Saturday, September 2, 2023

English version of my book "Who Killed Aditya Karikala?" is available as kindle e-book

The English version of my book on Aditya Karikala of Ponniyin Selvan fame is now available as an e-book. On this occasion I express sincere gratitude to Smt Sandhya Jain for copy-editing the manuscript. Preview pages are open now.

Click the below link: (India) (USA) (UK) (Australia)

The story of “Ponniyin Selvan” written by the famous writer Kalki and made into a movie, differs in many places from the real history of the characters featured in it.

This book is a small attempt to point out not only the variations, but also to place on record what actually happened, substantiated by historical evidence such as inscriptions.

Here are the issues you will read in this book:
# How Aditya Karikala's murder is used to spread sectarian hatred in the present times.
# Did Madhurantaka rob Arulmozhi Varman of his royal position?
# The analysis of the Sanskrit portion on the above issue as given in the Thiruvalangadu copper plates.
# Aditya Karikala's original name and his period of rule.
# The corrections to be done about Rajaraja's period.
# Two Chola kings who have been forgotten in history.
# The Chola king who was beheaded by Veerapandiyan.
# The probable connection between the destruction of the Kandalur Shalai and the murder of Aditya Karikala.
# The mix of historical facts and imaginations in the novel, Ponniyin Selvan.

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