Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super natural power guides us - Srikanth

By Srikanth
(From "God and I" column in Deccan Chronicle, June 24, 2008)

I have always been very religious and spiritually-inclined. I hail from Tirupati and often tell people that I grew up at the footsteps of holy Tirumala hills. As a child, I used to visit the Lord Balaji temple quite often and even today, not a single day passes by without praying to the Lord.

I was told that my great grandfather used to walk all the way to the seven hills daily and place a lotus at the feet of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. We still have a temple built by our ancestors there and we visit it often.

My family celebrates all festivals and visits temples. His blessings strengthen our family bond. I also like Shirdi Sai Baba for his teachings. His teachings are about leading a simple life with humility and that has had a great influence on my life. He taught me about "anna daanam" and the benefits of sharing wealth with those who are in need. I believe that we should not boast about the charity we do in the name of God. There is lot of inner satisfaction in doing charity.

The film industry is always associated with lot of sentiments and superstitions. Though superstitions are personal feelings, I always believe that there is a supernatural power that guides us. Before a risky shot, I close my eyes and pray.

Srikanth is a South Indian cricketer

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