Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TN Muslims, speak-up against Bangalore blasts.

This is an open letter to the Muslims of Tamilnadu, particularly the two dozen Muslims groups that opposed the screening of Kamal Hassan’s movie, “Vishwaroopam” on one of the pretexts that the movie gives an impression that Tamil nadu Muslims shelter the terrorists. 

I wrote a blog at that time (here) supporting this concern raised by the Muslims. Now terror had struck Bangalore and the trail leads to Muslim pockets in Tamilnadu. This is not a movie, but reality and the reality is the same issue that Muslim outfits opposed in their clamour for ban on Vishwaroopam.
Is it not the time for the two dozen Muslims outfits who took up the cudgel against Vishwaroopam to speak against the Bangalore blasts now?  Is it not time for them to speak against the terrorists that they had brought disrepute to the name of Islam, to their identity and to their locations in Tamilnadu?
These outfits might say that they are not involved in terror activities. But then in the recent Boston blasts, the American Indians and Indian Muslims living in the US were one among the first to denounce the Boston terror attack. One of the untold reasons behind that immediate posturing is that the initial reports on use of Cooker bombs pointed out to Indian terrorists’ methods. 

In the case of Bangalore blasts, the trail has landed up at the doors of some Muslims of Tamilnadu. Those who felt outraged by Kamal’s depiction of a terrorist having taken shelter in Tamilnadu, must feel all the more outraged now at the way some terrorists have lived among them. Is it not time for these Muslim outfits to denounce them openly? The concern over Vishwaroopam movie was that such a depiction would give rise to bad impression about them among the local people. Don’t they think that current developments would also give rise to such an impression?

According to TOI report, some sections of Muslims have expressed concern over this and even pointed out to the probable areas that breed terrorists. Let the Muslim outfits join them and come out in the open by taking up a position that they do not subscribe to the breeding or sheltering of terrorists in their community. Those who opposed Vishwaroopam must show that their Real Roopam  is to keep away terror elements from their midst.



CHENNAI: The arrest of three suspected extremists from Melapalayam in Tirunelveli in southern Tamil Nadu for their role in the recent Bangalore bomb blast is likely to ring alarm bells in the intelligence wing of the state police. The arrests would serve to reinforce the view that radicalization of wayward Muslim youth continues in the state, though no major terror attack has been reported since the 1998 Coimbatore serial bomb blasts.

What is more worrying is that despite the tabs kept on the activities of Kitchan Buhari, 38, who served 11 years for his involvement in the Coimbatore bomb blasts, he was able to escape attention while allegedly being involved in enlisting and indoctrinating new recruits after his release from jail. It is now believed that he played an active part in the April 17 blast.

"It is too premature to say how far Peer Mohideen and Basheer, who were picked up from a lodge in Chennai on Monday, were part of Kitchan Buhari's terror network," said a senior police officer. While Mohideen was working in Bangalore for the past five years, Basheer was employed in a private company in Tirunelveli. Whether they were peripheral to the plot or whether they had a central role is being investigated, he said.

Kitchan Buhari, who was arrested on Tuesday for his involvement in the Bangalore blast was among the youngest to be involved in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts. Today, he is apparently a father figure to many radical elements. After his release from jail along with several other convicts in 2009, he ran the 'Charitable Trust for Minorities,' a non-governmental organisation based in Coimbatore, for the rehabilitation of those sentenced in the serial blasts case.

"We knew Buhari and associates were not lying idle. They had come under the scanner for several cases, including usury and for holding kangaroo courts for settling disputes. But, we had no information about their plotting a terror attack," admitted the senior official.

What went unnoticed was that though Buhari had shifted his base to Coimbatore, he made frequent trips to his native village Melapalayam, which used to be a recruiting ground for the banned Al Umma in the 90's until the Coimbatore blasts. The terror outfit had been indoctrinating the poor in Melapalayam.

A concern that now arises is whether there are more such sleeper cells waiting for orders from their guardians to strike. "We do not completely rule out that possibility. Places like Melapalayam, Kottaimedu in Coimbatore and Adirampattinam and Muthupet in Thanjavur are constantly under our watch. Of late, the Kerala-based Popular Front of India has been running camps in Theni and Tirunelveli to woo gullible youth as well as encourage conversion of the underprivileged belonging to other religions," said another official.

Sections in the Muslim community are also concerned about the role of some madrasas which, under the influence of the Wahabi or Salafi strain of Islam, preach intolerance. "Even some schools have sprung up across the country that blend radical thought with scientific education. It is time that police watched out for such institutes," said a Muslim leader.


