Monday, April 22, 2013

Church behind Trichy Malaikkottai Vinayaka temple.

Malai- kottai Pillaiyar temple is the major landmark of Trichy. It is the jewel of Trichy and no would miss it. This temple is very old - anywhere upto 2000 years or more than that.

The story of Vinayaka or Pillaiyar of that temple goes back to Ramayana times. When Vibheeshana was returning to Lanka after attending the coronation of Sri Rama he was supposed to have crossed this region. He was carrying the Murthy of Sri Ranganatha, the family deity of Sri Rama which was gifted to him by Rama. It was by the trick of Lord Vinayaka who appeared as a boy, the Murthy of Lord Ranganatha came to be permanently installed at that place which is Srirangam of today. There are references to Srirangam temple in Sangam literature thereby showing the antiquity of that lord. This Vinayaka's abode is this hill-top.

The connection of Lord Vinayaka temple at the hill top (Malai-k-kottai) of Trichy also known as Ucchi-p-pillaiyar temple to Srirangam temple thus is part and parcel of Trichy's Hindu culture and part of the Epic culture of India.

This is how the temple and the famous hill looked a 100 years ago.
Even the colonial period missionaries dared not come near this temple.

But today in Independent  India, the tactics of Invaders are allowed.
A Church has sprung up adjacent to the Ucchip Pillaiyar hill. Take a look!

Church behind Trichy Malai-k-kovil

In the words of Mr BR Haran, senior journalist,
this is the "Height" of Provocation! 

The same is done in Srivilliputhur and many other places across the state. 

During invasions, they destroyed; now, they provoke! 

Idiot Hindus appreciate and share this obscenity as a lovely piece in Facebook and other networks! "

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