Thursday, April 24, 2008

Request to readers - Please sign the petition to save Vivekanandha house

Save 'Vivekanandha House'

Please sign and forward the petition to your friends for consideration.

Mr Karunanidhi is at it again.
After Ram sethu and Tamil New Year,
he has turned his attention on 'Vivekanandha house' near Marina beach in Chennai.
By oral orders, his government wants to take up this place and build a Centre for Tamil.

This is totally unacceptable.
A centre for Tamil can be set up at any place.
But Vivekanandha House can not be set up any place of one's choice.
Because this place was associated with Swami Vivekanandha.
It was here Swami Vivekananadha stayed for 9 days on his return from Chicago,
after his famous lecture at the Parliament of Religions.

This place is now kept as a memorial of Swami Vivekanandha,
maintained by Ramakrishna Mutt.
The lease period is not yet over and even if it gets over (it gets over in 2010 only),
it is the duty of the government to extend the lease period
and see to it that it is maintained in all its glory.

It is even fit enough to be declared as a National monument.
But a government which is not only anti-people, but also anti- culture of this land
can not think in saner ways.

Let us make an effort to stop this move
and I request the readers to sign the petition online
and spread awareness about this to others.

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