Tuesday, September 19, 2023

My talk in 'Sanatana Thamizhar Sangamam'

 In response to Udhayanidhi's abusive talk on Sanatana Dharma, a conference was arranged by Pesu Thamizha Pesu on 17th September, 2023 in Chennai. Named as 'Sanatana Thamizhar Sangamam-2023' this conference was inaugurated by the Adheena-karta of Suryanar Kovil and participated by 16 speakers. I was also invited to speak in this conference.

Even though the concept of the conference was 'Why I support Sanatana Dharma', we were given a choice of a topic relevant to Sanatana Dharma. I decided to speak about what Sanatana Dharma is and address two issues that are raised by the DMK. The DMK keeps blaming Sanatana Dharma as the cause for the (occasional) practice of Sati and the caste formation and caste conflicts.

I decided to challenge them on these two topics from the Tamil perspective and hence titled my talk as "Thamizhar Marabil Sanatana Dharmam".

The talk can be viewed here: 

Each speaker was honoured with a memento containing the model of Ram Janma Bhumi temple and two books, Dravida Mayai and Brahmin Genocide. 

The entire conference was very lively with a galaxy of speakers presenting various view points. An award was instituted by name 'Sanatana Thamizhar'. This year's award had gone to Mr. Subbu, the author of 'Dravida Mayai'.

This conference is likely to be an annual affair. Udhayanidhi & co must be cursing themselves for the rise in awareness about the greatness of Sanatana Dharma that their talks have led to. 

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