Thursday, June 5, 2008

Merchants of Education

A comment on my blog “ Sorry state of education

>>Anonymous said...

mam, i have read your blog and i am happy to know that there are someone in this world to think about the pathetic plight of the students like me who are studying in the private engineering colleges. i am one of the thousands of youths studying in a private engineering college in tamilnadu, who are thriving for quality education that we are not getting there.These political(private) engineering colleges produces unemployabe graduates. I fear I will be also one among them.......
Mam if u are interested please read my blog where i am sharing my and my friends experiences in a private college.<<

This student is not alone and his is not a stray incident.

There are some core stories unsaid in his blog.

I know what they can be

and almost all parents of this State who have college going wards

also know them by experience.

But no one can talk about them unless one is prepared to ruin their lives

and lives of their wards.

The top politicians know

but they exist only to shield those elements

than to protect the student community.

Top ministers of this country know,

but they prefer to turn a blind eye to them.

One must have the guts and tactfulness of the kind of Subramanyam Swami,

to take on these evil shakthis that have enveloped this country.

But not all can be as lucky as Subramanyam Swami

to protect himself from the after-reactions from the powers-that –be,

while bringing out such sordid stories.

Look at what is happening to ‘Traffic Ramaswamy’.

The majority have no way but to silently endure.

No one can save Tamil nadu students in particular –

unless an autonomous body

comprising purely of intellectuals and educationists is created at the National level

and the educational system of entire India is brought under such a body and

turn it into a nation building and human resource building activity in all earnestness.



Truth about engineering colleges in India

I am a mediocre student from a so called engineering college in a village near Trichy in southern India. You might have heard about prestigious IITs(indian institute of technology) which are renowned institutes in India. But you might not heard about other sad story of India. i.e other private institutions. Since i am a student of one of the private institute i know more about these colleges which i want to share with you. There are about hundreds of private engineering colleges in india. I am not going to blame all of these private colleges but most belong to my category under explanation. So in this blog i am gonna to share the plight of the students studying in these worst colleges! Let us see now how these colleges are started....

In my state tamil nadu there were only 20 engineering colleges till 1995. Within a span of three years about 200 new colleges grown like grasses. Due to the boom of the IT and ITES sector, need for engineers increased thus engineering colleges increased. To start an engineering college one should must have political influence.

  • About 3-6 crores($15 millon dollars) of rupees should be given to the concerned minister of incharge as a bribe.(Depending on your political influence it may change)
  • About 1 crore rupees($2.5 million dollars) to the university officials under which your college will be accredited.
  • After spending all these money next the owner has to put the remaining money for building the college. (Still in 2008 there are some engineering colleges with a singe building!).About 1 crore will be spent on this.(Namesake buildings and labs)
  • About 50 lakhs for bribing those people who comes for inspection from AICTE(All india council for technical education).

Thus a total amount of 8.5 crores($21 million dollars) is spent to start an engineering college. Only 15% of the total money is spent for the buildings and infrastucture and remaining 85% for bribing! So what will be the motive of the owners of these colleges.


There are tales to say about the plight of the students studying in these institutes. I will share the continuation of this in my next blog. Please give ur comments which will let me know that my crying is heard by someone..........


திவாண்ணா said...

i would say acquire skills not degrees.
one can certainly survive with hard work if you develop skills. with degrees you need to look for someone to give you a job and money.
this word verification... grrrrr....

Jayasree Saranathan said...

no verification now:-)
but why this fuss about verification??

திவாண்ணா said...

wow thanks!
after i complained last time it went away but reappeared.
it does not serve much of a useful purpose. just prevents some automatic "comments": your blog is interesting, see here and here.
the "here" s being hyper link for malicious software which anyway will be caught by a good anti virus s/w

on the other hand it is a little painful process to look for the random word and type exactly the same with care. not many have the patience. many skip commenting if there is such a situation.

most ppl read blogs from offices and have not much time. so shorter the post more likely it will be read fully.
some nuances like this in the blog world!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thank you for the clarification.