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Mahabharata Quiz - 56

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Question – 56

Strange nimitta-s were seen in Hastinapura when Krishna travelled from Upaplavya to Hastinapura. What do those nimitta-s convey?


First of all, the nimitta-s appeared to be natural occurrences but sudden and abnormal. Strangely none of them were observed in the places travelled by Krishna. The only comparable sighting on the way of Krishna was the shower of lotuses and fragrant flowers, that could be possible by the blow of strong winds lifting water-bound flowers. So, some unusual windiness had occurred, in certain pockets. Thunderous roars from the cloudless sky heard all around, continuous rains in the absence of clouds noticed somewhere behind, atmosphere filled with dust causing all-round haze, the trembling of the earth, the sudden change in the direction of the river-flows and water from the wells and the vessels spilling out can occur simultaneously in the event of a cosmic impact – of an object or fragments of an object colliding with the earth.

One may be tempted to attribute these sightings to an earthquake, but rains in the absence of clouds and loud roars in the sky indicate that something fell from the sky which caused the earth to tremble and water from water bodies to spill out. The sightings reported only around Hastinapura and not on the way of Krishna also lends credence to the theory that a meteor or a fragment of an asteroid had hit Hastinapura or nearby. The odd report of seven rivers changing direction and a south westerly wind causing havoc in the city are needed to be studied in depth.

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