Friday, June 13, 2008

Can intelligence fail to grasp God?

A research study says that intelligent people are likely to be atheists.

In the absence of information on the age group,

area of specialty and

the rate of success in their endeavors of those who have been surveyed,

this study is likely to be less reliable.

For, all these three factors matter in shaping one’s view on God or communion with God.

I included the area of specialty,

because those working on outer space and the unknown,

engaged in feats of impossible nature and

working with any form of nature and life

had invariably sensed the presence of an Almighty.

Read the account given below by Kalpana Dash,

the second Indian woman to reach the Everest.

About Indians, I have noticed that agnosticism is a fashion with intellectuals.

The chances are that the one who suffers gravely turns into an agnostic – not atheist –

and also the one who is successful without having experienced much pain

also puts up an agnostic face.

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திவாண்ணா said...

why should a believer "fear" god?
would you feel fear in front of your mother?