Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is inside the terrorist’s mind?

The following article written in in the wake of Boston blasts, probing into what is there in the terrorist's mind makes a thought provoking reading. When I presented a research paper a few years ago on astrological factors for terror attack, I did analyse the horoscopes of some terrorists. Though I had to rely on internet sources for the date of birth of the terrorists with no reliable information on their time of birth, I did see a tendency for arrogance and hardened nature in those horoscopes. These tendencies are in-born which when find an opportunity for grooming, make them cold blooded terrorists. It is a fact that terrorists are groomed which works out when they have some in-thing in their mind to act in a cold blooded way. 

This reminds me of Krishna's words in Bhagawad Gita that a man has no control over the three Gunas (sattva / compassionate, Rajasic / arrogant and Tamasic / mean minded) and that these Gunas (characters and attitudes) control him. The quest of life is to make ourselves the lord of these Gunas and not to make these Gunas lord us. The food we take, contribute to the formation of these Gunas – one can understand what kind of food I mean for Rajasic and Tamasic nature. Added to this is the grooming or circumstances that makes one have no tinge of compassion for life or morose for what he does. 

In my opinion, all children are born with a natural sense of shock and horror on seeing someone made to suffer by someone else. I remember as fresh in my mind a little boy I saw in the snake park near Chennai. The attendant had just left the food in the cages of snakes. In one cage we saw live chicken and the snake gobbling it. This was seen by a little boy, may be two years plus age who was accompanied by his mother. The boy was shocked and he screamed to save the chicken. But the mother told him "Why do you fuzz about it? Don't you too eat chicken? The snake is doing the same." It was my turn to get shocked at that answer. A natural reaction of the child was snubbed so easily and I can imagine how that natural instinct gets vitiated by grooming. The same sense of shock and despair came to me when I saw the picture of slaughter inside a mosque which showed young children watching the slaughter.

If a picture can say it all, then here is one in the blog of Indian Realist:-

This also brings into my mind a story by Tolstoy which I read long ago and vaguely remember in which a character says " Don't you have anything of God in you?". The allusion was to a sense of compassion. Everyone must be having some amount of compassion as seen from the way children react. Once grown up, the amount and level of compassion fluctuates. Even the hardcore terrorist who did the horrible crime at Godhra was made to relent only by kindling the soft part of his heart by showing the photos of the child victims of that carnage and reminding him that he too has children. (  
In his narration on how he cracked the Godhra train carnage case, the investigating Officer, Noel Parmar described how the accused Jabir Binyamin Behra changed his mind on seeing the kind of suffering his act had given to the kids and other victims. Behra felt that his children should not experience such a suffering and relented. Perhaps ticking the compassionate cell of the terrorist is a better way to make him reformed. 


Inside Twisted Terrorist Minds — Where Is the Empathy?
Stephanie Pappas,
LiveScience Senior Writer
Date: 16 April 2013 Time: 03:13 PM ET