand-son of another popular king by name Jaanasruthi was called by a sage as Shudra!

The sage was Raikva, who was known for exemplary knowledge.  Jaanasruthi's great grandson wanted to learn from him and therefore approached him with a number of gifts that included cattle, horses, gold etc. The sage refused to accept them and calling him a shudra, asked him leave that place.

Undaunted by the rejection, the king went again to the sage with even more gifts which included a village and his unmarried daughter too! The king requested the sage to accept his daughter in marriage along with the gifts and in return teach him the highest knowledge.

At this offer, the sage said that he was accepting the gifts on account of his daughter. But he did not hesitate to call him as shudra again when he said this.

This story in the hands of the likes of Karunanidhi would be used to degrade the sage for calling the king as shudra but yet accepting the girl as an act of weakness for woman.


There are two important principles present in this narration.

First about why he called the king a shudra and the second why he accepted the girl as his bride.

If a person thinks and acts in such a way that he can use money or materials to gain something or anything, then such a person is known as Shudra.  In the much misunderstood Manu smrithi and the Mahabharata narration on varnas (Shanti parva – section LX), it is said that shudras must not be given money. What was originally told was that if given money, he who misuses money for dubious gains becomes a shudra. Due that reason, he was denied money.

In the above narration from Chandhogya Upanishad the king thought that he could get knowledge by offering materials. That was the reason the sage called him a "Shudra" and sent him back.

But again the king came back with an additional gift in the form of his daughter.

This also qualified him as a shudra which the sage did not hide to tell.

But what made the sage accept the gifts and teach him was not the attraction to the girl. It is held that when a girl is offered in marriage, the suitor is not supposed to reject that offer. If he rejects then it amounts to humiliating her. The cost of such a rejection in terms of humiliation, psychological suffering and not getting any other suitor to marry her is given weightage.

To understand this we have to recall the incident involving Bheeshma and Amba who was one of the three girls abducted by Bheeshma to get married to his step brother. But as events unfolded, she asked Bheeshma to marry her. But Bheeshma refused. That proved to be his nemesis! Rejecting a girl who is offered in marriage comes with a volley of karmic burdens. The sage Raikva did not want to invite such burdens.

So he accepted the girl for marriage and therefore had to accept whatever she brought along with her. In return, he taught the king what he wanted to know.

The sage called the king a shudra for using gifts or materials to get something which he must have sought with humility and service.

This concept of what makes one a shudra degenerated in course of time.

Whatever be one's status in society, the actions only make him what he is worth for.

So anyone who uses and misuses money and materials for dubious gains is a shudra.

Raja is a shudra by action for what he got in the allotment of Spectrum.

Karunanidhi is a shudra by action for all that he has amassed over the decades.

Had his hands been clean, he would have been like Kakkan, whose life and actions were not that of a Shudra! 



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BR Haran from Chennai

"Is there one justice for Sudras, and another one for Brahmins, who develop their belly without performing any work? In Tamil Nadu, there is no rebirth for 'Manu Dharma' which advocates one justice for self and another one for Sudras". These were the golden words uttered by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi in defence of spectrum killer Raja, in the aftermath of CAG reports, which confirmed the killing.  

                On November 14, after the resignation of Raja, Karunanidhi, exhibiting his 'passion' for Democracy said, "We have asked Raja to resign only to allow the functioning of parliament which we consider as the mother of democracy in
India". He didn't stop with that! Showing his 'concern and love' for Dalit community, he said, "The stalling of parliamentary proceedings during the last one year was part of a pre-planned effort to get the ouster of Raja, a Dalit who had totally dedicated himself to the cause espoused by leaders like Dr BR Ambedkar. Raja is my affectionate brother."

                Earlier in May 2010 too, Karunanidhi played his usual "Dalit Card" to defend Raja. He said, "Raja is a Dalit. That is why dominant forces are levelling malicious charges against him."

                To remind the readers, way back in November 2008 too, Karunanidhi said, "Raja is being attacked for he is a Dalit!"

                This is the emblematic 'Dravidian' politics, which has been going on for more than six decades in Tamil Nadu. And Karunanidhi is adept in playing it!

The Dravidian Racist leaders always have three "Aces" up their sleeves! (i)Aryan-Invasion Theory (ii) distorted Manu Dharma and (iii) Brahminical Oppression of Dalits, that is, Dravidian Card, Sudra Card and Dalit Card! The "Fourth Ace", which invariably turns out to be their "Trump Card" is Social Justice Card! They always claim that their actions have the sole objective of "Social Justice" and consistently their actions are of dubious nature. It is law of nature that dubious actions have devious objectives.

