Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"GOD and I " - by Cho Ramaswamy (from DC)

The newly started column 'God and I' in Deccan Chronicle
giving the views of prominent personalities
on how they relate to God or think about God
gives interesting and thought-provoking views.

I intend to post these views in my blog regularly.

To begin with, here is the view of Cho Ramasamy published in DC dated 02-06-2008

Upanishads and Puranas bestow great wisdom

By Cho Ramaswamy

I am more God-fearing than God-loving. It is my family background which helps me in striving to become a real devotee. And I have found by experience that prayer helps us achieve peace of mind.

I have great respect for people who have unshakeable faith in God, to whatever religion they may belong. This faith definitely elevates man to a better plane of living. It is faith in God which makes us honest and humble. There are people who have realized God.

I do not think I would ever reach that state. But I am sure that all the time I am travelling on that path. And that has led me to respect the great wisdom that has been handed down to us in the Upanishads and the Puranas.

I do not agree with the contention that God is an invention of man. Whatever man invents can only be ephemeral; it will have no permanence. And that itself is enough proof that God or faith in Him are not the formulations of any one man or society.

I have gone to many temples but I am not a frequent visitor either. But I am particular in observing the ceremonies that have been prescribed, especially the shrardham (annual obsequies for the departed relatives). Over the years, my understanding of the philosophy of faith has improved because of blessed association with saintly men and also my efforts to understand scriptures better while writing my treatise on the Ramayan, Mahabharat and at present on the boundless ocean called Hinduism. So it gladdens me even more when my readers respond with their appreciation about my commentaries, which also proves that even amidst this craze for materialism ordinary people place such a premium on faith and God. In my opinion, a man without faith in God is an orphan child.

The writer is a commentator based in Chennai

and the editor of Tughlaq magazine


திவாண்ணா said...

being a regular reader of his magazine i knew he has a good grasp of spirituality.
nice to know that he follows "all" the rituals that are prescribed too.
best thing anyone can do - set an example by practicing what you preach.

this word verfication. grr.... ok no more commenting now.

uthamanarayanan said...

What else we can expect from a man of fearlessness and steadfastness;this belief and his God-fearing nature enunciate the fact that only people who love or fear God can only be truthful to oneself.Is it not being truthful to oneself is beautiful step taken in the right direction ?

Ravichandran said...

Whatever your faith or fear or for that matter, your understanding, can only be in the realm of your knowledge, perception and imagination. Hence, your "God" as is what you imagine about,and the concept of God is man's invention only, may be, for the orderly society to survive.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ravi,

Ha ha ha.
How way behind in this scientific world!

Perhaps you have not been exposed to even a limited level of science on cell and body mechanism or to the far realms of physics of stellar evolution.

Or perhaps you have not underwent sufferings.
A time will come - hopefully in this birth itself- for you to 'know' what is 'knowledge'.
May be I can only try to show the tip of the ice berg in the following articles.

If you are evolving from life's experiences you will catch them up and proceed to 'know' what is to know.

This blog is for people like you - claiming to be of Gen X and knowing all.
Good luck.

by Swami Agnivesh


and my rejoinder to it


On God


on Why people with better IQ fail to grasp God.


Unknown said...

Does anyone have Shri. cho ramaswamy's mail ID?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Vasu,
you can try his Thuglak ID

Unknown said...

he is really a genious. A man who is blessed. his fluency in sanskrit is amazing. i love to see the "enge brahmanan" serial the story written by our cho sir. i really wanted to mail some of my questions and get that answered can anybody here share his mail id and help me to clarify the doubts. thanks in advance


Raja Thatha said...

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Krishnan said...

Nice blog. Big fan of Cho right since the days of DD when we watched his Saathirangal sonnathillai. The email address mentioned in the comments 'thuglak@pobox.com' is invalid. Do you happen to have any other email for cho sir?

Actually I'm just looking to buy Hindu Mahasamudram. I thought of writing to thuglak office or cho sir and ask them for a way to send it to me at Hyderabad. Any ideas?

swathi said...

cho ramasamy critsing anna in his interview in times now is not acceptable can this bald head fellow can fast a single day for the nation cause comparing anna with cine actor he once again proved he is a commedian in the politics licking jaya feet is his time pass

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Swathi,

Please no abuse of personal looks. On his ability to fast, we have to ask ourselves as to how many of us can fast like Annaji. As a devout person and also due to age, Cho may be foregoing food on many occasions than an ordinary person would do. Above all Cho's concern for country is beyond dispute. If you don't agree with him, say so and you can say how and why he is wrong.

Cho has been mostly a far sighted person. So I don't disregard his views though at the moment I stand for supporting Anna in the fight against corruption.

திவாண்ணா said...

cho has rightly critisied anna's step back from praising Modi when pointed out that it is not "secularly, politically correct". and also giving a clean chit to sonia.
We have a long way to go. Mere laws do not make a nation but how we follow it in spirit.

Unknown said...

Dear Cho,
I am fully agreeing with your view.Do you know our Bhagavan Sri.Krishna has shown the only one and one God to Arjuna in 11th chapter of Bhagavad-Gita.But it is not known to many Hindus.So will you accept this fact and try to teach to other Hindus.Do you know once you understand this the God of a Muslim and the God a Christian and the God of Hindu will be the same.Your loving friend Kuttikrishnan.
from kuttykanjiramattom@gmail.com

raj said...

let us hope for the best as for now he is not feeling wellcho ramaswamy health condition