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Rama Setu and attacks on Hindu identity – Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Rama Setu and attacks on Hindu identity – Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Sunday, 01 June, 2008 , 03:33 PM (News Today)

Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has written to Prime Minister
exposing the 'Himalayan fraud and monumental folly of Sethusamudram

In the letter a copy of which was released to the press, Swamy had
said,'I hope and pray that by now you have been briefed on the
proceedings of the Supreme Court in various hearings held in the first
week of May.

The Supreme Court has reiterated two directions which the Madras High
Court had earlier given on my writ petition heard on 18 June and 19
June 2007 (subsequently your government hastily got the case
transferred to the Supreme Court and therefore the May hearings of the
Apex Court were in the nature of continuation of those hearings).

'Essentially the said directions require your government to go back to
the drawing board and re-work the Sethusamudram Channel Project
(SSCP).''During the course of my arguments before the Supreme Court, I
had firmly established with records and citations of past judgments of
the Apex Court that the implementation of the SSCP would constitute
criminal and civil illegalities.

Even you have committed a civil illegality when you inaugurated the
project on 2 July, 2005 despite having failed to obtain the mandatory
NOC from the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board as required under the
environmental law.

There was also an illegality committed in failing to obtain an NOC
from the Coast Guard and the Maritime Board. Moreover your government
committed a civil illegality by failing to honour the UN Law of the
Sea (1968), and associated Bio-diversity Convention by failing to
conduct a joint inspection with the government of Sri Lanka on
environmental viability of the SSCP.

I am sure that if you send for Fali Nariman who is your main senior
counsel in the case, he will apprise you of the details.''I,
therefore, request you, out of personal regard for you and our long
past happy friendship that you desist from any further pursuit of this
illegal, ill-advised and economically disastrous SSCP and boldly take
the steps to declare unilaterally that the Rama Setu is an ancient
monument, a national pride, and a world heritage.

As far as SSCP is concerned, it may be re-cast by converting Tuticorin
into an international container port and an international airport and
connect it by a coastal railway- cum- express highway to Kolkata
originating at the port.

This would be economically more profitable and consistent with the
national security considerations.'Earlier this month, on 5 May, Swamy
had sent a letter to the Prime Minister seeking his permission for the
prosecution of T R Baalu, Union Shipping Minister, under the
Prevention of Corruption Act. Swamy wrote as follows to the Prime

' This is first a reminder of my letter dated 1 February, 2008 seeking
your sanction under the Prevention of Corruption Act to prosecute your
Minister of Shipping.

Since that letter, charges of corruption against Baalu have
proliferated galore in the country. Enclosed is a letter from Central
Vigilance Commission (CVC) holding the chairman of the Chennai Port
Trust, which Trust is administratively under the said Minister, of
gross impropriety.

Yet your government have accepted the Financial Officer of the Chennai
Port Trust C N Rao as the new chairman of Tuticorin Port Trust which
Trust is the nodal body for the Sethusamdrum Ship Channel Project.

Kindly therefore withdraw the nomination forthwith and please expedite
the grant of sanction.'No one can dispute the fact that right from the
beginning, Sethusamudram Canal Project (SSCP) has been planned,
organised and launched as a commercial asset for a few Cabinet
Ministers in the UPA government and some of their counterparts in

According to expert, unbiased technical and scientific opinion in
India and abroad, SSCP is a scientifically inconsistent,
technologically non-feasible project at the present time.

The cogent arguments presented by some tsunami specialists and earth
scientists of international stature have not been considered or
answered in open-transparent forums by the leading proponents of the

Many of the vital questions raised by Prime Minister's Office (PMO)
in March 2005 were bypassed in a subterranean manner by imaginative,
covert, sly and stealthy manoeuvres and operations.

What is amazing is that the top brass of the Indian Navy has remained
silent or neutral on the SSCP and the brazen promoters of the SSCP —
mean the firmly entrenched vested interests involved only in a private
loot under the garb of public interest —— have become the naval
strategists of Palk Bay!

Against this background it should be clear that there has been an
organised conspiracy of firmly entrenched vested interests - the PMO,
the Union Ministry of Shipping and Transport and the Tuticorin Port
Trust ( TPT)-to ignore the best technical advice given by
International experts about the wholly avoidable dangers and disasters
of the SSCP in its present shape.

The words of the American judge Justice Cardozo are relevant in
this context: 'Means unlawful in their inception do not become lawful
by relation when suspicion ripens into discovery'.

