Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thootthukkudi or Sethu - which deserves better?

A pearl of wisdom from Mr Stalin

who has said yesterday that

Thootthukkudi would get a place in the history of the world,

if the Sethu Samudram project is completed.

This reminds me of an adage in Tamil,

"kaiyil vennaiai vaitthu-k-kondu, thaazhikku alaivaargala?"

When Sethu exists

as a wonder of the world

by its unique structure,

why a dream vying for a place for Thootthukkudi

in the history of the world?

Any port can be made and developed,

but a structure such as Sethu can be never made by man.

Without much efforts by Mr Stalin and his clan,

it is possible to earn a name in the world map for ever-

by making Sethu survive

only to be made into a World Heritage site!

When will better sense prevail in them?

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