                For the Dravidian leaders, self-interest is the sole objective. Holding the "Four Aces" they always win, for they play in the name of social justice. In due course of the game, while they emerge as winners, the Tamil people end up as "Jokers in the Pack"! The tragedy is Dalits are played as "Discards" in this game of cards.

                The Dravidian Movement was built on the foundation of "Anti-Brahminism", which was a mixture of Aryan-Invasion Theory, distortion of Manu Dharma and the myth of Dalit oppression by Brahmins. But in the history of Tamil Nadu, the Dalits have never had issues with Brahmins and it was always the BCs and OBCs, who indulged in unbridled oppression against Dalits. Many instances of caste wars between OBCs/BCs/MBCs and Dalits, violence committed by OBCs/BCs against Dalits are recorded in history.

                The Dravidian Parties have never promoted Dalit leadership and the Justice Party, which spearheaded the Dravidian Movement, was full of OBC leadership, who were rajas, zamindars, landlords, businessmen and financiers. They had hatred towards the oppressed classes and discriminated against them.

                Writer Subbu in his hot selling Tamil Book "Dravidian Maya" (Trisakthi Publications, Chennai) writes, "Sir PT Thiyagarayar, President of Justice Party, which was pioneer for the Dravidian organizations, requested the government to settle the oppressed classes outside the Madras city limits. MC Raja, who was the leader of the oppressed classes then, had protested against Sir PT Thiyagarayar."

                 Subbu quotes another incident - Smt Sathyavanimuthu, a Scheduled Caste leader and politician, while speaking at the 'Untouchability Eradication Conference' at the 'Periyar Thidal' (Periyar grounds), told EV Ramasamy, "Your speech has empowered only those reformed cadres, who are sitting in front of you wearing black shirts. Brahmins never give any trouble to the oppressed classes. Information is that only the non-Brahmins cause sufferings to the oppressed classes."

                As Mr Karunanidhi has played the Dalit Card to defend spectrum killer Raja and attempted to project him as a Dalit icon ala Dr Ambedkar, it is imperative to know how Dalits are treated in Karunanidhi's administration. Here is an apt example:

Mr Janarthanan now serves as a special sub collector of Kanyakumari district. He belongs to a scheduled caste listed in the constitutional order. On March 18, 2008, the ruling DMK organised a function to mark the distribution of free colour television sets in Nagercoil. DMK minister Suresh Rajan wanted to include the names of a few people in the list of beneficiaries. But, the sub collector refused to comply. Angered minister insulted him by calling his caste name. Mr Sheik Dawood, who was the personal assistant to the minister, assaulted the sub collector. This incident happened right in front of the general public. (Page-19, Dravidian Maya, Author  Subbu, Trisakthi Publications).


                 In May 2002, two dalits were forced to eat human excreta by DMK functionaries in Thinniyam village in Tiruchi district. In September 2002, in Kaundampatti village in Dindukkal district, a dalit agricultural worker was forced to drink urine for having lodged a complaint of trespass with the police against a person from a dominant caste.

                Karunanidhi had said that Raja had totally dedicated himself to the cause espoused by leaders like Dr BR Ambedkar. While his contribution to the society in general and Dalit community in particular was absolutely nothing, his contribution to the party was immense, especially during the 2009 parliament elections, thanks to the Spectrum loot, which had allegedly played a vital role in "taking care" of the electorate resulting in DMK-Congress combine's victory. That was the main reason why DMK exerted pressure on the Congress to continue with Raja as the Telecom Minister in UPA's second term also. The Nira Radia Tapes have exposed the DMK shenanigans and the Dalit icon Raja's Machiavellian agenda.

The readers should not jump to conclusion that the nation's wealth would not have been looted had the ministry gone to Dayanidhi Maran. Otherwise, why should Dayanidhi Maran lobby himself for the Telecom portfolio, or, why should he force the Prime Minister to remove the particular clause regarding "Pricing" from the Terms of Reference of the EGOM in 2006? What explanation does he have for the Rs 600 crore he allegedly gave to Karunanidhi's wife Dayalu Ammal, as exposed by Nira Radia Tapes?

                The events, which have unfolded and are still unfolding give a clear picture that the Dalit icon Raja had totally dedicated himself, not for the cause espoused by Dr Ambedkar, but only for the cause espoused by Karunanidhi and his third family, as exposed  again by Nira Radia Tapes.

                By his statement on Raja, Karunanidhi has insulted Dr Ambedkar and the entire Dalit community. For Dravidian Leaders, politics is a game of cards, where Dalits are used as "Jokers" and "Discards", and Social Justice is a game of Chess, where Dalits are used as "Pawns".
When compared with the magnificent contribution of Dr Ambedkar to Mother India, the contribution of Dravidian icons like Annadurai and EV Ramasami are not even peanuts. While Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and their ilk use Annadurai and EVR as "Aces", they use Ambedkar as "Joker" to declare themselves as winners in the political game of cards. After causing a permanent injury to Dr Ambedkar by reducing him to the level of EVR and Annadurai, an insult is added to the injury now by equating him with the Spectrum Killer.

