Thursday, June 19, 2008

The journey of an agnost to God's realm - Shankar Sharma

A power beyond logic helped me survive

By Shankar Sharma

( From "God and I" column, Deccan Chronicle, June 19, 2008)

Till 2001, I was an agnostic. I never really knew of or accepted the existence of God. Then out of the blue, a tornado came and blew everything away. There were times when I used to sit and think if at all I would survive. Throughout this process I noticed one thing: whenever I was on the brink of collapse, something would happen and I would come on top.

The NDA government accused us of of trying to bring down the government through the Tehelka expose and unleashed a vicious vendetta against us by setting all its agencies against us. The authorities froze our bank account. It was like cutting off our oxygen supply. Then one branch of a bank, after we had approached 20 banks, came to our rescue and agreed to open an account for us. It was a lifeline that kept us alive. When they arrested me I wondered if I would come out alive. I had heard such horror stories about life in jail, about people being beaten and killed etc. I found my time in jail — 74 days — quite therapeutic. Prisoners were very polite and there were some very interesting people. It is a whole different world. I had heard that 99 per cent of the people who go inside bear scars on their psyche, but nothing of that sort happened to me. It was like I was being protected. It was almost like going into a minefield and the mine exploding after I had crossed it. I realised that there has to be a larger force saving me when everyone was trying to pull me down. I went to hell and survived.

Finally, I won the case filed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India and regained my business. That is why I feel there is a force, a power, something beyond logic. That was God’s way of making me get in touch with him.

Recently, I went to see tarot reader Veenu Sandal. What she showed me felt like a movie version of my life in the past 7-8 years. On one of the cards there was an image of a guy lying down wounded and bleeding. There was also a shadowy figure (a soldier) standing behind him. Ms Sandal said that this was my guardian angel looking after me. I feel that if God wanted me dead then I would have been dead. The fact that I did not die means that there was another purpose for me: businesswise and evolutionwise. A lot of good things started to happen at about the same time.

Shankar Sharma is the managing director of

First Global Stock Broking in Mumbai


Anonymous said...

Hello Jayasree, I just came across your blog when searching for Veenu Sandal. I am very keen to meet her, can you tell me any way that I can get in touch with her. I would be vey grateful...Thanks...Anooradha

Anonymous said...

hello again. I am from Hyderabad. Anooradha C, in search of Veenu Sandal. Please let me know her email/contact details, anyway I can get in touch with her. Thanks.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I don't know Veenu Sandal's contact details. Perhaps a Google search will get you his details. He writes in some magazines.

Rigved said...

HI Shankar.

I want to meet Veenu Sandal personally. Please give me her email id or any other contact information so that I can get in touch with her. I will be really grateful to you if I get her contact information.

Thanks a ton

The peace gypsy said...

Sorry to be bothering you on the same question, would be grateful if you could pass on the details of Veenu Sandal as couldn't find anyhing on google!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I don't know his ID. He runs a column in Deccan chronicle. Browse Deccan chronicle e paper. Or you may write to Deccan chronicle mail ID at and make enquiries.

yashi said...

hello i am yashika
i want to personally meet ms.veenu dandal or if i can have her email id or contact no.... plss help me its for my life