Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amarnath - Sign the petition!

Kashmir and Amarnath

-the places inseparable from Hindu God-hood

-the places reigned by Shiva and Parvathi

- and the places of Puranic stories of yore-

they are now in the grip of persons

who refuse to see the

antiquity, uniqueness and importance of them in a


nay, Indian’s life.

It will be more appropriate to say that

this place is of importance to all living beings, as,

Annapoorna Devi, the Supreme Mother

who is the dispositor of feeding and food

is associated with Kashmir.

It is she at whose grace

all beings are getting their annam

Her association with Kashmir is known from

Adi Shankara’s writings.

As early as 2000 years ago,

Adi Shankara sang in praise of Annapoorna Devi

as “Kaashmira ThripurEshwari”.

He praises the Devi at another place in his


as one who is scented by the woods of Kashmir,


(text with translation at )

From this sthothra, we understand that

she has taken abodes at

Kasi and Kashmir.

Amarnath cave is where Lord Shiva

narrated the secret of Creation to her as Parvathy.

There must have been a temple at Kashmir

dedicated to her at the time of Adi Shankara.

Other wise, the name as ‘Kashmira ThripurEshwari’

could not have come into existence.

It is an irony that the current impasse is about

providing the facilities including eateries to the pilgrims of Amarnath.

This is happening in the land ruled by AnnapoornEshwari – the giver of food!

We are in a time and place dominated by self-serving people

who have no sense of ownership of this ancient and exalted culture.

When they refuse to see sense,

we, who are blessed to have the awareness about this

have to do whatever is possible by us.

The laws of Universal sanatanic dharma is that

one should do his best to stop an atrocity, if it happens in front of him

or if one comes to know of it.

If one fails to rise to the occasion in those trying and tricky times,

one becomes an abettor, who is liable for punishment.

A Jatayu did not remain quiet

on seeing Ravana taking away Sita.

He did his best to stop it, though he failed.

But he was rewarded by Rama by way of doing samskara (funeral ceremony)

as a son to him!

A Sugreeva too saw the abduction of Sita.

He was powerless to stop him,

Yet he collected the jewels thrown by Sita and preserved them

and showed it in time to Rama.

But a Vaali, through whose country Ravana flew taking Sita,

did not do anything to stop nor reprimand Ravana

whom he had already won in a war.

He paid for it in the hands of Rama.

A Vibheeshan did not remain quiet

but did his best to counsel his brother.

when he could not,

he took refuge in Rama

and provided him all inputs to fix Ravana.

He was rewarded well.

A Bheeshma did not rise to the occasion

to save the honor of Daraupadi.

If he had willed he could have stopped the unsavory happenings.

But he didn’t do it.

He paid for it

by spending his last days on the bed of arrows.

A Yudhistir went to the extent of going against his vow

and told a lie- only for a greater cause.

The reprimand was almost nil for that timely lie.

A Vidur never failed to rise to the occasion and raise his voice.

He was graced by Lord Krishna

by being his guest –

rejecting Duryodhana’s invitation.

We in this kali-yuga are witnessing grave travesties of Dharma.

We are powerless like Vidura,

Yet we should not lose our sense of righteousness and dharma.

We must denounce Adharma whenever it raises its head.

By not doing that, we will be only doing a Vaali or a Bheeshma.

Let us do our bit on the issue of restoration of facilities to Amarnath pilgrims.

If we fail to rise now,

the vested interests may get unchallenged

and be encouraged to widen their activities

to undermine this Culture

which had been nurtured for millennia

and handed down to us.

I therefore request the readers to sign the online petition

addressed to the President of India

to restore the facilities to Amarnath pilgrims.

Please spread the word around, and forward.

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