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Mahabharata Quiz - 66

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Question - 66

The purpose of his mission having failed, when did Krishna leave Hastinapura?


After showing his Vishvarupa, Krishna exited the court to leave for Upaplavya to convey the outcome of the mission. Herein Vyasa evokes a Ganesha moment. The quick sequence of talks regularly interrupted by Duryodhana leaving the court hall and returning seemed to give an impression that the entire sequence of talks occurred on a single day, that is the day of Karthika Purnima. 

In the next chapter Vyasa tells about Krishna meeting Karna and taking him in his chariot to a desolate region outside Hastinapura, obviously to have secret talks. In this conversation, Krishna told Karna of his birth to Kunti and persuaded him to join the Pandava-s.

Karna replied that he had known about his birth to Kunti but did not want to change sides. He recalled the way his foster parents cared for him and the sovereignty he enjoyed for thirteen years by the goodwill of Duryodhana for whose sake he wanted to kill Arjuna. 

Having understood the futility of forcing him any longer, Krishna told him to ask Duryodhana to get ready for the war. In that context he said that the New Moon (Amavasya) was going to occur in seven days from that day. Not leaving scope for any doubt he mentioned that it was the day of Indra! This means he was referring to the star Jyeshtha which was lorded by Indra. He was referring to Amavasya in Jyeshtha in the month of Karthika.  

This gives a valid clue on the star of the day they were conversing. Only if it was Uttara Phalguni, seven days from then would be Jyeshtha. 

Earlier we found that Krishna who started from Upapalvya on a Revati day reached Hastinapura on Aswini day. While Bharani was running in the next morning he went to meet the Kaurava-s in their court. On that evening Krittika started, signaling Full Moon. 

The conversation in the court which was given without any break seemed to have gone one for a few more days such that Krishna had to be in Hastinapura till Uttara Phalguni. 

The Ganesha moment is that what was he doing until then? Was the peace talk going on for nearly 12 days? 

Another Ganesha moment exists in his narration of the mission to the Pandava-s. 

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