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Supreme Court should consider Hindu faith on Rama Setu, PRESS RELEASE BY UDUPI PEJAWAR MATH SWAMY

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DATED APRIL 19, 2008

Supreme Court should consider Hindu faith on Rama Setu

In the course of its arguments on Rama Setu, the Supreme Court had
asked two questions:

1) Is Rama Setu a place of worship?

2) Who goes to the middle of the sea and worship a place, which is
under the water?

It must be said that Ram Setu is believed as a place of worship by
millions of Hindus.

There is a place called 'Sethu Karai' in Ramanathapuram district from
where the Ramar Setu was constructed up to Sri Lanka cutting across
Rameshwaram and Danushkodi by Lord Rama and his Vanara Sena.

Close to 'Sethu Karai,' we have the famous centuries old 'Thirupulani'
Temple which depicts the entire story of Sethu Bandhanam through the
deities' posture and other sculptures. Even today, we can find the
remains of the bridge there after a twenty minutes drive by a boat.

All pilgrims, who go to Rameshwaram, visit Thirupullani Temple and
'Sethu Karai' and also go into the sea to worship the Sethu. During
the times of low tides, one can easily stand on the bridge and do
pooja and prayer rituals.

There were many who used to go from Danushkodi to the present spot of
contention and pray, before the commencement of the project work. So
the two questions asked by the Supreme Court is purely out of
ignorance and it ought to have acquainted itself with facts before
asking such questions.

The Government of India must respect the UN Convention on underwater
heritage projects by ordering the Archaeological Survey of India to
undertake the survey listing and protection of underwater cultural

Rama Setu is a sacred monument, which must not be damaged, but saved
and protected.

The Supreme Court - rather than questioning the faith of the Hindus -
would do well to question the economic viability of the project, the
environmental concerns created by the project, the security threats
posed by the project, the threat for the livelihood feared by
thousands of fishermen due to the implementation of the project.

Signed Sri Vishweshatheertha Swamijee, Pejawar Math, Udupi.

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