Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hiked-up price of gas cylinder - pearl from Mrs Chidambaram.

Prices of domestic gas cylinder has been hiked.

When the whole India is thinking that this hike is done

to pay the rising bills of petroleum industry,

our Finance minister’s wife thinks differently.

Here is her rationalale for the hike in gas prices.

She has said that the prices of gas cylinder has been hiked

to compensate for the reduction in talk time value of mobiles!!!

What a wonderful pearl of wisdom!!

(Any secret pact between Raja / Jyothiradhitya and Murli Deora??)

Does she think that mobiles are used by all householders?

Does she know that the vast majority of middle class and lower middle class people

who own a mobile out of necessity, spend a minimum on recharge cards?

Does she know that the poor who enjoy gas stove as a freebee, are the worst-hit?

They don’t have an additional cyclinder.

nor can they get a refill immediately.

And rationed kerosene for lighting their stoves is denied to them,

for they now own a gas stove.

How are they going cook their food?

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திவாண்ணா said...

it is the case of " no bread? let them eat cakes!"