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Mahabharata Quiz - 51

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Question – 51

On what date did Krishna start his journey from Upaplavya for peace with the Kaurava-s?


Krishna started at Maitri Muhurta on the day the moon was in Revati in the month of Kartika. If the Full Moon of that month occurred in the star Krittika, this position of the moon indicates Shukla Dwadasi.

When this was checked in Jhora simulator for Surya Siddhanta ayanamsa, it showed a perfect matching of Revati with Shukla Dwadasi. The corresponding Gregorian date was 25th August 3136 BCE.

The horoscopy chart is given above for that date to show the auspiciousness of the time chosen by Krisha and the Pandava-s for this crucial mission. In Maitri Muhurta, the lagna happened to be Sthira (fixed) with the lagna lord Mars joining the 10th lord Sun in the lagna and receiving the direct aspect of Jupiter.

More importantly, I boxed the nodes that are positioned at Leo and Aquarius to show that no single or double or triple eclipse could have occurred any time in Kartika or in the months before and after Kartika. The position of Rahu and Ketu are vital for eclipses. When the sun and the moon join them in close degrees, eclipses occur. Here in the month of Kartika, with the sun having entered Scorpio, two signs away from Rahu, there is no chance for an eclipse in Kartika or anytime close to it. This is needed to be stated here because many of the Mahabharata researchers misread the lines of the text and assumed that there were twin or triple eclipses in Kartika.

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