Badari Narayanan V T said...

PM of our country fights shy of condemning blasts but has no hesitation in condemning Boston blasts! Literally billions of dollars are pumped in from Saudi Arabia and for Christian 'aid' organisations. One can only expect crime and divisions in the society to rise in coming days.

Skandan said...

Respected madam,

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Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Skandan,

Thank you.
I have already linked it in the right hand top section under the title "Hindu past of the world". It is there for nearly 10 years. That site was an early inspiration for me to start this blog.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Skandan,

I need some advice. Is there any way or any webpage that I can start so that consolidated articles (such as rainfall prediction series) can be downloaded freely by interested readers. Presently I am uploading articles in scribd. But they can not be downloaded for free it seems. You have any suggestion?

JSK online said...

Dear Madam did not get the question properly, you wanted a website where you will collate all your posts and the users can download based on their requirement ? they are plenty of sites for the same. one is Facebook which i recommend. other is dropbox and mediafire ( both not sure how long they will exists . no issue for the next five years but later on . not sure) . facebook is the only website that will be exist for long term. i always wanted to ask you why you are not at facebook. kind regards.

Skandan said...

Respected Madam,

you have so many series of articles in different topics written over a period of time. For example, rain fall prediction series, can be moved to a word document or even better in pdf format ( e-book) form and the same can be uploaded in torrent sites like or . it is free to upload and free to download. You can provide the information in your blog. anyone interested to read it as a single document in a e-book form, can download the same by using a torrent software (ex: bittorrent).

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The other option is to have a proper website itself in a server where you have all together ( blog + website + free downloads + a shopping cart where you can do some e-book selling for good cause, if you would really like to do it that way.)

I see there are close to around 1200 + postings in your blog from the last 5 years. You have invested lot of time and effort in doing research and putting things together. Compiling these together in some headings and make it available as small e-books would be a good idea. even this can be printed and distributed for free or for a price for any good purpose..

for some time, i used to get this thought of compiling some good articles about sanatana dharma and make it as small books - 10 pages to 15 pages - easy to read and make it available for larger audience.

creating awareness to younger generation about our past, about our dharma, our culture is very important and if i can be of any assistance to you in this regard, i am willing to do.

I am based out of bangalore but most part of the year, i travel and work from middle east, i shuttle 4-5 times a year to bangalore. if this initiative involves money, i am sure, some your regular readers of your blog will be more than willing to contribute and support in this good cause

God bless and pranams


Chakri said...


It should be not that difficult, providing a link where they talk about the same problem you are experiencing,

Sometimes it can be difficult but if you know someone who has some idea about Internet and Webpages, they will be able to assist you. Let me know if you need any help.

Chakri said...

One more link,

1. Upload the PDF to your Google Docs, make that document public so that it is accessible to everyone.
2. Get the link for that document. You can get the URL and copy the URL and paste it directly in a different browser window to check if it opens correctly.
3. Add that link on your Blogger site.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear JSK online,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I want to pick out select articles from my blog and convert them into pdf files and upload them in a site which can be downloaded by readers easily and free of cost.I would like that site / page exclusively of mine like how I have in scribd. I want to continue with scribd where I want to upload my articles published in print media. There are many old articles of mine published in magazines like Woman's Era and Mangayar Malar which I can have as scan copies. If possible I want to upload them in scribd as also my published astrological articles.

I am not in Facebook as I thought it would take up some of my time and I am already time-stressed with managing my activities. By having a FB account I think I can only give / share the links which I am doing in twitter. But I may have to pass through lot of stuff from others which I may not be keen to read. May be for reaching to many people, I can start an account in FB. Thank you.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Skandan,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. At the outset I want to say that I don't want to have any work to do with money - whatever be the intention behind it. Somehow I am strong on the opinion that knowledge should not be sold even if it is for doing charity. I don't want others to give me money to do this. But I will solicit any volunteer work in compiling or editing the articles and converting into e-books.

Where to upload them or store them is my question. Torrent sites are a good idea but are they accessible throughout the world, say in the USA?

We will also see what Mr Chakri says and take a decision. Thank you very much.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Chakri,

I read the articles in the link and tried Google docs. It got me into Google Drive. I tested it for the latest article and inserted it at the end of the article. It seems the reader must use his gmail ID to access it and also get my permission to download it. Please check if it happens for you also.

I would rather have something like scribd where I can upload the select articles.