                A Raja is the latest addition to the list of Dalit politicians, who served the cause espoused by the OBC Dravidian leaders.
A Dalit politician need not join any Dravidian party, either to indulge in corruption or to serve the cause espoused by Dravidian leaders like Karunanidhi or Jayalalitha. He can accomplish both even by staying out. The best and apt example is Thirumavalavan, President of VCK (Viduthalai Chriuththaigal Katchi). His party's Motto is "refuse (to submit), transgress; rise (from shackles), return (the blow)" (Adanga Maru; Aththu Meeru; Thimiri Ezhu, Thiruppi Adi), which is nothing but a straight call for violence. As implied by their motto, the party cadres quite often indulge in violence and hooliganism.

                Thirumavalavan, a self-styled Dalit leader, was brought into the limelight in the nineties by the Late Congressman GK Moopanar, who revolted against former prime minister Narasimha Rao's alliance with Jayalalitha and started his own Tamil Manila Congress. Since then, Thiruma has been having alliance either with Karuna or Jaya and in the bargain his fortunes have been on the rise and now his party functionaries are roaming around the state in Tatas and Toyotas, while their followers are still struggling to make ends meet. Following the footsteps of his Dravidian Masters,
Thirumavalavan also distorts Dr Ambedkar's writings, speeches and opinions and deliberately misleads his followers, thereby helping the Dravidian parties. For example, it is a well-known fact that Dr Ambedkar never supported the Aryan Invasion Theory, but Thiruma keeps peddling it along with his Dravidian racist counterparts to cheat the masses.

                Thiruma is not only skilful in cajoling the Dravidian leaders, but he also has a unique knack of flirting around with the leaders of minority (Muslim and Christian) communities.
Though Dr Ambedkar's advocacy for Buddhism is well known, Thiruma on the one hand rejects it and on the other hand tacitly encourages his party cadres to convert to Christianity and Islam. He has a penchant for fighting for the causes of Muslims and Christians even at the cost of Dalit causes. At a time when Hindu Dalits were being persecuted by Christian Vanniyars in the district of Dindukkal, he was fighting for Muslims in Vellore district. 

In January 2010, a Hindu Dalit by name Andi was murdered by Christian Vanniyars while he was celebrating Pongal in an Amman Temple in Perumalkovilpatti village, in Dindukkal. At about the same time in January 2010, another Hindu Dalit Sadaiyandi was attacked and human excreta were thrust inside his mouth by Christian Vanniars in Meikovilpatti village near Dindukkal. Thirumavalavan didn't even bother to visit the villages, but went to Vellore on January 20, 2010 and fought for Muslims' entry into an unused mosque inside the fort, which is under the control of ASI. 

                In another place called Eraiyur in Villupuram district, Christian Vanniars were discriminating against Dalit converts for years. Here again Thirumavalavan didn't act in support of his community, though he maintains a good relationship with Christian Clergy and Church leaders. In Kanthampatty village near Omalur, Salem district, Hindu Vanniars have been refusing entry for Hindu dalits inside the Draupathi Amman Temple for years. Thirumavalavan despite being closely acquainted with Vanniar leader and PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) Founder Dr Ramadoss, didn't bother to solve the problem there.

                Though he claims to work for Dalit causes, in reality he has done literally nothing for the community, which he represents. His party is allegedly funded by minority organisations, which throws light on his proximity with those leaders, his fighting for their causes and his tacit help for conversions.
The sudden rise of Thirumavalavan in just over a decade shows, a politician need not be in power to get his fortunes increased and necessarily need not work for the causes espoused by Dr Ambedkar to attain the "status" of Dalit icon.

                Karunanidhi, a great stalwart and experienced politician, cleverly uses Thiruma as a "pawn" in his cold war against Congress. Recently, when some of the local Congress leaders went hammer and tongs against DMK regime, Karuna induced Thiruma to talk against Congress and Thiruma not only obeyed it by giving an interview to a weekly magazine, but also went to the extent of inducing his cadres to desecrate Rajiv Gandhi's statue. But when matters turned for the worse, he brazenly wrote an apologetic letter to Sonia confirming his "respect and admiration" for Nehru family, though he had spared nothing to take on Congress at every meet in support of LTTE earlier. And Thiruma doesn't feel shy of being used by Karuna as long as his personal interests are served.

