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Mahabharata Quiz - 65

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Question - 65

How did the peace mission go on? Did Krishna's plan of getting at least five villages for the Pandava-s fructify? Any celestial / astronomical features mentioned?


On the day of his arrival at Hastinapura, Krishna stayed at Vidura's house for the night. Bharani must have been running then because when he started from Upaplavya, 3rd pada of Revati was running. On the next morning Aswini must have been running. By that evening when he retired to Vidura's house, Bharani must have started.

The next morning he went to the court of Dritharashtra. On that day Krittika star was running. Krittika in Karthika month indicates  the time of Full moon. By that evening Full moon in Krittika had started.

Krishna spoke about the pros and cons of sharing and not sharing what is due to the Pandava-s from their parental property. In the absence of sharing, there is a certainty of a war, Krishna said.

Elders in the court advised Duryodhana in several ways but he said that he won't give any land of even the size of a needle tip. Several times he left the court in anger and was pacified and returned. His contention was that his parental property was given to the sons of Pandu when he was too young. He won their properties through gambling but he was asked to return and he obliged. Again the Pandava-s were called for gambling with the condition that the loser would go on exile while all the properties would be given to the winner. They won and hence possessed all the properties. So why should they part with it - was the question posed by Duryodhana. 

Krishna reminded them of the numerous wrongs they had done to the Pandava-s right from their childhood till the humiliation of Draupadi in the court. This angered Duryodhana who left the court and held a meeting with his allies. It was decided that they would capture Krishna. Sensing this Satyaki, the ally of Krishna alerted Krishna and others. But when Duryodhana re-entered, Krishna showed his Vishvarupa which was seen by the ascetic-minded people assembled there but looked terrible to others. Krishna withdrew his Vishvarupa form and left the hall. The mission having failed he decided to leave for Upaplavya.

After he left the court room, Bhishma and others were talking and cautioning the king by noting certain nimitta-s. They noticed the fall of blazing meteors and frightful behaviour among animals and birds. 

# The animals and birds appeared fearful. 

# Blazing meteors were sighted. 

# Animals were all cheerless and crying. 

# Vultures were wheeling around the troops. 

# Jackals, setting forth ominous yells, were running about the four quarters which were ablaze with conflagrations. 

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