Friday, August 8, 2008

Kuselan not doing a Kuberan?

August 1st 2008

the day Rajini’s Kuselan was released

which also happened to be

the day of Amavasya with a solar eclipse.

I was watching the developments with some anguish

and the recent reports confirm that my anguish is not without a basis.

At the very outset,

Rajini had to make a big somersault and eat his words

on the Hogennakkal row.

His woes seem to continue with

the trend at the box-office sending shock waves to the investors.

(read the report below)

Amavasya is not at all the right time

to start any commercial or materialistic venture.

Contrary to the belief of many in Tamil Nadu

(who consider Amavasya as a ‘nirainja naaL to start any new venture),

amavasya is not meant for commercial ventures.

It is wholesomely meant for remembering the departed ones.

Only those actions related to pithrus must be done on that day.

Only pithru kaaryams will bring returns.

Another strong reason for not doing any loukeeka action is that

the KaraNA (that determines ‘kaarya siddhi’) namely Kimsthugnam

that runs in the first half of Amavasya thithi,

is not a good one for loukeekam.

But this is ignored by many in Tamilnadu.

Wondering what would happen to Kuselan,

I only wish that it does not make the investors kuselars!


Anonymous said...

Ys chk my proof for your stars movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya the movie is a flop... Chk below them with proof...

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Rajnikant to compensate Rs.100 mn to 'Kuselan' distributors

By indiaabroad
Monday Aug 18 6:10 PM

Chennai, Aug 18 (IANS)

Tamil superstar Rajnikant will compensate distributors of his film 'Kuselan', which did not fare well at the box office, to the tune of Rs.100 million, sources close to the actor said.

A spokesman for the distribution company Pyramid Saimira, which is showing the film across Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, said the movie had so far collected Rs.210 million. He was confident of 'Kuselan' covering the costs of Rs.600 million before being taken off theatres.

The company, however, was noncommittal about accepting the compensation.

While the star did not charge any fee from the Tamil producer and his mentor K. Balachander, the Telugu version's producers had paid Rajnikant a fee of Rs.100 million.
The movie icon had Friday recommended several cuts to improve the collections of the movie.
The matinee idol had extended a similar courtesy after one of his earlier films 'Baba' ran into huge losses.