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Mahabharata Quiz - 61

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Question – 61

Is there any scientific research conducted in Mohenjo-Daro? If yes, what were the findings? Do the findings support the cosmic-hit theory?


Right from the time of the discovery of the ‘massacre victims’ there was great interest in the site to prove Aryan invasion. Claims and counter claims on the mode of death and the date of death have been made, but the findings of David Davenport gave a unique dimension to the issue. He examined the skeletons for 12 long years and detected the presence of radiation.

According to Davenport, “The objects found at the site appeared to be fused, glassified by a heat as high as 1500°C, followed by a sudden cooling. Within the city itself there appeared to be an ‘epicentre’ about 50 yards wide, within which everything was crystallized, fused, or melted, and 60 yards from the center the bricks are melted on one side indicating a blast.” This is exactly what is expected when an asteroid hits a location.

“In his book Riddles of Ancient History, A. Gorbovsky reported the discovery of at least one human skeleton in the area with a level of radioactivity approximately 50 times greater than it should have been due to natural radiation. Davenport claimed that what was found at Mohenjo-Daro corresponded exactly to what was seen at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.”  Skeletons of nine children were also found in such contorted positions showing signs of agonized death. Two skeletons found trying to climb the stairs but failing in that attempt were found in what is called the Well Room.

Certainly, these postures point to an unexpected and sudden death due to a natural calamity, possibly by inhaling the poisonous NOx gases generated by the crash. They might have also died due to radiation caused by the crash.

The evidence of radiation attributed to a nuclear weapon inspired many to link it with the Mahabharata war. With the knowledge of the cosmic-hit derived from Mahabharata, a strong case exists for linking these deaths with a fragment of the comet landing at this site. The sudden cosmic impact has caused a la Pompei kind of devastation. 

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