Swamy and other senior Counsels have convincingly argued and proved in
the Supreme Court of India that there has been a blatant violation of
the DUE PROCESS OF LAW right from the inception of the SSCP.

There is no table of weights and measures for ascertaining or
determining what constitutes the due process. What is due process of
law depends on circumstances.

It varies with the subject matter and necessities of the situation.
Due process of law requires that the proceedings shall be fair, but
fairness is a relative, not an absolute concept.

It is fairness with reference with particular conditions or
particular results. Whichever way one looks at it, there has been a
total violation of the DUE PROCESS by the government of India in
according sanction for the SSCP.

That is why I have been asserting with unassailable facts and figures
ever since May 2005 that the SSCP is a 'Monument of fraud and folly.'

It is reliably understood that about four days ago, the Prime
Minister directed Baalu to submit his letter of resignation as Union
Shipping Minister, having regard to the serious corruption charges
raised against him by Subramanian Swamy. According to sources, AICC
leader Sonia Gandhi informally overruled Manmohan to ensure the
temporary survival of Baalu.

Rama Setu and attacks on Hindu identity – Dr. Subramanian Swamy


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Rama Sethu is a national monument that should be preserved. A
large number of dedicated Hindus took up this cause to see that Rama
Sethu is protected, preserved and promoted. The more people get
involved more awareness. More awareness among Hindus, more attention
paid by the government. The only recourse Hindus is to work together
and support all the efforts to see that the Rama Sethu project is
stopped by the Supreme Court.

Dr, Subramanain Swamy has done a yeoman service to this
cause literally stopping the destruction of Rama Sethu.

1) Please read the summary of his speech given in New
Jersey during a Book release ceremony the Memorial Day weekend.

2) Also watch his inspiring speech on Youtube.

SDF is interested in preserving and protecting Hindu
values, Hindu Temples, and Hindu monuments so that Hindu pluralistic
philosophy is cherished and defended.



Sanatana Dharma Foundation

(Sent by Sunanda & Satya Dosparthi)

Below is a video link of brilliant talk on Rama Sethu and its
relevance to the what is happening to Hinduism, delivered by Dr.
Subramanian Swamy during his recent visit to US when he released his
book on Rama Sethu.

Every Indian must watch this. For those who may not know, it is Dr.
Swamy's brilliant arguments in Supreme Court that blocked destruction
of Rama Sethu.

Listen to how Dr. Swamy, who is an economist and not a lawyer, relate
how he argued for 8 hours at a stretch with Supreme Court justices and
successfully convinced them to stop destruction of Rama Sethu.
Listen to why he took up this case because he clearly saw it as
another example of undermining Hindu society. Hear about the gross
corruption involved, total lack of values and simple decency in the
leaders of current government. com/watch? v=3tZOUw5-

(Note: This is link to play list and all the parts will be automatically played)

Rama Sethu book can be ordered from Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation at


Synopsis of the lecture

(High level summary)

Dr. Swamy started with introductory remarks to show Rama Sethu matter
in perspective. He got interested in the problems Hindu Society is
facing after Kanchi Sankaracharya was arrested on foisted charges and
jailed like a common criminal, for which Supreme Court of India found
no prima facie charges. It brought his attention to the forces that
are working to undermine Hindu Society by making them feel impotent
and inferior. As he looked around, he found the same way the Hindu
society targeted in several areas. Whether it is the terrorism where
Hindus and Hindu temples are targeted and claimed the number of lives
next to Iraq in last 4 years, large scale religious conversions of
Hindus, rubbishing of Hinduism in history books in India,

He explains how Hindus who constitute large percentage can be under
sieze. He gave example how numbers do not matter, because thousands
of goats can be made to run for life by one tiger. Strength or
capacity does not matter, because a thin whip master in circus can
make powerful lions obey him. The problem he says is lack of Hindu
mindset. What is happening today is mental subversion, unlike
physical brutalities of Islamic invasions of the past. He says he
took up Rama Sethu because it is just another example of the way Hindu
society is being targeted in subtle psychological way.

What does he mean by Hindu Mind set? He goes on, it is not about
doing Pujas or celebrating Diwali only. It is the corporate
psychology that is needed. When 500,000 Hindus were driven out
Kashmir by Islamic terrorists and living in squalid camps since 1989,
we need to feel annoyed, upset and take action. We worry about one
Masjid broken, every day Hindu temples are broken in Kashmir and
outside India like Malayasia. When Hindus and Hindu temples are
targeted by terrorists, we need to stand up against it.

