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Mahabharata Quiz - 55

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Question – 55

What were the nimitta-s seen in Hastinapura when Krishna was travelling from Upaplavya to Hastinapura?


It is said in the Mahabharata that unpleasant nimitta-s were seen all over the country of the Kuru-s. They are listed down:

·       Fires blazed up everywhere.

·       The earth trembled repeatedly.

·       The very directions seemed to be reversed and nothing could be distinguished.

·       The contents of wells and water-vessels by hundreds swelled up and ran out.

·       The whole universe was enveloped in darkness.

·       The atmosphere being filled with dust, neither the cardinal nor the subsidiary points of the horizon could be ascertained.

·       Loud roars were heard in the sky without any being visible from whom these could emanate. This phenomenon was noticed all over the country.

·       The seven large rivers including the Sindhu (Indus) though flowing eastwards then flowed in opposite direction.

(Pratyag ūhur mahānadyaḥ prāṅmukhāḥ sindhusattamāḥ

vipārītā diśaḥ sarvā na prājñāyata kiṃ cana - MB: 5.82.6)

·       A south-westerly wind, with the harsh rattle of the thunder, uprooting trees by the thousands, crushed the city of Hastinapura.

(prāmathnād dhāstina puraṃ vāto dakṣiṇapaścimaḥ

 ārujan gaṇaśo vṛkṣān paruṣo bhīmanisvanaḥ - MB: 5.82.10

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