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Rainfall prediction – Part 2 (Solar ingress)

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In the first part of this series, the methods of observation of meteorological factors were described.
Such observation must be done continuously on all days starting from
the solar month of Sagittarius or
the day the Sun enters Purvashada or

the day Moon transits Purvashada in the bright half of the month of Margashira.

This observation must go on until the solar month of Taurus (Tamil month of Vaikasi)

Of these the first 4 months from Sagittarius to Pisces have the bearing directly on the rainy season of India starting from July to October. So meticulous observation is needed during those four months for assessing the rainy season.

Now having come to the solar month of Aries, other observations begin.

In this article, I am going to tell about the effect and importance of Sun's entry into certain signs of the zodiac and its entry into the star, Arudra.  All these must be studied together to assess the amount of rainfall. 

1.      First of all the Name of the New Year must be checked with its yearly predictions. The predictions are told by the famous astrologer cum siddha of ancient days known by the  name "Idaik-kaattu siddhar"  They are available in almanacs or in some Jyothish books. The yearly prediction gives a broad outline of the nature and amount of rainfall in the ensuing year.  For example, for the present New Year Vijaya, abundant rainfall is expected. A good harvest is also predicted ensuring a good rainfall.

2.      The next step is to check the Solar ingress in Aries, In Gemini, in Cancer and in Sagittarius.
These can be found in the Nava nayakas in the almanacs with their predictions. Though Nava nayakas mean 9, we need to check 4 for rainfall prediction. They are as follows. 

·         Entry of Sun into Aries :- Mantri (name of the navanayaka) – for general rainfall prediction

·         Entry of Sun into Gemini :- Arghadhipathi – for prediction of price level of agricultural products (since rainfall affect the agricultural produce, this is checked)

·         Entry of Sun into Cancer :- Sasyadhipathi – for prediction of growth of crops. (reason is same  as above)

·         Entry of Sun into Sagittarius :-  Dhanyadhipathi – for prediction of grain production. 

The day of the entry of Sun in these signs is to be noted. The day is from one sun rise to the next sun rise.
If  the day happens to be Monday, Thursday and Friday, very good rainfall and crop production can be expected.

If the day happens to be Wednesday, undue winds would occur and scatter the clouds. As a result less rains would be experienced and prices rise due to scarcity of food grains. 

If the day happens to be Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday, medium rainfall would occur and scarcity of food grains would happen as a result.

We have to check this for all the above 4 signs and arrive at the prediction connected with each of them.
Checking for this Vijaya year, the solar ingress into Aries happened on Saturday. Though Vijaya year assures bountiful rains, the entry of Sun on a Saturday reduces that. But we have to see other factors too.

The entry of Sun into Gemini happens on early morning of Saturday, at 4-56 am. Since this happens before sunrise, we have to count it as Friday only. Entry on Friday brings good rains and the related feature namely stabilization of price level.

The entry of Sun into Cancer happens on Tuesday afternoon. This is not a favorable sign for good rainfall.
The entry of Sun into Sagittarius happens on Sunday after midnight. This is also not a favorable sign of good rainfall.

Of the 4, only one out of four is favorable. So less to medium rainfall can be expected as per this rule.

3.      The next rule that we have to check is the first day of the Lunar year. This day is called Yugadhi, the day after the conjunction on Moon and the Sun that occurs before the Solar New Year. The same rules of days as explained above must be checked for this too. In the current year of Vijaya, the Lunar year started on a Thursday. This ensures good rainfall. 

4.      After this we have to check the entry of the Sun in the star Arudra. This is considered as more important of all the entries mentioned so far. This is known as "Arudra Pravesham" . In this in addition to day of entry, many other factors are checked. Let us see them one by one.

Day of the week:- same as explained above.  This year it enters on early morning of Saturday, before sunrise. That means the entry is on Friday. This is very good significator for good rainfall. 

Thithi at the time of entry:- 4,8,9,14 thithis give less rains. Amavasya also gives less rains. This year 14th thithi will begin by the time Sun enters Arudra. This is not favourable. 

Star at the time of entry:- Star means the star in which moon will be transiting at that time. Bharani, Arudra, Aslesha, Magha, Chithra, Vishaka, Jyeshta are not favorable for good rainfall.  This year Anusha will be the star at that time. This is favourable. 

Yoga at the time of entry:-  This can be checked from the almanac. Atiganda, Shoola, Ganda, Dhruvam, Vyagatam, Vyatipadam, Brahmam, Aindra and Vydhruthi are not favourable. This year Siddham is the yoga at that time. It is favourable.

Karana at the time of entry:- Vishti, Sakuni, Chathushpaadam, Nagavam and Kimsthugnam are not favourable. This year Thythula karanam will be running at that time. It is favourable for good rainfall.

The Lagna at the time of entry:-  This can be known from the astrology software. The lagnas Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces give good rainfall. Virgo gives stormy weather. Others are not favourable for good rains. 

The lagna must be checked for respective places. For Chennai, it is Taurus which ensures good rainfall. 

The Kala at the time of entry:- Day or night time must be checked. If it is sunset or mid-night, there will be good rains. If it is noon or day time- less rains. If it is night - medium rainfall. This year the entry happens at night and after mid night. More than medium rainfall is assured by this. 

Location of Moon at the time of entry:- If Moon is located at watery star, watery sign, watery lagna and watery navamsa, there will be good rains.

Watery stars = Rohini, Mrigashira, Pushya, Uttara phalguni, Purvashada, Uttrashada, Uttara Bhadrapada, Hastha, Anusha, Shravana, Dhanishta, Shatabhishak and Revathy.

Watery signs = Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

After doing these observations, we have to observe the transit of planets for predicting rainfall. We will discuss that in the next part.

(to be continued)

Part 3:-


Unknown said...

writing this from a village 100km east of belgaum karnataka. ramdurg
taluk belgaum dist. ph 7829031394.

received the date for observation
for rain prediction which was given as dec 29 to 11th . in the first days that is ekadesi and dwadesi some little cloud formation was
observed. i have the entire period
recorded for the said time.but no
significant observation recorded.
the second half of margashisa had
some significant observation i am recorded these factors my
1st question is what are the other observation periods .
2. the 2nd observed period starting from 12 to 27th does this
1 day represent 15 day period or
other wise.
3.from jan 6th i also observed a black spot in the sun .
4. should i send this data across.
5. if possible kindly give a contact no to get some clarity in idea.

i would like to meet personally also.

thank you
yours sincerely
gopoehwar das
iskcon belgaum

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Sir,

Please follow the part 1 of this series and record till Phalgun month. Note corresponding dates that come after 195 days on the basis of lunar paksha and thithi. Check how far this works at that time (after 195 days). Only with such data we can make sure that this works.

Unknown said...

What is observation period forthis year?

Gopeshwar das

Unknown said...

What is the observation time for rain prediction this year?
That is garbhoth time
Gp das

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Vasudevasutadas.

The rain prediction observation for 2016 starts today evening. Please read my blog for details