What are forces against Hinduism? He gave examples of Christian
fundamentalist Pat Robertson openly declaring that he would convert
100 millions to Christianity. Money does not matter. He gave example
of christian CM of Andhra Pradesh YSR. As for Islam, he says they
are more clearer than Christian fundamentalists in their objective.
He explained how the Islamic scriptures (Koran, Sira and Hadith) drive
the behavior of Islamists and how Islam sanctions terrorism. He
showed it is not just in Kashmir where Hindus are targeted, it is
happening in district level in India. He detailed how in every single
Panchayat in Tamilnadu (40 of them) where Muslims gained majority,
they stopped providing civic services such as water, school, garbage
cleanup to Hindus for last 10 years with notices in Urdu that they
need to convert to get those services. Failing which, they destroyed
their agriculture by directing the water from their tanneries into
their fields. He related how he successfully fought this in High
Court of Tamilnadu that ordered Governor to take action. He explained
the concepts of Dar-Ul-Harab and Dar-Ul-Islam, where this mentality
comes from.

However, he does not blame Islam or Christian fundamentalists. He
says they are clear in their mind what they want to do and they go
about doing it. But it is Hindu who are confused about what he(or
she) is and what to do. That confusion he was trying to remove by
placing the whole conspiracy behind destruction of Rama Sethu.

Having given this perspective he goes about the Rama Sethu's
significance in our history. He detailed how there were committees
since 1860, nine of them before independence and six after the
independence and not a single committee ever recommended the route
that destroys Rama Sethu. How the current Government took on its own
to destroy at the behest of Karunanidhi and his chela Baalu. Why so
many alternative routes not considered and why every clearance
required by law was simply ignored? Why the precedent where
Governments in India always changed project plans in order not to hurt
religious sentiments would not be followed in finding alternative to
the proposed route that would hurt the sentiments of one billion
Hindus (e.g, Government in 2001 rerouted Delhi Metro at cost of 500
crores and delay of 1 year, because of simple complaint from a Muslim
NGO that the Metro route can cause cracks to three graves near Qutub
Minar)? Why did the Government ignore 35 Lakhs verifiable signatures
requesting not to destroy Rama Sethu and the protest of 5 lakh people?
The same Government that will bend backwards for even slightest
dissent from their vote banks, has decidedly chosen the path of
breaking the back of Hindu society.

He showed with detailed calculations how it is the greatest economic
disaster and the only beneficiaries are TR Baalu who owns the shipping
company with ships of the size that can go thro' the proposed route
thro' Rama Sethu and his son who has company that needs to clear the
sand that will be thrown by sea into the dredged area every year,
worth multiple crores.

Listen to the talk to become aware of the extent of corruption,
debasement of our current political leaders and the conspiracy going
on to destroy Hinduism from India. Listen to how he brilliantly
argued with justices with wit and humor and made the defense counsel
eat their words. Hear the options he has to offer to revive Hindu
society and create a stronger India.

Dr. Swamy's book on Rama Sethu also provides all the details. Rama
Sethu book can be ordered from Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation at


Sanatana Dharma Foundation


JustGist said...

I seriously do not understand the issue over the so-called "Rama setu". My problem starts with some of the Hindus world over calling it "Rama-Setu", this actually hurts the Hindus who believe in Rama.
I have two reaons why I do not think this structure is "Rama Setu",
1) according to Ramayana, the stones that made up the Rama Setu had the name "Rama" inscribed on them. Some of the stones were actually written upon by Rama himself. And NO Hindu will ever believe that the name just disappeared of all or any stones, afterall it is God's name written by god, it has to last forever just like the god himself.
2) It is this inscription that gave these stones a buoyant quality (Before the inscription Jamboovan, the architect of the Rama-setu had a big sinking-stones problem). Some part of the current structure is underwater, raising serious doubts about its mythological origins.
Whether the governments plan to create a shipping channel is economically viable or not is a different question and I have no opinion on it.
But please do not get Rama in to this debate, as this construction has nothing to do with Rama.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Yes, I can see that you do not understand even an atomic sized part of Ram sethu issue. I suggest you read all my write-ups on Ram sethu to make a beginning in understanding it.