Friday, June 13, 2008

Divinity in everything - Rekha Shetty

Faith shows me Divine in all: leper and legend

by Rekha Shetty

(From "God and I" column, Deccan Chronicle June 13, 2008)

I feel the presence of God in everything. He expresses the highest, the most beautiful and skillful in all beings and things. I am shaken by His exquisite creation, complexity of the human body, the beauty of a moonlit night, songbirds greeting dawn. The Gita speaks to my heart as the voice of a mentor awakening me to the need to act, to fight the good fight. The Bible reaches into my soul with its wonderful poetic language and reminds me of a wise Father. I admire the disciplined worship of the followers of Mohammed.

My faith teaches me to see that Divine in all — the leper and the legend. It is sometimes quite difficult to see the Divine spark in all: especially in those who are completely different from me. While I find it easy to love the unwashed millions in Africa, it is quite tough to love a particularly obnoxious neighbour. I keep trying, but often fail. I try to count my blessings, but complain too often.

When I am particularly weak, I lay my head on the lap of God and enjoy regressing to a long lost childhood. When I fall, He helps me dust myself off and get up. I know I am never alone or abandoned, for He enfolds me in a cloud of compassion. I do not understand the mysteries of war and death, suffering and disablement, but I feel God as an abiding presence in my own heart; lifting me when I am tired and humiliated, urging me to greater efforts for good causes.

The spirit of my Maker is more loving than a beloved, wiser than a father. It is a presence that lights my path and holds me close in the midst of despair. I thank God everyday. Every morning I ask for his guidance and protection for all creatures. God is as close to me as the blood in my veins, the breath in my body and the thoughts in my mind. I feel great that He who pervades every atom of the Universe, still finds time for me!

Dr Rekha Shetty is a management consultant focused on innovation.

She has authored several books including Zero Heart Attack Path

and Corporate Strategy Mindspower Innovation

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