Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'Samudra manthan' in the Atlantic ocean?

Samudra manthana happening always?

The activity deep down the ocean surface in the Atlantic

leaching out gold, copper etc

has a semblance with the churning of the milky ocean as told in scriptures.

Kurma is the Iron core giving support to the mantle and other layers above.

The Devas and asuras are the north pole and south pole

connected in an axis of vasuki, the serpent,

This link between the poles twists and turns

causing disturbances in the mantle.

The result is the churning of the ocean, throwing out lot of things –

most significantly

Lakshmi, the synonym of Riches in the form of metals and minerals.

“Supercritical water leaches metals and other elements out of rock far more efficiently than liquid water or vapour. Gold, copper, iron, manganese, sulphur and many more are brought out of the Earth's guts when the water is ejected from the black smokers.

Some, such as sulphur, provide energy to the locally adapted organisms, which have no light to power a food chain. Manganese is similarly used as an energy source by microbes higher up in the water column. Iron is essential for the growth of all phytoplankton.

Koschinsky estimates up to half the manganese and one tenth of the iron found in the oceans could come from vents. But because supercritical fluids have never been observed in nature, little is really known about how this happens.”

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