Saturday, June 14, 2008

God and I - by Gul Panag

My own relationship with God is based on sharing

By Gul Panag

To me, God is a higher power, who is present everywhere. He is watching us, and guiding us through the path of life. People usually turn to Him when they want something, or need help. But I think of God as a friend and a protector, who is with me through the ups and downs of life. It is a very special relationship based on sharing. I share all my experiences with the Almighty, and seek His blessings when I am sad as well as when I am happy. I turn to Him when everything around me seems dark, and also when I am on top of the world. But I do not believe in any religion and the rituals we are supposed to practice to show devotion.

I am a Sikh, but I do not go to gurdwaras very often. After all, religion begins with spirituality, and essentially all religions are the same. I feel it is more important to be spiritual than to be religious in life. This connect is possible only when we have intimacy and purity in our relationship with the Supreme Being. I trust the acts of the Almighty since I believe He knows what is the best for me. He loves us unconditionally and knows what we need to get through times of trouble.

He is all pervasive, and I often feel His presence around me which gives me the strength to face anything that comes my way. I talk to Him everyday, and thank Him for all that he has bestowed on me. I am fortunate that I have a loving family and caring friends, and I count my blessings when I converse with God. I believe that every event which has occurred in my life is a part of God’s special plan for me.

Gul Panag is a former Miss India, an actress and a model

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