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Mahabharata Quiz - 63

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Question – 63

When did Krishna reach Hastinapura for the peace mission? How was he received?


Krishna, who started from Upaplavya on the day of Revati in the month of Kartika did not reach Hastinapura on the same day. He halted at Vrikasthala for the night. Meanwhile, on hearing about Krishna’s travel to Hastinapura, Dhritarashtra held a discussion with Vidura and others about how to receive him. He wanted to give Krishna lavish presents.

Vidura accused Dhritarashtra of making this offer to lure Krishna to his side with an intention to separate Krishna from the Pandava-s but asserted that Krishna would not leave the Pandava-s. Vidura also said that it was enough he offered just five villages to the Pandava-s. Duryodhana was not at all pleased with the discussion and declared that he would not part with any land. He even said that he would imprison Krishna on his arrival. This talk of Duryodhana made Bhishma leave the court hall angrily.

The next morning Krishna continued his travel and reached Hastinapura by the afternoon. He was greeted by the people and the king as well. He went with Vidura to stay in his house and then went to meet Kunti. He consoled Kunti grieving over the misery befallen on her sons and Draupadi. From there, Krishna went to the mansion of Duryodhana on that afternoon. It was the day of Ashwini in the month of Kartika.

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