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Mahabharata Quiz - 64

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Question -64

What happened to Krishna in Duryodhana’s mansion? Was he imprisoned or put into trouble by Duryodhana who said earlier that he wanted to imprison Krishna?


When Krishna entered Duryodhana’s mansion he was received cordially by everyone including Duryodhana. Duryodhana wanted to offer him lot of gifts and sumptuous food by stating that Krishna was a friend to Kaurava-s too as he was to the Pandava-s. So had to accept his hospitality and take food in his mansion.

Krishna gently rejected the offerings by stating that he had come as an ambassador to broker peace between the Kaurava-s and the Pandava-s and therefore would not eat until his mission was accomplished.

In that context he said that a person would eat in one’s place under two conditions: either he must be hungry to accept the food or the one who offered food must be exceedingly fond of him. Neither conditions existed and therefore Krishna preferred to take his food in Vidura’s place.

Others like Bhishma, Kripa, Drona and many other Kauravas came forward to extend their hospitality to Krishna, but Krishna politely refused to accept the offers from all of them and went with Vidura to his house.

Now I am going to narrate what is orally handed down in our families. Vidura, excited about the Krishna coming to take food in his house could not know what could be the best food which was also much liked by Krishna. Recalling Krishna’s love for milk and butter in his days in Gokulam, he boiled rice in milk and added copious amount of ghee and mixed jaggery with it. The result was a dish called ‘Akkaara vadisil’ which Krishna very much relished. This dish is also called as ‘Ksheeraannam’.

This dish continues to be the main dish to offer to Krishna at home and at temples even today. Andal desired to offer 100 vessels of Akkaaravadisil for her marriage with Bhagawan at Thirumalirum Cholai which was fulfilled by Ramanuja.

This is being specifically given here to show the specific remembrance of Vidura’s recipe when Krishna visited his house for food during the peace mission.

Krishna spent that night at Vidura’s place. That was the day of Aswini- Bharani in the month of Kartika. Pournami was nearing.  

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