Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Terror attacks and earthquakes – any pattern in the sky?

It seems a season of terror attacks and earthquakes is now underway. The two kinds of attack on mankind, one by Nature and the other caused by the brutal nature of terrorists occurring simultaneously must bring sense to the brutes who have no respect for life. All the people including the terrorists are at the mercy of Nature and this vulnerability of the entire human race must make people mend their ways for the better. But will they?

Looking at the skies, similar kind of quake – terror combination existed in July 2009 and I wrote a blog about it at that time.

Many times in the past, I have written the astrological factors on these two. A re-reading of these would give an idea of how a similar combination exists now. 

On terror attacks:-

On earthquakes.

The Martian signs (Aries and Scorpio) and association of the nodes, Mars and Saturn to them are basic features in an earthquake. They are there at present. But Moon must be away from the clutches of these planets to ensure less damage to life. Moon's movement away from the Sun ensures this. This can be depicted as follows:

The days from Saptami (7th day) and Ekadasi (11th day) are safe. Maximum earthquakes of greater intensity had occurred between Dwadasi and Shashti only, The quake that hit Iran and North India or Papua New Guinea luckily occurred in the safe period. But I have a word of caution that the situation is not the same around Full Moon later this month. The earthquake combinations continue when Moon enters Libra (26th, 27th and 28th of April) and gets more vulnerable for quakes with greater damage. The vulnerable areas are the Western part of the Globe and North West part of India.

The terror factors are seen from the destruction potential with unnatural death shown by the malefics moving in Aries. The conjunction of the two fiery planets (Sun and Mars) in fiery signs is always a potential sign of destruction by fire, weapons and explosions. When this happens in the asterism of Ketu with Ketu also joining the sign, it is not a good sign. The conjunction of Mars, Venus and Sun and aspect of Saturn on them are noticed in terror attacks. But worst kind of terror attacks or bomb blasts would have Saturn also treading Aries or Taurus, or in retrogression in those signs or crossing Rohini, besides getting associated with these planets. Such combination existed in Godhra train carnage, WTC attack and in bombings during world wars. Fortunately such combinations are not seen at present though there exists a malefic connection between these planets that are currently transiting Aries and Libra.  

One would notice that from the time of Boston blasts until now ( at the time of writing this blog), Sun is trailing behind Mars in the asterism of Ketu (Aswini) within one degree. This is a combination that astrologers must take note of. 

When Moon transits Cancer in the next few days, it comes under the aspect of both Mars and Saturn. Such an aspect on moon while it is in the watery sign with earthquake factors in perfect combination, foretells earthquakes with tsunami potential. But the period coming within the safe period as shown in the above diagram, shows that the threat may not materialise. 

However Moon's transit in Libra – and just before and after that – from 24th to 30th looks vulnerable for natural calamities. Lets hope and pray that it passes off peacefully. 

Let there be Peace to all.
Let Mother Earth be at peace.
Let Man shed his hatred for others.  
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi:


Aishu said...

I too experienced the tremors in Bahrain.I didnt have any idea what was happening. It was as if I was in a train. Thank you ma'am for giving warnings.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

The closing in of Sun- Mars written in this blog had taken another toll. I refer to the Fertilizer tank explosion in Waco, Texas. The two were exactly conjunct at that time of explosion. This is a learning for astrologers.

Generally whenever Mars and Sun transit together in Martian and Sun's own signs (Aries, Scorpio and Leo), fire accidents and explosions can be expected. The asterism in which they transit further qualify the kind of calamity. The association and aspect by malefics such as Saturn and nodes further accentuate is.

In the present conjunction of Sun and Mars, they are transiting Aswini, Ketu's star. There is no relief by Jupiter on these planets. The same kind of combination is not likely to happen soon and that is why I wrote that this (simultaneous natural and man made calamity) is a learning for us.

The safety period comes only after Sun moves to Taurus and / or when Jupiter moves to Gemini and casts its 5th aspect on saturn and Rahu in Libra thereby mellowing down their intensity. At the moment, period around the upcoming Full moon must be watched.

Chakri said...

One of the guys I follow tweeted way back on twitter and I was curious as to what event the future would un-veil. March 26, 2013

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Chakri,

Can I know the tweet message?

Chakri said...

Narasimha PVR Rao ‏twitter Handle:@homam108 on 25 Mar
"There may be a serious disaster in a few days when Moon approaches Saturn-Rahu in Libra & Sun-Mars-Venus are close in Pisces."

There was some problem with my previous comment.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

That's last month prediction - when Sun- Mars - Venus were in Pisces. But when they transit together in Aries, in opposition to Rahu- Saturn combine, it portends earthquake, explosions, fire accidents and terror events as well. When moon is caught with any of them, fatalities will be more. If Jupiter aspects or gets associated with any of them, the intensity will come down. When Rahu- Ketu axis was there between Scorpio for most of last year and Saturn was casting its 3rd aspect on Rahu in Scorpio from Virgo, I was keenly following seismic issues and found the earth to be relatively quite. That can be attributed to the Jovian connection.

Even now the threat will come down once Sun moves out of Aries and Jupiter moves over to Gemini from where it can aspect Saturn and Rahu in Libra. Fortunately Saturn is not going to enter Virgo in its retrogression. Usually such a backward entry by Saturn used to cause calamities.

Another point of relief is that usually malefics including Saturn in Aries, Taurus and Gemini used to cause untold misery and war like conditions. The rationale is that Aries is the debility sign of Saturn and has stars that are lorded by Yama and Agni. Everytime Saturn transits there and if joined with malefics, fatalities with severe sufferings can be noticed. Another point of vulnerability is when malefics transit Rohini. For the time being such serious nature is not there. However Mars's transit across Rohini must be watched in June when it gets hemmed in between Ketu and Sun.

The next malefic combination as far as earthquakes and tsunamis are concerned occurs when Mars transits Cancer and in mutual aspect with saturn. The period is between August 20th and September end. Jovian aspect on Saturn reduces the fatalities. But whenever Moon moves in cancer, Capricorn and Aries in that period both man made and natural calamities are likely.