                Tamil Nadu has another self styled Dalit leader Dr Krishnasamy, president of Puthiya Thamizhagam, who does nothing for the community. Though he doesn't have as much a following as Thirumavalavan, he too functions in a similar way, hobnobbing with Dravidian parties and flirting with minority leaders.

                Tamil Nadu has witnessed truly great Dalit leaders genuinely working for the poor and the downtrodden.
True nationalists silently remembered the great Congressman, freedom fighter and Dalit leader Kakkan, who served as a member of the constituent assembly of India, member of parliament, president of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee and in various ministerial posts in Congress governments in the erstwhile Madras State between 1957 and 1967. Immediately after retirement, Kakkanji traveled by bus and during his final years, he was seen lying on the floor of a hospital in Madurai like an orphan with no one nearby to attend to him. When he died, he had zero assets! When he was alive, he had worked for the education of untouchables and fought for the entry of Dalits in temples. He was encouraged, motivated and supported by Vaidyanatha Iyer, who led the Dalits into the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and Rajaji passed an ordinance for the temple entry of Dalits, when he was the chief minister of the erstwhile Madras province.  

The Congress party, even while celebrating his birth centenary in June (delayed by a year), exposed only the factionalism within, and the sycophancy on Nehru family, but not an iota of respect to Kakkanji. Neither Thiruma nor Krishnasamy, nor any of the Dravidian leaders remembered him. The Dravidian government, which spent huge amount of taxpayers' money for the celebration of centenaries of Dravidian racist icons such as EVR and Annadurai, didn't spend even a fraction of it to observe the centenary of this great Dalit icon, who genuinely toiled for their upliftment.

                Apart from Kakkanji (1908- 1981), the state had witnessed an array of dalit leaders such as Pandit Ayothidasar (1845-1914), Rettaimalai Srinivasan (1860-1945), MC Raja (1883-1945) and N Sivaraj (1892-1964) and many others, who truly fought for the empowerment of oppressed classes and did yeomen service for dalit causes.

Independence both the Indian National Congress and the Dravidian Parties, have forgotten all these icons even while they were using Dr Ambedkar's name only to dupe the gullible masses. The dalit politicians, who associated themselves with these political parties, were all self-centered and they took care of only their personal and family interests. None of them bothered to espouse the dalit causes.

                Tamil Nadu has been under the clutches of the two major Dravidian parties alternatively since 1967. The state still has hundreds of worshipping places refusing entry to dalits, hundreds of manual scavengers, scores of caste walls separating dalits and OBCs/BCs/MBCs, two-tumbler system in hundreds of tea shops, separate burial grounds for dalits and refusal of entry even in saloons!
In certain villages, the dalits are not allowed to walk on the public road, wear chappals, ride bicycles, wear dhotis folded, wear towels on shoulders, use common wells and get clothes washed or ironed. Laundaries have separate almirahs for dalits! But the Chief Minister is talking of the disgraced Raja dedicating himself for espousing the cause of dalit prajas.

Karunanidhi has only used Raja as a pawn in typical Dravidian style. While the Dynasties have been hugely benefitted, the dalit king is likely to end up as a scapegoat. The dalits of this country must realise that they need only Ambedkars and Kakkans and not Rajas and Thirumas. Will they?



BK Chowla, said...


jayasree said...

Professor R.Vaidyanathan, IIM Bangalore writes:-

Dear Haran/ Jayasree



Since the article mentioned about Madurai Vaidhyanatha Iyer as a mentor of Kakkan-- I thought I would like to bring to notice another important issue.

There was one Ramanadha Iyer -- Arupaadhi Ramanatha Iyer near Sirkazi who was opposed to temple Entry for Harijans [now called Dallits]. When Madhurai Vaidyanatha Iyer succeeded in his efforts

Ramanatha Iyer took away the Meenakshi in a “Arupa” Form and installed a statue in his village telling it is the original Meenakshi unpolluted by Harijans etc. Of course his efforts did not succeed thanks to Congress influence in those days.

That Ramanathan Iyer had a son called Kalyanaraman who was a film producer [ plus heavy smoker/drinker etc]. He after marriage ran away from his house and “kept “one woman Pankajam and got a daughter through her called Mallika. In other words Kalyanaraman had a Chinna Vedu at the then Madras.

This Mallika married Mr Murosoli Maran. When Maran died the Children from the first wife of Kalyanasundaram –Mr Sampath ED at SPIC did religious rites—since Maran is in a way cousin to them

So to cut short a long story, Karunanidhi ‘s Sambandhi namely Arupadhi Ramanatha Iyer was opposed to temple entry of Harijans and MK does not talk about it.

I do not think that many in TN knows about these things! That is the way of the world.

I wish someone does a detailed study and bring these facts to light through TV/Net media