Friday, September 8, 2023

Mahabharata Quiz - 54

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Question – 54

What were the nimitta-s seen on the path of Krishna’s journey to Hastinapura from Upaplavya?


On his way from Upaplavya and Salibhavana, Krishna encountered both auspicious and inauspicious nimitta-s.

·       Though there were no clouds in the sky, the roll of thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning was heard.

·       Fleecy clouds in a clear sky rained incessantly in the rear!

·       Delicious breezes were blowing.

·       Showers of lotuses and fragrant flowers on his way.

·       The very road appeared delightful, free from prickly grass and thorns.

·       In all the places where he stayed, happy-looking people received him with flowers and dishes.

After crossing Salibhavana, he reached Vrikasthala by evening and stayed there for the night. The next morning he continued his journey and reached Hastinapura by the afternoon.

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