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Qoutas in IITs and IIMs..

The judgment on reservation in IIT coming at a time
with hardly two days left for the JEE exam
is sure to dampen the spirits of 3 lakh plus IIT aspirants.

What respect this country is giving for talent?
What rationale is there for connecting caste to entry into IITs and IIMs,
when half a billion people of this country are still crying for attention
even for getting basic education?

"ArivudaaiyOn aaru arasum sellum"
even kings go after the talented ones, says PuranaanUru.
But not so in India of today.

Kali is working in full swing in India.

A country that thinks that up-liftment of the backward can happen

only by downgrading the intelligent ones or denying them to grow

can never find peace with itself!

Such a country can never grow in real terms.

The recent judgment to exclude creamy layer makes

reservation itself a farce.

When one becomes economically better-off,

it means he/she is no longer socially backward.

The removal of creamy layer indicates this.

If backwardness can not be attributed to the one in creamy layer

(having annual income of 2.5 lakhs plus),

why allot reservation on caste basis?

The SC judgment vindicates the view

that the bottom-line of backwardness is money, not caste.

The country, its irresponsible politicians and narrow-visioned judges

have done a great disservice to the country's human resources wealth

by this judgment.

Already there is a steady exodus of brainy from this country.

This will go unabated

with those side-stepped ones going abroad

where talent is respected and sought after.

Even ChaNakya Neeti tells like this:

"Do not live in a country that does not allow you;

self respect, honor, means of living, a family, kith and kin,

friends, well wishers, WAYS OF EDUCATION and

self-development. It is not fit for living" (1-8)


Vikash,Chennai,says in Times Of India:

This quota policy in the higher education system in India now
will again increase the brain drain.
Supreme court allowed the difference in the cut-off of general quota and the OBC quota
is only 10 marks.
Does any one know what that 10 marks difference makes in the quality of the candidate?
I think in the IIM a difference of 10 marks will be in the percentile of 15.
Suppose to clear the IIM written test it require 99.6 percentile
to clear after a difference of 10 marks the percentile would be 80-85.
The person who is from upper caste got 98 percentile won't be qualified in the exam
and the person from OBC will get the admission in just 80-85 percentile.
Any one can imagine the difference in the quality of the candidate who got 98 percentile
and who got 80-85 percentile and selected in the IIM.
It will not only degrade the quality of the higher education
but also degrade the reputation of the India in the world.
In this 21st century also in India people are work according to their caste not on their merit.
This is totally shameful for the India and the Indians.
[11 Apr, 2008 1109hrs IST]


if u come and see the performance of reserved candidate in IIT degree exams..
they are among the lowest grade holders,
and i bet some of them even regret coming here, but still it's the society which forces.
This step of government is diluting the mind strength of IITians.
JUST think for a sec why can't every college be an IIT!
what makes IIT an IIT! it's not just the funding(foreign countries have much higher)
but it's this very STIFF COMPETITION which makes such an environment to excel in life.
It's the assemblage of genius minds.
Suppose u fund every college of india with funds same as IIT, will all become IIT, surely NO.
its students which make IIT, ALL BRILLIANT students at same place.
and if government is trying to open new IITs or to provide reservations,
it's a VERY VERY wrong step...
every IIT will go DILUTED in their brilliant minds..
the motive will be lost and IITs will no more be the same!
there is a serious need to think over again!
they are just trying to cash the votes on brand name of IIT!
[11 Apr, 2008 1044hrs IST]

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer
building its house and laying up supplies for the winter.
The Grasshopper thinks the Ant 's a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away.
Come winter, the shivering Grasshopper calls a press conference
and demands to know why the Ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed
while others are cold and starving.
NDTV, BBC, CNN show up to provide pictures of the shivering Grasshopper
next to a video of the Ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.
The World is stunned by the sharp contrast.
How can this be that this poor Grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?
Arundhati Roy stages a demonstration in front of the Ant ' s house .
Medha Patkar and Tan Shyamoli goes on a fast along with other Grasshoppers
demanding that Grasshoppers be relocated to warmer climates during winter.
Amnesty International and Koffi Annan criticizes the Indian Government
for not upholding the fundamental rights of the Grasshopper.
The Internet is flooded with online petitions seeking support to the grasshopper
(many promising Heaven and Everlasting Peace for prompt support as against the wrath of God for non-compliance) .
Opposition MPs stage a walkout. Left parties call for "Bharat Bandh" in West Bengal and Kerala demanding a Judicial Enquiry.
CPM in Kerala immediately passes a law preventing Ants from working hard in the heat
so as to bring about equality of poverty among Ants and Grasshoppers.
Lalu Prasad allocates one free coach to Grasshoppers on all Indian Railway Trains,
aptly named as the 'Grasshopper Rath'.
Finally, the Judicial Committee drafts the ' Prevention of Terrorism Against Grasshoppers Act ' [POTAGA],
with effect from the beginning of the winter.
Arjun Singh makes 'Special Reservation' for Grasshoppers in Educational Institutions & in Government Services.
The Ant; fined for failing to comply with POTAGA and having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes;
its home is confiscated by the Government and handed over to the Grasshopper in a ceremony covered by NDTV.
Arundhati Roy calls it ' A Triumph of Justice '.
Lalu calls it 'Socialistic Justice'.
CPM calls it the 'Revolutionary Resurgence of the Downtrodden'.
Koffi Annan invites the Grasshopper to address the UN General Assembly.

Many years later The Ant has since migrated to the US and
set up a multi-billion dollar company in Silicon Valley.
100s of Grasshoppers still die of starvation despite reservation somewhere in India ....
because of loosing lot of hard working Ants and feeding the Grasshoppers,
India is still a developing country!!!
[11 Apr, 2008 1033hrs IST]

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As Vikash says the difference in the cut-off will be too huge.
In IIT and IIM, it means a distinct difference in the mental abilities of the student.
Those who enter with reduced cut-offs will find it difficult to cope with studies
or to cope with the rest of the students of the general category.
That is going to make them the really lower class
in these higher institutes.

Then, for whose benefit is this??

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